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Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

AmeriCredit GM Financial is a subprime auto lending company, which receives a lot of consumer complaints to our law firm for debt harassment. Find out who they are, why they might be calling, and how you can stop them.

What is AmeriCredit GM Financial?

AmeriCredit Financial (n/k/a GM Financial and f/k/a AmeriCredit Corp.) (AmeriCredit), a subsidiary of General Motors Corporation, is a third-party subprime auto loan agency headquartered in Texas. AmeriCredit has received consumer complaints alleging violations such as improper communication tactics and sharing of information. If you have been contacted by AmeriCredit, make sure you understand your rights before taking action.

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) AmeriCredit, which the BBB now profiles as GM Financial, was founded and incorporated in 1992 in Delaware. The BBB established its profile page in 1995. The BBB lists AmeriCredit as a consumer finance company.

According to its website, AmeriCredit “has been a leading provider of auto finance solutions for dealers and consumers in the U.S. since 1992. The company has established expertise in originating and servicing subprime auto loans, which include auto finance contracts originated by dealers and purchased by the company.” General Motors Company acquired AmeriCredit in 2010 and renamed it General Motors Financial Company, Inc. (GM Financial). AmeriCredit operates under the name GM Financial “when conducting business with GM dealers”, but operates “under the AmeriCredit brand when conducting business with all other dealers.”

AmeriCredit’s website informs site visitors that it has “approximately 20 years experience in the auto finance industry” and is “one of the leaders in subprime auto finance.” AmeriCredit “strive[s] to build lasting relationships” with dealers so it “can understand exactly what” dealers are “looking for from a finance company and deliver those exceptional needs, products and services” consistently.” The FAQ page indicates that AmeriCredit works with GM dealerships and other franchise and “select” independent dealerships. Dealers interested in doing business with AmeriCredit can obtain additional information by contacting AmeriCredit.

AmeriCredit also provides a “monthly income calculator”, contact information for car buyers to contact AmeriCredit about loans and payoff amounts. The FAQ page answers questions about account access, payments, insurance, payoffs, and titles.

The AmeriCredit website does not provide a lot of detailed information about its business practices or compliance policies. It does include standard, legally mandated information about information privacy and security.

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How many complaints are there against AmeriCredit GM Financial?

The BBB has closed 538 complaints against AmeriCredit GM Financial in the past three years, with 195 closed in the past 12 months. Most of those complaints allege problems with billing and collections. Many complaints also allege problems with customer service. Since March 2015, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has received 23 complaints about AmeriCredit. Justia lists at least 47 federal civil lawsuits involving AmeriCredit Financial filed since 2015, some of which are ongoing.

Can you help me file a No Fee Lawsuit against AmeriCredit GM Financial?

Absolutely. Here are some Sample Cases against AmeriCredit

According to the BBB, complaints against AmeriCredit “concern service issues and billing and contract disputes. Specifically, complainants allege the company has made rude calls to them about past due accounts. Also, complaints allege the company has reported incorrect information to credit bureaus and payments have not been applied correctly. Other complainants allege the company failed to return phone calls, delayed in providing insurance refunds, and would not help the consumer with refinancing.” The 61 negative reviews on AmeriCredit’s BBB profile support these allegations.

In December 2017, a complainant alleged that AmeriCredit offered her “a deferment option via email” and told her to “call to finalize it.” Complainant indicated, however, that when he called, she “quickly learned it was a bait and switch tactic” because she “would have to pay a few hundred dollars to even enroll.” She told AmeriCredit she did not have the money that day, but “would try to figure something out.” The complainant also indicated that she made a partial payment the same evening, but before she could call back in the morning, AmeriCredit “sent a truck out to ‘secure the vehicle to make sure [she] made the payment.’” She called AmeriCredit “as soon as the office opened and was told the deferment was a ‘limited time offer and no longer on the table.’”  According to the complainant, AmeriCredit then “added an additional $550 to the total” for her to retrieve her car. The complainant brought her account current within a matter of days, but AmeriCredit reported her status as “repossession” to the credit reporting companies, which she indicated “was not true as of the date of reporting.” She indicated that despite calls and voicemails to “supervisors” at AmeriCredit, she has not “received a single callback.”

