Chevrolet Malibu Engine Problems

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Lemberg Law is investigating complaints regarding engine problems in the 2018 Chevy Malibu. Vehicle owners are reporting to the NHTSA that the “Engine Power Reduced” light is randomly triggered while driving.

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Is There a Problem With the Engine?

Yes, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has logged numerous consumer complaints from vehicle owners regarding the “Engine Power Reduced” warning light being illuminated while driving.

What Problems are Owners Experiencing?

Many complaints describe the “Engine Power Reduced” warning light appearing while driving. When this occurs, the vehicle won’t drive over 20 mph. While driving at higher speeds, the car drops to 20 mph which can be dangerous and increases the risk of crashing.

Chevy released a TSB in August 2019 (NHTSA ID Number10177369) which explains that the issue is caused by an interruption to the “electrical connection to one
of the vehicle’s accelerator pedal position sensors.” The bulletin also instructs dealers to “replace the accelerator pedal and position sensor assembly as necessary and repair the engine wire harness” free of charge.

An owner from Ohio states:

“My daughter was driving and the engine power is reduced message appeared on her dashboard. Once it appeared she couldn’t go more than 20 miles an hour and this is dangerous.”

An owner from Indiana filed a complaint on the NHTSA website stating:

“I am driving and all of a sudden car “reduces power” and won’t let me go over 20 mph. Sometimes it dies completely even on the highway. Out if no where, it shows “Reduced Engine Power” on the dash and won’t go over 20 mph. This has almost caused a few accidents with my baby in the backseat, too. This has happened several times.”

Other NHTSA complaints:

“For over two years now I have been getting a reduced engine power when I drive. The car becomes slow and it is very dangerous especially on the highway. I have almost crashed a couple of times due to this issue. Once I turn the car off and on it goes off but off late that no longer works for me. This has been constant and has made my car useless. I can’t even go anywhere with it. A recall needs to me done because this is heartless and painful. Spending much on a car that I can’t even drive anymore.”

“Vehicle slows way down and loss of power. Engine power reduced. On heads up display. Seems to use alot of gas when this happens. I need to pull over and shut off car. Wait a bit and then restart. And get back on road. It did this 3 times in my commute to work. Also was snowing that morning and was slippery out so very dangerous almost was involved in an accident but luckily not. Seems to do this more in the colder Temps. It has happened however in summer also but not as often. I have read many complaints about this issue. I am not sure why GM has not figured this issue out yet. Very concerned.”

What should you do if your Malibu displays the “Engine Power Reduced” warning light?

It is possible that your Chevy Malibu is a lemon. Allow our experts to work on your lemon case at no cost to you. The law requires Chevy to pay the legal fees for your claim.

If you are having engine problems with your Chevy Malibu, you may have a lemon. Complete our case evaluation form or call us at 877-795-3666

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  • Angie E

    On August 18,2023 my 2018 Chevy Mailbu lost power when I was driving to get gas, no brakes to driving like this for five minutes to shutting down to shift to park message since this breakdown to now I get daily shift to park message thank God I’m alive it was scary. This is my only car I have please help me I don’t want to die in this car.

  • Mark W

    As above the reduced power light comes on, have come close to an accident on more then one occasion. Also check engine light comes on and after running a diagnostic, it says air intake misfire. Not sure what to do.

  • Kevin M

    I’m having the same problems with my Chevy Malibu ,the reduce speed power coming on and it happened this morning going to work

  • Mikelsey J

    Been having this issue for a year! Just spent so much money getting a throttle body and labor to get it installed! And the check engine light still comes on.

  • Sherry P

    Engine light stays on. Reduce engine speed light comes on while driving and my speed is reducing.I had just gotten off work and tried to pull off and my Car wouldn’t pick up any speed. I barely made it out of the parking lot.

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