2021 Ford Edge Camera Problems

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Lemberg Law is investigating complaints regarding camera issues in the 2021 Ford Edge that lead to recall and additional problems. Vehicle owners report that the software update required in the recall has caused major malfunctions and camera failures.

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Is There a Problem with the Camera in the 2021 Ford Edge?

There are major problems with the camera in both the 2021 and 2022 Ford Edge. After many complaints by owners, Ford issued a recall in March 2022 to update software. But since the recall, camera problems have increased. As a result, many recent complaints are from Ford Edge owners who didn’t have camera issues before the update.

There are also complaints that dealers aren’t able to install the software update. Considering the bulk of complaints, maybe these people are lucky!

What Camera Problems are Owners Experiencing?

The earliest issues reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) relate to blank or distorted images displayed by the rear-view camera. For instance: “The main screen just goes blank or partially corrupted, so I have no access to the rear camera or main controls on the panel.”

These complaints led to a recall, Ford 22S14, NHTSA Campaign Number 22V151000 dated March 11, 2022. This states that a software error may cause the rear view camera to display a blank or distorted image when the vehicle is in reverse. The danger is that, because it can reduce the driver’s view of what’s behind the Edge, it increases the risk of a crash.

The remedy was for the rear view camera software to be updated either by a dealer or via an over-the-air (OTA) update, free of charge. The potential number of 2021 and 2022 Ford Edge vehicles affected is stated to be 78,376. Notification letters were mailed to owners on April 29, 2022.

This was more than a month after Ford issued a manufacturer communication to dealerships on February 2, 2022 drawing attention to various image issues in the rear view camera. By their admission, image issues include distorted, flickering, fuzzy, glitching, and infrared images.

This, they told dealers, was probably due to “a poor circuit connection.” Ford advised dealers to inspect both sides of connectors and to look for any bent, loose, or damaged terminals. If damage was detected, they should perform the repair procedure. If not, they should continue with “the normal diagnosis.”

Complaints from owners who complied with the safety recall report new issues.

An owner from California states:

“After the 5/13 back-up camera system update, which my car did not have a problem with:

Expected functionality – Under 6 mph, when pressing the “front camera button” it is supposed to show the camera.
Actual functionality after 5/13 system update:

Scenario 1 – Camera works from cold start, putting (the) car in drive, and pressing the camera. After moving above 6mph, and then going back under 6mph, the front button camera no longer works and/or works intermittently and unexpectedly stops working.
Scenario 2 – After going above 6mph, then (the) only way to get the camera to work is to put the car in reverse, wait for the rear camera to show, then put (it) back into drive and hit ‘front camera button.’ This will result in the camera showing for 1-3 seconds before intermittently/randomly stopping, which can result in me crashing into something. When pressing the camera a second time, (the) ‘180 degree split view’ no longer works.
Scenario 3 – After going above 6mph, the only way to get the camera to work is to put the car in reverse, wait for the rear camera to show, select zoom ‘+’ button, then put (it) back into drive and hit ‘front camera button.’ This will result in the camera showing for 1-3 seconds before intermittently/randomly stopping, which can result in me crashing into something. When pressing the camera a second time, (the) 180 degree split view no longer works.”

An owner from Texas states:

“On April 26, 2022 the dealer performed the recall (Ford 22S!4), a software fix to correct a rear camera problem I was NOT experiencing on my 2021 Ford Edge ST.”

The letter sent by Ford to Edge owners stated that the time needed for the repair “is less than one-half day.” But this complaint says, “It took the entire day to do the procedure, and after getting the car back, I experienced what seemed to be some temporary problems. But the main problem being the front camera (was) not operating as designed.

“I brought the vehicle back to the dealer on May 3 2022, and as of the date of this communication, May 27, 2022, they have not been able to correct the problem.”

Not only was the supposedly defective rear camera not working, but nor was the front camera!

An owner from Ohio states:

“After the over-the-air update due to the rear-camera recall, the front-facing camera no longer works after approximately 15 seconds of the car being turned on. Turn on car: front camera is fine. 15 seconds: front camera no longer turns on. It is supposed to be operational under 7 MPH for corners or (for) parking.”

An owner from Idaho states:

“Ford recently responded to a recall concerning the back up camera, and updated the software package. Since that time, the forward camera no longer works. The camera is used daily for parking purposes.”

An owner from California cannot get the update:

“I received a recall letter from Ford Motor Company dated April 2022 for recall notice 22S14 / NHTSA Recall 22V151. The risk is ‘A rear-view camera that intermittently displays a blank or distorted image can reduce the driver’s view of what is behind the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash.’

“This recall is not in the Ford or NHTSA database for my vehicle, yet I have experienced this problem. The remedy is a software update which the dealer has not been able to install. A new AIPM module has been on backorder since November 19, 2021 when the previous owner experienced the same problem.”

So, this Edge owner is stuck with a rear view camera that displays a blank or distorted image. This is a safety risk. Also, despite the fact that his complaint is dated July 21, 2022, he does not appear to be aware that the software he wants installed may cause additional camera problems.

Ford’s Solution to the New Camera Problems

In a manufacturer communication filed with the NHTSA on June 24, 2022, they warn dealerships about the new camera issues. More specifically, they say that some 2021 Edge vehicles that travel over 6 MPH after having the new software installed find that that front camera is inoperative.

“Some 2021 Edge vehicles may exhibit the front camera not turning back on if the camera system button is pressed once the vehicle is below the speed threshold of 6MPH (10km/h). This may be due to the accessory protocol interface module (APIM) software.

“Inform customers that engineering is currently working on a solution for this condition and will be released via an over the air (OTA) software update, expected in September 2022. Software will update automatically if the vehicle is connected to Wi-Fi. Monitor OASIS for additional information. Schedule a service appointment for customers that are not connected to Wi-Fi once the repair becomes available.”

What Should You Do if Your 2021 Ford Edge is Experiencing Camera Problems?

Lemberg Law is currently investigating complaints about the 2021 Ford Edge camera issues. Customers are being told that they must wait until at least September 2022 for new software. This, Ford maintains, will rectify the new camera problems caused by software used to update old problems.

If you have experienced problems relating to camera issues, you might have a lemon. If so, you may want to consider calling us. It‘s not going to cost you anything because the law makes Ford pay the legal fees for lemon law actions.

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  • Dr D

    Dealer has had my 2021 edge for over 75 days and no specific timeline for getting it back. We have had a cheap loaner since then. Filed letter with Ford today per the lemon law process.

  • Joe

    My 2021 Ford edge is on it’s third day in the dealership’s service area. They are trying to do a software update.

  • Ronald S

    I bought a 2021 Ford Edge ST Got a recall for the airbags Then my front camera quit working Still waiting for them to fix my camera

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