Also in December 2017, a complainant alleged that AmeriCredit reported him as late on his loan payments,” which report was “factually false” and kept a loan open past its paid off date.” The complainant indicated that he had traded in his vehicle and satisfied negative equity in the traded vehicle by rolling it into a new loan also through AmeriCredit, that the new loan had been funded and sent, and there was “proof of payment and check being cashed” by AmeriCredit. Nevertheless, the complainant alleged that AmeriCredit contacted him at workand refused to acknowledge the paid off status of the traded vehicle. Although he was “proactively in touch” with AmeriCredit “to find out the status of [his] account”, and received no late payment notices, AmeriCredit “denied ever receiving a check and claimed the account was still open, still due for $16k plus” and insinuated that the complainant “had not actually traded in the vehicle or completed” the new loan, and reported negatively on the complainant’s credit. According to the complainant, AmeriCredit refused to correct the negative credit report, stated it was reported “accurately” and told him “only a dispute with the credit bureaus could fix it.”

Here are some past Press Releases of Lawsuits Brought On By Lemberg Law Against GM Financial

June 2, 2017. On behalf of our client, Lemberg Law recently filed a complaint in U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida. The case, against General Motors Financial Company (formerly known as AmeriCredit), charges the company with violating federal law. It asks for $500 to $1,500 per call in statutory damages and other relief.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act was meant to provide consumers with peace of mind and give them control over which commercial entities can contact them over the phone. Our client says that General Motors Financial Company called his cell phone using a predictive dialer, also known as an automatic telephone dialing system. When he answered the calls from General Motors Financial Company, our client heard a period of silence followed by clicking noises prior to a live representative coming on the line. This is one of the giveaways that it was a robocall. At one point, our client waited for a live agent and demanded that General Motors Financial Company stop calling his cell phone. Nevertheless, General Motors Financial Company continued to robocall him.

The lawsuit charges that General Motors Financial Company violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by using a predictive dialer to call our client’s cell phone without her consent.


AmeriCredit GM Financial Contact Information

AmeriCredit/GM Financial
801 Cherry St Ste 3400
Fort Worth, TX 76102-6854
Telephone: (800) 284-2271

AmeriCredit GM Financial Calling You?

Understanding Your Debt Collection Rights

Consumers are protected from abusive debt collectors from the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). By way of instance, the debt collector must identify himself or herself, who they’re working for, and what debt they’re collecting. The FDCPA claims that debt collectors can’t use any deceptive or misleading representation, like implying the debt is secured by the USA or any particular state. Additionally, they can’t use a badge or uniform to pretend they’re a government employee collecting a debt. Misrepresentation is a violation of the FDCPA and could be reported as such.

In case you’ve been a victim of a debt collector’s wrongdoing, then you can search for justice under the FDCPA. You have the right to pursue a claim against the debt collector; if you prevail, you can collect up to $1,000, plus attorney fees and court costs.

Want to Stop AmeriCredit GM Financial Debt Collection Harassment Now?

Your debt harassment checklist:

  • You are receiving multiple calls per week from third party collection agencies
  • You are receiving early morning or late night calls from debt collectors
  • You are recieving calls at work from a debt collection agency
  • Debt collectors are calling your friends, neighbors, or coworkers
  • Collectors are threatening you with violence, a lawsuit, or arrest
  • A debt collector attempts to collect more than you owe
  • You are being threatened with negative credit reporting
  • A debt collector attempts to intimidate you
  • Criminal accusations are being made towards you
  • Use of obscene language during an attempt to collect
  • Automated robocalls are being made to your phone in an attempt to collect

If you’ve been harassed by debt collectors and even one of these has happened to you, we can help. We will fight for your rights.

The Lemberg Law legal team is committed to holding debt collectors accountable, so complete our form for a FREE case evaluation, or call 844-685-9200.

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“I want to thank you and your team for all of the help you have provided to me. Honestly, you have a excellent staff who has dealt professionally and been very empathetic at one time in my life once I hit a speed bump.”

Can You Help Me Delete AmeriCredit GM Financial from My Credit Report?

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Sergei Lemberg

About the Author:

Sergei Lemberg is an attorney focusing on consumer law, class actions related to automotive issues, and personal injury litigation. With nearly two decades of experience, his areas of practice include Lemon Law (vehicle defects), Debt Collection Harassment, TCPA (illegal robocalls and texts), Fair Credit Reporting Act, Overtime claims, Personal Injury cases, and Class Actions. He has consistently been recognized as the nation's "most active consumer attorney." In 2020, Mr. Lemberg represented Noah Duguid before the United States Supreme Court in the landmark case Duguid v. Facebook. He is also the author of "Defanging Debt Collectors," a guide that empowers consumers to fight back against debt collectors and prevail, as well as "Lemon Law 101: The Laws That Lemon Dealers Don't Want You to Know."

