2019 Lincoln MKC Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Powertrain, engine and electrical system issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

The 2019 Lincoln MKC was hailed as a luxury compact SUV that was guaranteed to impress. So, why does the company say, “The Lincoln MKC is not available as part of our 2020 lineup?” What was so bad about this 2019 model that the company felt it was better to get rid of it rather than fixing it? Let’s look at the faulty electrical system, powertrain and engine.

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NHTSA Complaints for the 2019 Lincoln MKC

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Electrical System
Unknown Or Other
Vehicle Speed Control
Interior Lighting
Latches/locks/linkages:trunk Lid:lock
Power Train

Problems with the Electrical System

The electrical system runs just about everything in a vehicle and is even more important with a luxury vehicle. Yet, Lincoln completely fails on this front. 

One Edmunds review reads, “My truck has been at the dealership twice already in 5 months for the same issue the USB port is going to go on fire. Flashes, gets super hot & smells smoke & burnt. I have 4,000 miles on it & had it in there at 2,000 miles.”

It turns out that there are multiple other issues. In fact, the electrical system is the most talked about part in the communications. Service Bulletin #SSM 48908 talks about one issue that can become quite annoying. The SYNC 3 touchscreen starts to malfunction and fails to allow volume control when using Apple CarPlay. Basically, anyone using this smartphone integration must be prepared to listen to music at whatever volume is given, because you aren’t allowed to have any control. Maybe you should just switch to Android instead.

Problems with the Powertrain

In a luxury automobile, the driver expects to have a smooth-shifting car that gets from Point A to Point B in style. Yet, that’s not the strong suit of the MKC.

Another Edmunds review says, “When its cold it shifts very hard, goes away after it warms up! It is now at the dealership and they are rebuilding the transmission! Very disappointing!”

In addition, Service Bulletin 20B27 points out that the transmission torque converter might overheat. When this happens, customers have to deal with more noise, more vibration, a harsh ride, low performance and a rough idle. It’s like sitting on a bucking bronco that makes a lot of noise. The only difference is that it would likely cost far less to ride a bronco instead.

Problems with the Engine

Finally, a look at the engine reveals that the company took very little care in manufacturing the engine. Maybe Lincoln already knew the model was being discontinued and simply didn’t care.

One NHTSA complaint states, “While driving my vehicle on a highway, smoke started to come from the hood. This is approximately 10-15 minutes after I had been driving the vehicle. The smoke became worse and luckily I was able to pull over to turn the vehicle off. The smoke continued to intensify and started to come through the vents. I exited the vehicle and saw fire underneath the car. No too long after the entire hood of the vehicle was engulfed in flames, which caused the windshield to bust. The fire department was called and able to put the fire out. The fire report deemed this as accidental and believed a mechanical fire.”

Aside from car fires, Lincoln also appears to be in the business of manufacturing engines that don’t run right. Service Bulletin #SSM 47937 says that the auto start/stop might stop working. If there is an issue with this system, the vehicle might not be able to use auto restart at all. To correct the problem, a new crankshaft position sensor is required. After the MKC took up so much room in the service departments at dealerships, Lincoln must have felt it was time to retire the model. It’s a good thing that happened, or there could be substantially more car fires occurring right now.

