C3 Intelligence Background Check – Dispute False Info or Errors

Unfair Employment Background Checks: Know Your Rights

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

You’re likely to run across one or more background check companies in the course of your job search. Here’s what you need to know about C3 Intelligence and your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

What is C3 Intelligence ?

C3 Intelligence, Inc. was founded in 2005, and is based in California.The company offers employment background screening services in the United States and internationally. It boasts of its “over 30 years of experience in the pre/post employment background screening industry” and that its founder and CEO experience working for the United States Secret Service and in law enforcement before founding the company. According to C3 Intelligence, personally trained staff complete and review all background checks based on information obtained “first hand” so that the company’s clients “don’t have to guess or take any risk with their new hires.”

C3 Intelligence’s website lists more than 30 types of searches and verifications offered by the company. In the realm of transportation, C3 Intelligence provides a motor vehicle report, crash and inspection history, and commercial driver license information. In the criminal history realm, the company searches federal and state records, incarceration records, and sex offender registry databases. They also dive into civil litigation at both the state and federal levels, as well as liens and judgments. They verify military service, professional licenses, employment history, and education.

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Were You Harmed By False Information or Errors In Your C3 Intelligence Report?

You may have a claim if a background check error cost you a job

When you’re pounding the pavement for a new job, you’re focused on your resume and your interviewing skills. You’re likely not even thinking about employment background screening. Many employers want to run a background check on potential employees, whether to verify the information on their resumes or to guard against embezzlement or fraud. Employers typically contract with background screening companies like C3 Intelligence to provide a background report on candidates they’re considering.

In a perfect world, all of the information about a potential employee would come together so that an employer could get a correct picture of the candidate. The truth is messier. Everyone – including background check companies – make mistakes. It doesn’t matter whether C3 Intelligence is doing the screening or another company takes on the task. The mistakes made can range from pulling the records of someone with a similar name, transposing a social security number, or including information that’s a dozen years old.

The FCRA – Fair Credit Reporting Act – is a federal law that ensures your right to an accurate and fair background check. It outlines employer responsibilities around notification and consent, and guarantees your right to dispute inaccurate information. The FCRA also contains a provision allowing you to sue background check companies that make mistakes that prevent you from being hired.

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What are my Background Check Disclosure and Consent Rights?

A Summary of Your Rights Under the FCRA

An employment background check company – whether C3 Intelligence or any other company – must have the employer who ordered the report attest to complying with the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This boils down to disclosure and consent.

According to the FCRA, consent means that the employer has obtained your permission to run an employment background check on you. Disclosure means that they give you a separate notice indicating that they want to run the background check, and that they notify you if they plan to reject your application based on the background check. If they plan to reject your application, they must provide you with the name and contact information for the background check company, the background report itself, and information about your right to dispute the report.

Your Right to a Mistake-Free and Legally Compliant Report From C3 Intelligence

Thanks to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you have the right to an employment background check that is both accurate and limited in scope. While a company like C3 Intelligence can delve into many aspects of your past, the FCRA generally prohibits them from including information that is more than seven years old. For example, if you had debts in collection a dozen years ago, those can’t go on your background report. The two exceptions are bankruptcy, which has a ten-year time limit, and criminal convictions, which don’t have a time limit. However, a criminal conviction that has been expunged can’t ever be included in your report.

Your Right to Dispute an Inaccurate Report from C3 Intelligence

An inaccurate employment background check report can derail your chances of landing a position. The Fair Credit Reporting Act acknowledges this by requiring employers to send what’s called a “pre-adverse action notice.” In other words, if your background report surfaces something that would prevent them from hiring you, the FCRA says that the employer must tell you that, and provide you with your background check, your rights to dispute the background check, and the contact information for the background check company. When you dispute an item on your background check report, the company that produced the report – whether C3 Intelligence or another company – has 30 days to look into it and correct any errors.

Your Right to Sue C3 Intelligence if there are Mistakes, Inaccurate, or Illegal Information in Your Report

If there are mistakes in your background check that aren’t addressed in a timely manner, or if a background check company wasn’t diligent in its work, the Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right to sue in federal court. If you win, you may be entitled to statutory damages of up to $1,000, actual damages, court costs, and legal fees.

Complaints Against C3 Intelligence

You work hard. You deserve a fair shake when you go through the job application and interview process. There are many people who have sued employment background check companies under the FCRA for inaccuracies or shoddy work.

The lawsuits brought under the FCRA sometimes allege that the background check company mixed people up, providing information for someone with a similar or the same name instead of the person applying for the job. Other times, the legal complaints say that the background check company listed information – like expunged convictions or old debts – that are prohibited by law. Sometimes, the allegation revolves around how the company handled – or didn’t handle – a dispute to the background check.

Contact Information

C3 Intelligence, Inc.
31355 Oak Crest Drive, Suite 210
Westlake Village, California 91361
Phone: 866-946-8359
Website: https://www.c3intelligence.com/

Ready to Assert Your FCRA Rights?

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