2019 BMW X5 Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical system, poor vehicle structure and powertrain issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

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The 2019 BMW X5 is a luxury SAV that’s meant to take over the market. The automaker even claims that the newest lineup stands for “confidence never detours,” but owners are wishing they had gone a different route. This vehicle suffers from a faulty electrical system, a defective powertrain, a poorly-built structure and dangerous wheels.

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Problems with the Electrical System

With a high-end vehicle such as the X5, it’s expected that the best electronics will also be used. However, BMW struggles to get even the basic systems to work correctly.

Here’s one Edmunds review that airs some complaints. “I’ve been driving BMW’s since 1999 and have never had any type of mechanical or electrical issues or problems. This cannot be said about the 2019 X5. Mechanically the car is perfect. There have been at least 5 recalls one this vehicle for electronic issues associated with the new iDrive7. BMW has repeatedly blamed Apple for poor integration of the Apple Car Play feature. That’s all well and good.  However I purchased from BMW; not Apple.I wanted to trade out to an X3, which in 2019 still utilized the iDrive 6. For 2020, it’s the iDrive 7. Talking  to BMW technicians has indicated this is a widespread problem across all the BMW lines that use iDrive 7.”

It turns out that BMW has issued several electrical system recalls. The first, NHTSA Campaign Number 18V732000 states that the capacitors in the Body Domain Controller are short-circuiting and overheating. This only increases the chance of a vehicle fire. Another recall, NHTSA Campaign Number 19V684000, says that the backup camera isn’t working properly in many vehicles. Without this technology, owners are at risk for an accident. Whether the X5 backs into someone or it goes up in a blaze of glory, it’s true that owners no longer have the “confidence” that BMW promises.

2019 BMW X5 Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Electrical System
Unknown Or Other
Air Bags
Service Brakes
Power Train
Seat Belts
Vehicle Speed Control

Problems with the Transmission

Since the beginning of cars, transmissions have been upgraded and slowly perfected. After all this time, one would think that BMW would know how to create a quality powertrain, but that’s not the case.

Look at this Edmunds review. “I bought a brand new 2019 BMW X5 and since the moment I drove it off the lot, there have been problems. I have had transmission problems, my wheel makes a loud clicking noise whenever I turn right and I’ve had a myriad of electrical problems (including my engine being disabled bc it couldn’t detect my key in the car) I have 1,000 miles on the car and it’s already on day 20 in the shop (and counting). During all of these issues, BMW has given me two separate loaners BOTH of which had some of the aforementioned problems. In addition, my friend bought the same exact car a week after me and they have already gotten a new one due to the lemon law. It seems to me that these models have MAJOR issues that BMW don’t know how to handle.”

Sadly, there have been no communications from the company about transmission-related problems. Instead, owners are left to figure out the problems on their own. It might be better for owners to run out their lease agreements by turning the X5 into a lawn ornament and cutting their losses. At least they would have “confidence” knowing that no major incidents would occur while behind the wheel.

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Problems with the Vehicle Structure

Anyone that owns a 2019 BMW X5 knows that it’s not cheap. Yet, the materials and construction lead people to believe that it’s a budget-friendly option.

Just read this Edmunds review. “This thing is a beautifully designed piece of junk that will not hold up.  More plastic parts than ever. Who wants a radiator that can’t take the heat? I have had seven BMWs over the years and the 2019 X5 is a joke. I predict plunging aftermarket values and a lot of unhappy customers.  Oh, and if you need air conditioning, forget it.   The system is so poorly designed it can’t cool five cubic feet.”

It turns out that BMW didn’t even put time into creating a decent seat belt system. NHTSA Campaign Number 19V096000 states that the attachment bolts used for the driver’s seat and seat belt were tightened incorrectly. This problem also leads to a chance of injury if a crash were to occur. BMW wants customers to believe that “confidence never detours,” but many owners believe it’s time to switch brands completely. BMW doesn’t seem to put the needs of the occupants first. Instead, it’s pocketing lots of money for premium vehicles that aren’t made to high-end standards.

Problems with the Wheels

There’s a lot of discussion recently about the run-flat tires on the 2019 BMW X5. Customers aren’t happy to have a vehicle without a spare tire, but that’s the way BMW wants it.

Just look at this argument left on a BMW Forum. “Added problem is having a spare to match the non-runflats. With this car, the spare most likely won’t fit in the spare-tire space either. It will take up all of my cargo space in that case.”

It seems there is nowhere for customers to even put a spare tire if they wanted one and the run-flat tires are continually failing. However, the wheels themselves are just as bad. Another recall, NHTSA Campaign Number 19V541000, says that the wheel bolts were tightened properly and can loosen with driving. Eventually, these wheels can detach from the vehicle and cause an accident.

Your Lemon Law Legal Rights

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  • Bruce K

    None. These are better cars than all the others being built at that/this time. Always a few issues. No widespread issues.

  • David w

    Have a 2012 BMW X5 xdrive50i, live in California where there is a lot of rain. Seem like water leaked into the light housing in the back and into the fuses because dashboard does not light up now and battery discharge has been up constantly. And not sure because of battery issue water pump seems like not working or the aux fan. Not sure if the dealership won’t Notice low battery level when I brought it for repairs they recommended for high price. But I parked it at home after feeling not so right. And dealerships said I need to change the axle boots and sway bar because of crack I barely see and car still don’t drive straight after replacing it. I found out later there is a extended warranty for the driveshaft not sure if it has anything to do with car not driving straight. I feel all the recalls they put out should be for all of the BMW X5 of those year. And when I contacted the dealership, they just try to deny responsibility and said if I had the car fixed anywhere else they aren’t reliAble.

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