2018 Ford Edge Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Exterior lighting, electrical, engine and powertrain issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Ford has long been known for building a tough vehicle. After all, their motto was “Built Ford Tough” for many years. Still, many people driving the 2018 Ford Edge wonder what happened to the quality. This crossover regularly comes with dim exterior lighting, dangerous electrical systems, a poorly built engine and a defective transmission.

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NHTSA Complaints for the 2018 Ford Edge

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Engine And Engine Cooling
Power Train
Unknown Or Other
Electrical System
Service Brakes
Seat Belts
Exterior Lighting
Air Bags

Problems with the Exterior Lighting

When someone gets behind the wheel of a car, they automatically expect that the lights will operate well enough to see at night. After all, without the headlights functioning properly, drivers are at risk of hitting something. Sadly, this isn’t a strong suit of the 2018 Ford Edge.

One user wrote this on the NHTSA website, “The headlights are too dim. The safety of my family is my main concern with this complaint. We live in an area where there are many animals that can and are out on the road. I have to be able to see better during the night time hours. The normal headlights feel as if the daytime running lights are on. The high beams are even too dim. I feel like the high beams are the brightness that the normal lights should be.”

The American automaker has nothing to say about the situation. With over 50 manufacturer communications about defective systems, the headlights get talked about once. That doesn’t stop other consumers from expressing concerns. Looking at boards across the web, you’ll quickly find countless pages of users discussing how they cannot see at night. This makes the Edge a great SUV for those who don’t drive at night, like grandma.

Problems with the Electrical System

When thinking about a car’s electrical system, most people know that the battery is one of the main components. The battery must be operational to start the car. When it’s not working, there’s no way to get anywhere without jumpstarting the vehicle. That’s what new owners find happens in the 2018 Ford Edge.

One user wrote this on the NHTSA website, “Battery goes dead every 1,500 miles. Third battery in car. Ford technician says they cannot find anything unusual in the electrical system to cause this. Third battery now in auto has trouble starting in cold weather conditions. The starter turns over very slowly during initial start of the day.”

It seems the company has more electrical problems than just a dead battery. In fact, they issued a recall labeled with NHTSA Campaign Number 18V548000. It turns out, the power supply cables located on the alternator and starter hasn’t been secured properly, which might result in an electric arc. If this occurs, a fire might break out. While it’s a simple fix, many owners remain unaware that their car is set to turn into a torch at any time.

Problems with the Engine

The engine is the heart of a car. If it doesn’t run right, nothing seems to work well. In a new vehicle, there shouldn’t be any major concerns with the motor, but that’s not the case with the 2018 Ford Edge.

One user talked about numerous complaints on the Edmunds website. They stated, “My 2018 Edge SEL has had three significant repair issues in the first 27,000 miles. (1) Improperly installed sunroof that resulted in high-pitch noise at 50 mph and above. (2) Dash screen died and went completely black two times requiring new computer. (3) Crack in engine block resulting in coolant leak into cylinder. Would not recommend this vehicle.”

Of all these complaints, the engine concern is serious. Even Ford addresses it in Service Bulletin #SSM 47462. The troubles come with excessive coolant consumption, white smoke and a rough idle. It turns out that the cylinder block and head might have eroded, pitted or have defects. The only repair is to replace the affected parts. While this is something common on older engines, no one expects it to happen to their newer 2018 Ford Edge. It looks like many people are in for a big surprise when the crossover begins smoking and burning through coolant.

Problems with the Transmission

The powertrain consists of everything that makes the car move. This includes the engine, transmission and axles. What many owners of the Edge find is that the transmission simply doesn’t live up to expectations, and often leaves them stranded.

One user wrote this on the NHTSA website, “Loss of transmission power, like as if the transmission can’t decide which gear to be in. Then when it selects the gear, it slams into gear so hard that it feels like you have been hit from behind by a truck. This has happened while driving in stop and go traffic, when driving thru a dip in the road and most disturbingly while driving up a long steep hill.”

