Toyota Highlander Side View Mirror Problem

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Lemberg Law is investigating complaints that the 2022 Toyota Highlander has a design flaw that causes its driver side mirror to shake. Vehicle owners report that the passenger side mirror is stable, but the driver’s side mirror vibrates when they are driving or the SUV is idling.

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What’s Wrong with the Drive Side Mirror in the Toyota Highlander?

There is definitely a problem with 2022 Toyota Highlander side mirrors. Complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and in forums are evidence of this.

It’s an issue that has been recurring with every model since 2020. The mirrors on the drivers’ side vibrate and shake.

As a result, owners have been complaining about the problem for years. Some owners have been told by dealers that it’s a Toyota flaw in design. The owner of a Toyota Highlander 2020 reports that he was told by a dealership “that it could be a recall in future.”

But, so far, there is no recall and no solution for owners of Toyota Highlanders with mirrors that shake.

What Problems are Toyota Highlander Owners Experiencing with Side View Mirrors?

2022 Toyota Highlander owners report that their mirrors shake, which blurs their visibility. This, in turn, raises safety concerns.

Here are some of the complaints owners have filed on the NHTSA website.

An owner from Ohio complained on August 17, 2022 that the “drivers side mirror shakes causing visibility to be blurred. The shaking makes me dizzy when trying to change lanes. Toyota has this same issue on their RAV4 model and there is actually a fix. They need to make the car safe and not have mirrors that shake while driving.”

On June 5, 2022, an owner from New York stated: “When cruising on a highway at around 70 MPH my driver side mirror started shaking. The visibility through that mirror is getting worse. The left side mirror is fine, no issue with vibration.”

A Georgia-based owner reports the same problem. When driving faster than 20 miles an hour, the driver’s side mirror “vibrates, causing issues with me seeing traffic coming up beside me on the drivers side. This problem with vibration only gets worse at highway speeds.

“This is a known problem to Toyota. When I took my new Toyota to the dealership I was told that both the dealership and Toyota were aware of the problem with the mirror but could do nothing to correct the issue.

“My conversation was with Clyde Sanders Service Manager at Riverside Toyota. I was told this issue goes back about two years starting with the 2020 year model. There are numerous posts on Toyota forums talking of this issue. This is not a one off issue but is tied to ALL Toyota Highlanders. I’m reporting this issue because I believe it is a safety issue that needs to be corrected.”

What Problems Have Owners Experienced with the 2020-2021 Toyota Highlander Side View Mirrors?

We mention these because they follow the same pattern as the problems 2022 owners are having. They also provide additional insight. For example, the owner of a 2021 model said on a that Toyota Nation forum:

“My driver side view mirror vibrates/shakes when driving and when sitting idle. It’s bad enough that I can’t get a clear view from it, whereas my passenger side mirror is stable at all times. The dealer even confirmed it but said that it’s a Toyota flaw in design because all Highlanders have this…”

A response to this is: “Please report this issue to the NHTSA. The only way Toyota is going to take this seriously is if enough of us complain. I have the same issue on a 2022 Highlander.”

A 2021 owner reports a serious issue to the NHTSA. “Since purchasing this 2021 Highlander Platinum in July 2021, the glass of the side mirrors are always ‘shaky’ at speeds above 40mph. The dealer has replaced the glass, which did not improve the issue. They then replaced the entire mirror assembly, which still has not fixed the issue. The mirror is shaky/jittery enough to make it difficult to look into while driving prior to changing lanes.”

A 2020 NHTSA complaint from California states: “When I was driving around speeds or 70 MPH, the Highlander starts to wobble and the driver mirror (starts) shaking.” The owner went to the dealership and “they said that it could be a recall in future and didn’t fix the problem. Had it for less than one year.”

What Should You Do if Your Toyota Highlander Has a Side View Mirror That Shakes or Vibrates?

This is a problem that Toyota Highlander owners have identified for the past three years. But, Toyota isn’t admitting any form of liability.

We have negotiated all types of settlements for clients from buybacks and trade-ins to replacement vehicles. So, if you think your car is a lemon, call our Helpline or fill in our contact form. We will evaluate your case free of charge. Remember, Toyota must pay the legal bills for lemon law cases.

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  • ST

    Same issue with the vibrating mirror (2022 Highlander)

  • Deb A

    I am having the same issue on 2023 Highlander Limited. It’s bad!

  • Vince S

    I bought a Highlander Platinum in March 2023 and I confirm I have the same issue!

  • Terry T

    My wife and I purchased a 2022 Toyota Highlander in May of 2022. The driver side mirror shakes and vibrates. I have taken it to the dealer and they replaced the mirror. The mirror still shakes and vibrates.

  • Eric R

    I can confirm this is happening on the 2023 models (2023 Highlander XSE).

  • Darryle M

    I am a retired disabled veteran complaining about the driver side view mirror that shakes while driving.

    I am disabled and have concerns about my safety.

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