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Complaint Data

CategoryElectrical System, Engine, Vehicle Speed Control
DateOct 30, 2022
I purchased this vehicle less than 30 days. It had 29,257 miles. From day one, the vehicle came with no heating. When you push for heat, the cold ac blows. The part is in national back order. Secondly, when driving car at 20- 45 miles there is vibration, like a window is down when on a highway, but I'm driving in my neighborhood with all windows up. The vibration is unbearable. Thirdly and most importantly, when I slow to break, the car revs up, as if it won't stop. This is very unsettling. I'm never at ease because of this. This is a newer vehicle. There's a toyota camry 2011 and a mitsubishi outlander 2018 outperforming my newer lincoln mkc 2019. I'm now afraid to drive the mkc because of the safety concerns. I just bought the car in october 5, 2022. I've reported this to corporate lincoln. I don't understand why there hasn't been a recall. I do notice a flood of these vehicles in the market for sale. I'm afraid to drive this vehicle.
DateSep 13, 2022
My 2019 lincoln mkc has a coolant leak internal the engine. It is a known issue listed on the tsb (technical service bulletin), however, lincoln does not want to knowingly issue a recall. It has been informed as well per a lincoln dealership service advisor that several lincoln's have been in the dealership with this specific issue in which they feel that lincoln should issue a recall, however, has not due to them not wanting to be responsible for replacing multiple engines due to the financial expense. I have spoken to lincoln corporate in which they agreed to assist with the expense, however, will not cover the full amount. I have researched as well as paid over 0 to have a auto shop confirm that the issue being experienced is not something that one can cause themselves directly to a vehicle regardless of the mileage. This is a 2019 lincoln mkc in which should absolutely not be taking place as well unsafe and concerning with having a minor traveling in the vehicle. Tsb 19-2208
DateMay 20, 2021
Not always, but when it is wet raining weather the wipers will not work properly. They slow step across the windshield and/or stop working all together. This was repaired a few months after we purchased the vehicle in september 2019. It happen again in march 2021 and now in may 2021. The dealer kept the vehicle for two weeks in march and said it was a ground wire issue. I took the vehicle back may 2021after running into rain and they wouldn't work, but started working by the time I got it back to the dealer and the rain had stopped. We are worried that at anytime we could run into rain and they could stop working, we have been lucky that the times it stopped working it was daylight and not at night.
CategoryInterior Lighting, Latches/locks/linkages:trunk Lid:lock, Structure:body
DateDec 08, 2020
Tl* the contact leased a 2019 lincoln mkc. The contact stated the trunk failed to open. The contact stated that the interior lights were illuminated. The liftgate ajar message was displayed on the instrument panel. The vehicle was taken to premier lincoln (5001 glenwood rd, brooklyn, ny 11234, (888) 643-4603) and the contact was informed that the dealer would not service a leased vehcile not purchased or leased from the dealer. The vehicle was not diagnosed nor repaired. The manufacturer was contacted and informed of the issues. An appointment was scheduled with an unknown authorized dealer. The failure mileage was unknown.
DateJan 11, 2020
While driving my vehicle on a highway, smoke started to come from the hood. This is approximately 10-15 minutes after I had been driving the vehicle. The smoke became worse and luckily I was able to pull over to turn the vehicle off. The smoke continued to intensify and started to come through the vents. I exited the vehicle and saw fire underneath the the car. Not too long after the entire hood of the vehicle was engulfed in flames, which cause the windshield to bust. The fire department was called and was able to put the fire out. The fire report (xxx)deemed this as accidental and believe a mechanical fire.*dt ('parts of this document have been redacted to protect personally identifiable information pursuant to the freedom of information act (foia), 5 u. S. C. 552(b)(6).')*jb*jb
CategoryElectrical System, Engine, Unknown Or Other
DateOct 28, 2019
Vehicle shut down completely while driving on the highway. The error message "the vehicle has shut down" appearedin on the dashboard. Had there been a transport trailer behind us, we could have been killed. Ford customer service is doing nothing for us. Very disappointing as my mother now has to drive a vehicle that she is afraid to drive. This car is unsafe!
CategoryPower Train, Suspension, Unknown Or Other
DateMar 31, 2019
While driving the vehicle (since 02/02/19), there is a constant vibration that feels like I'm driving on rumble strips over newly paved roads. When on patched roads, the vehicle shakes so violently, that it feels like the vehicle is going to fall apart. No pics to show or sound from the vehicle. There have been multiple trips the dealership, who initially reported it was a problem with flat spots in the tires, however, after they we changed (with tires from another vehicle on the lot) the problem continued. The next reason was 'that the vibration was intrinsic to the vehicle.' the dealer has 'rebalanced the tires multiple times' which only changes the speed at which the vibration is felt the greatest. The range of speed is 25-50, is less intense from 50-60, and resumes intensity from 60+.

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