2022 Ford Maverick Brake Problems

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Updated on Author: Brian Jones


Lemberg Law is investigating complaints that the brakes of the 2022 Ford Maverick malfunction and are a safety risk. Vehicle owners report that the braking system is inconsistent, either failing to respond at slow speeds or stopping abruptly. 

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Is there a Problem with the Brakes?

A lot of 2022 Ford Maverick owners are complaining about brake problems. Complaints range from the brakes feeling unrefined or odd, to having “a mind of their own,” and being “an accident waiting to happen.” A large number of drivers label the problem as dangerous or potentially dangerous.

There are multiple complaints filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as well as numerous comments on the Maverick Truck Club forum. So far, not a word from Ford. And not a single technical service bulletin has been issued to try and resolve the issue.

What Brake Problems are Owners Experiencing?

Typically, 2022 Ford Maverick owners complain that when they are moving slowly, the brakes don’t seem to engage fully. Then, at the last second, they grab hard creating a potentially hazardous situation. Some complaints describe low speed braking as rough and very jerky. A large number say that there is sometimes a clunk or thudding sound when they pull forward to brake.

Many owners have a theory that the problem has something to do with the braking system transitioning from regenerating hybrid braking to the regular hydraulic brake system. Owners of several Toyota vehicles, including the Highlander, Sienna, and RAV4, have been reporting a similar problem.

There were 16 brake-related complaints filed with the NHTSA between March 4 and August 10, 2022. Here are a few samples and a couple of comments made on the forum.

An Owner from Wisconsin States:

“The Ford Maverick Hybrid system attempts to use electrical regenerative braking at speeds that are too low to generate a braking effect. When creeping forward in stop-and-go traffic below 10 mph, depressing the brake pedal has zero effect on slowing the truck down. Depressing the brake pedal further does engage the hydraulic brakes to finally stop the vehicle. This has been a problem since I took delivery of the vehicle and I’ve had many close calls in traffic thanks to this defect. No warning lights are associated with this problem.”

An Owner from Missouri States:

“Hybrid vehicle. Very jerky and rough low speed braking. The transition from regenerative braking to mechanical/hydraulic is extremely jerky and rough. Sometimes the hand off between regenerative and mechanical leaves me with no brakes at all and I am forced to slam the brakes. In a parking lot I look like a rank amateur driver. I’ve been driving for 52 years and have never experienced anything like this. It always happens no matter what I do. Over 5,000 miles on the odometer.”

An Owner from Arizona States:

“Hybrid braking system has poor and potentially dangerous modulation when at slow speeds 0-3 mph with low or medium brake effort. The transition from regenerative braking to hydraulic braking is such that in these situations the vehicle fails to slow to a stop predictably and then suddenly jerks or grabs unexpectedly.

“This happens often in common situations like pulling into a parking space, to a stop sign or at a drive through. Mild to medium pedal effort results in a sensation of the vehicle failing to react to you. When pressure is gradually applied the brake system slams on creating a sudden and jolting stop. This is a problem I have had since the vehicle was new, and now has 10,000 miles.

“ I filed a complaint with Ford and they took my information months ago but never followed up. I feel this problem is potentially dangerous as the system is not consistent from one stop to the next and could create an accident if the driver cannot negotiate its behavior and fails to stop in a controlled manner before hitting something or rolling out into traffic. A slippery surface like ice could cause a loss of control if the brakes grab suddenly.”

Comments on the Maverick Truck Club Forum

“I’m no stranger to hybrid brakes; the transition between regen to actual brakes and what that feels like. I’ve driven hybrids for years. However, the brakes on my hybrid maverick seem odd. In most situations I chalk it up to the fact that every car is a little different and that’s fine. But in one particular situation I feel like the brakes are dangerous.

If I’m in stop/go traffic or at a stop light and barely have my foot on the brake, it’s enough to keep the car stopped. When I take my foot off the brake, (don’t apply any gas pedal) and I go to quickly reapply the brake it’s like nothing engages for the first 20%-30% of the brake push… way past where I just had my foot when the truck was stopped. The brakes eventually engage but they go from 0% to 100% and the truck dips forward because of the harshness of the brakes. I’m afraid one of these times I’m going to roll into the back of the car in front of me.”

This comment indicates an attempt to find a little humor in the situation.

“I’ve noticed the brakes seem inconsistent, especially at low speeds. Sometimes when creeping up to my garage chocks the brakes don’t seem to work at all, and then suddenly they do. It also seems like in the rain they are a bit more “grabby”. If you switch to slippery mode they seem less aggressive. Once you determine which mood the Maverick is in, it is easy to adapt to it, but sometimes the mood of my Maverick can change quickly.”

What Should You Do if Your Ford Maverick Has Brake Problems?

Lemberg Law is currently investigating complaints about the brake problems owners of the 2022 Ford Maverick are having. If your Ford Maverick has recurring brake issues you might have bought a lemon.

All you have to do is call us or complete our online case evaluation form. Our services are free. If we take the issue to court, the law states that Ford must pay your legal bills.

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