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Founded in the late 18th century, Southington, CT is located in cozy Hartford County.  This lovely town consists of several villages including Plantsville, Milldale and Marion.  Southington is within a short drive of New Britain, Meriden, Wolcott and Bristol.  If you are hit by another vehicle or harmed by another person, group, business or other party while out and about in Southington, seek assistance from a personal injury attorney.

Your personal injury lawyer in Southington will analyze your case, represent you in and out of court and help you overcome this hurdle with a settlement or court award.  The process begins with an initial no-risk, no-cost consultation with a personal injury attorney in Southington, CT.

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How a Southington, CT Attorney can Make Life Easier

The aftermath of an injury is a gloomy period that has the potential to slow your return to work and make life feel unbalanced as a whole.  This is a critically important time in which you need support, especially in terms of surmounting legal challenges.  Our Southington, CT personal injury attorney will review your case, determine if you have solid legal footing for a personal injury lawsuit and file that lawsuit on your behalf.

Additional ways in which an experienced personal injury lawyer in Southington will help include:

  • Gathering all potential evidence
  • Sorting through and analyzing evidence
  • Contacting witnesses
  • Navigating the court system
  • Representing you at court hearings
  • Reviewing settlement offers

Tell us what happened during your accident in Southington, CT.  Let us review your case and we will give you a sense of potential damages that might be available through a settlement or court award.

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The Causes of Accidents in Southington, CT

Southington accidents are typically the result of driver negligence.  However, car and truck accidents are only one of the causes of accidents in the area.  Poorly maintained property, dangerous workplace conditions, dog bites and defective products are additional examples of some of the common causes of accidents.

If you have been wronged by another person or party for any reason and believe that negligence should lead to financial compensation through a settlement or court award, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by scheduling a no-cost consultation with our personal injury attorneys in Southington, CT.

Personal Injury FAQ

Our personal injury clients typically have a couple common questions and concerns at the forefront of their mind when meeting with our attorneys.  We have compiled a brief list of common FAQs along with their answers to help potential clients better understand the legal process.

Will my case go to court?

Most cases do not go to one or several court hearings.  Our attorneys will review settlement offers to determine if any are worth nearly as much as a potential court award.  We will provide ongoing guidance as the legal process takes shape.  However, you are the one who ultimately makes the call as to whether a settlement offer will be accepted or if the matter will proceed to court.

What should I do if I am involved in a car accident?

Obtain immediate medical care for your injuries.   Be sure to get a copy of the medical documentation that details the treatment provided in the aftermath of the accident along with the details of your injuries.  Reach out to the police for a formal police report.  Take video footage and pictures of the accident scene, vehicles, signs and intersection using your smartphone.  Flag down all potential witnesses.  Write down the names and contact information of all parties near the accident scene as their testimony has the potential to shape the outcome of your case.

What if the injury causes death?

If the injury in question results in death, the lawsuit will transition from a personal injury lawsuit to a wrongful death lawsuit.  A wrongful death lawsuit will seek financial compensation for all losses including the victim’s lost career earnings, the loss of care, the loss of comfort, etc.

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Our Southington, CT personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee.  In other words, you won’t pay unless we win your case.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by scheduling a free consultation with our personal injury law firm in Southington, Connecticut.  Reach out to us today to schedule your consultation.

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