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Ansonia, a lovely small city within Connecticut’s New Haven County, rests along the Naugatuck River.  Around 19,000 people live in Ansonia.  Spanning slightly more than six square miles, Ansonia is served by the city’s Metro-North Railroad service.  Though Ansonia isn’t the busiest of cities, it has more car accidents and other incidents that result in injury than most expect.

An injury in Ansonia, CT or elsewhere has the potential to make your life quite difficult moving forward.  If you feel, suspect or know another party’s failure to provide due care, meaning negligence, contributed to your injury, don’t keep it to yourself.  Meet with our Ansonia, CT personal injury attorneys to discuss your case.  We’ll inform you of your rights and also provide you with an idea of the type of financial compensation you might receive through a court award or settlement offer.

How Can an Attorney Help With Your Case?

The challenge in a personal injury lawsuit is meeting the burden of proof.  Our Ansonia, CT personal injury lawyers are here to show there is a causal relationship between another party’s negligence and your injury.  The aim of our legal representation is to obtain the financial compensation you need to offset all of the costs resulting from the accident.  The money earned in a court settlement or award should offsets all losses ranging from lost wages and diminished earning capacity to medical costs, pain, suffering, property damage, etc.

Personal injury attorneys in Ansonia, CT will help with:

  • Handling discussions with the insurance company representative
  • Determining if you have legal footing for a successful lawsuit
  • Engaging in settlement negotiations and making counter settlement offers
  • Providing advice regarding pursuing a court award or accepting a settlement
  • Representing you in and out of court
  • Collecting evidence that enhances your case
  • Coordinating testimony from witnesses

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Top Causes of Injury Claims in Ansonia, CT

As most people are aware, auto accidents are the top cause of accidents and injuries in Ansonia, CT and elsewhere.  However, slips, trips, falls and other accidents also occur with regularity here in Ansonia and other communities.  Defective products, workplace accidents, inclement weather, dog bites, poor auto maintenance and all sort of other causes can lead to painful accidents and lifelong injuries.

Some accidents are clearly the result of another party’s negligence while others are not as clear.  What matters most is that you have an experienced personal injury attorney in Ansonia, CT on your side.

Personal Injury FAQ

Ansonia, CT clients typically have similar questions about personal injury cases.  Our Ansonia personal injury lawyers are here to answer your questions and provide guidance throughout the legal process.

What kind of evidence helps prove another party’s negligence?

Eyewitness statements, video footage, pictures, police reports, medical reports and property damage are all important forms of evidence that have the potential to make or break a personal injury case.  Our personal injury attorneys in Ansonia are here to collect evidence on your behalf so you can focus on improving your health.

How long does it take to receive compensation?

Most cases take about a year to complete, either in the form of a court award, dismissal or settlement offer.  However, the unique facts of your case and even the nuances of the court’s hearing schedule will ultimately shape its timeline for completion.

How long do I have to file a lawsuit?

The statute of limitations is two years from the date of the injury.   We ask that you meet with our personal injury attorneys in Ansonia, CT as soon as possible so we can review the details of your case, develop a comprehensive legal strategy and represent you to the best of our ability.

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We will carefully review the facts of your case, zealously advocate on your behalf and help you offset the costs causally related to your accident.  If you know or suspect you have been victimized by another person or party’s negligence, reach out to us today to schedule an initial consultation.  Our Ansonia, CT personal injury attorneys will fight to maximize your financial compensation.  It all starts with an initial consultation where we review the details of your situation.

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