There aren’t any communications about this situation from the automaker. What is interesting is a recall that came through regarding the powertrain. In NHTSA Campaign Number 18V390000 we see an ailment that causes the torque converter weld studs to fail on crossovers with a 2.0L gas engine and six-speed automatic transmissions. If the torque converter comes disconnected from the engine flexplate, the vehicle might stop moving. What we’ve learned about Ford toughness is that it doesn’t include headlights, the electrical system, engine and powertrain. What’s left of the vehicle that could be tough? It seems that all the major components fail to live up to the motto.

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  • Joe G

    2018 Ford edge long block problem coolant leak

  • JC

    At 59, 300 miles my check engine light came on in my 2018 Ford Edge SEL. Misfire #3 cylinder as a result I have to have my engine replaced. Thank goodness it is under warranty still. Now my issue is no loaner vehicle is available (due to recall on their loaners the ford escape). They said 5-6 weeks due to having to wait for new engine. So I’m stuck with no vehicle, due to poor reliability on a 50,000 vehicle. Ford Motor Company don’t care. I have been a faithful customer to Ford, but not anymore after this. They need to learn to take care of their customers.

  • Keith T

    We bought a 2018 Ford Edge in 2021 with 20,000 miles on it. In September 2022 it was determined the vehicle needed a new engine. Ford is replacing the engine. I contacted Ford Headquarters, and they informed me the vehicle also has 2 recalls concerning the transmission and 1 recall concerning the airbag. However, Opelika Ford told us they were only recalls if you purchased the extended warranty. In addition, the vehicle is still under Ford’s Powertain warranty. We were told twice the warranty didn’t cover a rental. After about a month with the vehicle still in Opleika’s service department, I googled the Powertrain Warranty, and it does cover a rental up to 10 days. We have been lied to so much by service manager John Moore concerning the rental. The most recent was Enterprise had no rentals. Opelika Enterprise may not have any rentals, but Auburn has plenty. Auburn is about 5 miles from Opelika Ford..

  • Laurie W

    In 2021 we purchased a 2018 Ford Edge Titanium with only 67000 miles. Within 2 months the engine had to be replaced. Within 1 year the transmission had to be rebuilt! 2 weeks later in stranded me on the highway and I was told it needed a new battery. 2 weeks after new battery it won’t even jump start! My 28000 dollar only car is sitting dead in my driveway! Ford could care less! I’m beyond disgusted!

  • Bill H

    Help? My daughters Ford Escape we took in and they said it was a bad turbo that was sucking oil into the engine. She has 103k miles and they want 11,000 to fix it, any suggestions?

  • Keith

    2018 Edge titanium 94,000 miles. Cracked engine block #3 cylinder.
    Transmission main valve body and torque converter shot. Dealer said Ford was aware of issues, but no support for customer. $8500 out of pocket expense.
    Just doesn’t seem right !

  • aimcguire33@gmail.com

    My 2018 Edge Sport has been in and out of the dealer, 5 times, since I purchased it not even a year ago! Thank god the bank would not let me purchase the vehicle w/o the extended warranty. I have had my entire engine block and both turbos replaced maybe 2 months ago… Well this past Saturday, I was driving to the Lake with my 2 year old daughter and it has once again crapped out. Only this time, I was about an hour away from home and it was 115 degrees outside =|

    Now, the dealership is taking a very long time to get back to me with options… Not even giving me a loaner vehicle… And I am still paying $700/month for a car I have not even had in my possession for half the time since purchase

  • Anna

    Bought my edge 6 months ago and it’s currently at the ford dealership having a new transmission put in at my expense

  • Jas

    My vehicle has the exact same transmission issues. Slamming in and out of gear. Shop mechanic couldn’t get the vehicle to do it so said there was no issue.
    It finally shifted way out of gear so wildly that I had to have it towed. Now they tell me its the transmission.

  • Veronica S

    Brake pedal hard and won’t move when I push on it to try and start car.

  • Kim c

    2018 edge sport with 15k
    Oil pan replaced 3 times due to leak. 4 weeks after. Last oil pan replacement motor is now knocking. Stuck on side of road. Towed to shop. Waiting on diagnosis. This will be my 3rd rental car. Each time it is about 2 weeks to fix.

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