2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical, suspension, brake and engine issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

By Brian Jones | Updated on

By Brian Jones | Updated on

The 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia is a high-performance sedan meant to appeal to luxury car owners. The automaker claims it is part of the “collection of champions,” but drivers have something else to say. From a faulty suspension system to faulty electrical components and defective brakes, this vehicle has a lot going against it.

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Problems with the Suspension

A vehicle’s suspension system is made of several parts that must work together for a smooth ride. Between the tires, springs, struts, shock absorbers and bushings, one would expect that the luxury Giulia would have an exceptional ride.

Yet, an Edmunds review states otherwise. It says, “Coming from a person who owned 7 M-B in 15 years maybe I’m expecting too much from an auto manufacturer who services there vehicles at Dodge/Chrysler/Ram dealers, with that said I test drove the Giulia and love the handling and the way it drove and I still like the way it drives when I have the car since I owned it for 10 month and it has spent around a month broken for different things, now the car has a loud noise in the front suspension over some big bumps and while making hard left turns and 2 different dealerships can’t fix it, and to get a loaner it has to be first pre-approved by FCA then I’m stuck driving either Ford Escape or Dodge Caravan, I have a 50k+ Sport Sedan and get a Caravan every time it breaks and every time I get the car back still broken and first time with a dirty interior and my headliner with grease stains, then they scratched the front bumper and to make it worst they don’t fix it, so I HATE THIS ******* car.”

When a luxury car owner drives a BMW, Audi or Mercedes, they aren’t forced to use a minivan or compact clunker as the loaner vehicle. But, what can be expected from an FCA dealership. This is just one reason that Alfa Romeo can’t compete with the big brands. Of course, the faulty suspension doesn’t help either.

Problems with the Electrical System

Electrical system issues can range from annoying to dangerous, and the Alfa Romeo Giulia has them all. One Edmunds user stated, “After 6 months, center screen on the dash went out. Took 6 weeks to repair. Didn’t receive a call from Corp or dealer for 5 weeks! Horrible experience! Returned the car under the ‘lemon law’. Alpha doesn’t have a clue what customer service means!”

Still, there are more critical issues at hand. Recall Number19V148000 shows that some Giulia models have Brake System Module software that might prevent users from disabling Adaptive Cruise Control when the traction control system detects slippage. If the driver is unable to deactivate the ACC, it could lead to an accident. To repair the problem, owners must take it for service where the technicians will update the BSM software.

There was also another recall (19V551000) where once again, the Body Control Module is involved. This time it shows an inaccurate fuel level, making owners think there is more gas than is actually present. Because of this, it’s easy to run out of fuel on the side of the road. Surely, the FCA dealerships are happy to take care of both of these problems for Alfa Romeo owners. In the meantime, they will get to sport their style in a family minivan as a loaner. Because that’s what it means to be a champion!

Problems with the Engine

The 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia comes with two engine options, both of which are hailed to be powerful and reliable, but that doesn’t seem to be reality.

Here is yet another Edmunds customer with a complaint. “There is an intermittent smell of something burning–burning oil and/or rubber smell.  This is either not found by the dealer, and/or a dealer will tell you ‘something’ needs to burn off.  There is a warranty–great, but when the electronics and burning smell appear, the dealer AND Alfa itself has no idea (or flat-out-lies).  The warranty therefore is useless.  They will try to fix it, but either not find a problem because it’s intermittent, not find it, or claim it ‘may’ be working as designed, manual and common sense to the contrary.   Overall, a great car, but not ready for ‘show-time.’  The dealer network is deficient, poorly-trained, and Alfa itself is clueless.”

Again, Alfa Romeo proves how unreliable this car is with yet another recall. Recall Number 18V636000 describes how the 2.0-liter engines might misfire, allowing the catalytic converter to overheat. If this occurs, owners can expect damage to the wiring and engine parts. This heat damage can also lead to a stalling engine or car fire. The technicians can update the ECM to repair the situation, while owners once again wait for their luxury automobile.

Problems with the Brakes

With all of these problems, it helps to know that the car might have reliable brakes, but that’s not the case either. In fact, there are numerous discussions online about massive brake failures.

One user on the Giulia Forums said this, “I have to say after owning my 2018 Giulia after 5000 miles needing brakes and rotors on all 4 was disappointing but I put it behind me.8,000 miles later I brought her in for an oil change and tire rotation and the tech told me that the brakes and rotors needed to be replaced again.”

While it’s no fun having the brakes replaced often and driving a cheesy loaner car, larger problems are occurring than brake wear. Recall Number 17V823000 states that the systems might have contaminated brake fluid, which can damage the system and impair performance. Plus, Recall Number18V828000 says that the brake fluid line could come in contact with the coolant hose clamp, causing fluid to leak onto the exhaust and possibly start a fire. By now, many owners are probably praying that the Giulia would disintegrate in a fire, but is this a problem that a “champion” would really be experiencing. Maybe that’s why some Alfa Romeo owners are choosing to switch to a real luxury brand instead of this make-believe imposter instead.

Your Lemon Law Legal Rights

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