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  • Maggie Y

    GM financial applied my payment to my Husbands trade in. I’m not on his loan. I use bill pay and my husband and I have different accounts. GM Financial called my Husband 97 times in the last month. They refuse to acknowledge their unlawful mistake and told me I need to get the money back from my Husband. Now I also have late fees. I sent them my bank statements and it shows that it should have gone to my account.

  • Melisa C

    Spoke with several people about setting up a payment arrangement. I was told I could I wasn’t even 60 days behind. Well woke up and the car was gone. The customer service is ruining people lives… The account delinquency wasn’t even on my credit… it showed up almost 2 years later… I read the BBB complaints and no one is complaining about paying but GM Financial is badly ran

  • Stephanie S

    Gm Financial wrongfully repo’d my car. Therefore costing me close to $2000 to get my vehicle back. I’ve requested multiple times for a statement proving a repo was warranted. That still had yet to be sent to me. Verbally, they have changed their story as to how/why I owed. I have not made a single payment late passed 30 days as they claim. Also, they have not reported a single payment to the credit bureau in the two and half of my 3 year lease. According complaints to the BBB this common of them. Hoping you can assist.

  • Fitzgerald

    o I purchased a 2014 GMC Sierra three months ago at a reputable dealership “ norm reeves Toyota of San Diego” Wells Fargo is my lean holder and I’m fully insured by mercury. The car payment comes directly out of my business account to make sure it’s always on time! I even buy a after market warranty at the dealership! Friday morning I wake up to my car gone, so I contacted the sheriff they regret to inform me my car has been repoed! I check my bank and lender they said I’m good, I call my insurance company they say I’m all good! So I call the tow yard and explain “ you stole my car there has to be a mistake” they say no GM financial has a lean on the car for a James, and the repo and been ordered since 2014! So after numerous phone calls back and forth to Toyota and GM financial it still makes zero sense! Yet I’m stuck in the middle, Toyota took this car in with a physical title first off, Wells Fargo auto finance would absolutely not give me a loan for a car with a lean or repo, this James character does not exist according to the DMV I have every shred of proof I bought this car they have zero yet they where able to just come take my car! The car had my kids car seats in the back, and now I have no way to get my kids to school while my wife works during the day so I can work at night, I own a small business in CA so this hurts my small family greatly, the stress and anxiety about how tom is gonna be has been overwhelming! Toyota refuses to give me a loaner car and GM financial goes ghost now, I need help we’ve literally been robbed I have a 30k loan for a car that belongs to a man that dosent exists on DMV paper work! Thank you

  • Cherlyn D

    I have a repo with the GM and was just just “served documents” saying I’m being sued by the company for amounts not recieved after they resold the car. I want to know what my options are.

  • James

    I set up automatic payments. I then received an email stating “a payment was successfully made from your bank account ending in xxxx to your GMC financial account ending in xxxx”
    I even received a confirmation number. I thought payments were being made and they were not. Car repossessed even though I had plenty of funds to make payment.

  • Saxon R

    I left information concerning my situation. My vehicle is gone due to this company. yes i was behind 54 days but there tactics dont seem right at all. Purchased with contract in 2016 as of today10/01 2018 i had paid over 21k on my truck it just not right… and when i called i recorded the conversation NOT RIGHT AT ALL.

  • marianne d

    my husband passed away March 31, 2017, I buried him April 11,2017. I notified GM Financial of his death April 16, 2017, I sent a death certificate and a copy of our marriage license I stated the car had been financed threw GM, I would continue make the loan payments please instruct me as to what steps I needed to take. After not receiving a response I called GM Financial Customer Service, I explained the reason for my call and gave the account number I told no further steps needed. I paid the loan payment on this car from April 2017 until June 2018 the car was never driven it was inn the garage until Chrysler had a reo man to pull in my drive way saying the car had been reported stolen and they had a detective watching my house to see when the garage open. I said that’s crazy of all the car isn’t stolen the car belonged to my husband which I have been paying the notes on and why would they need a detective? Why not knock on the door? Why would they take the payments is they wanted the car back. I said they took my money, he responded by telling me that’s what they do.T

  • EVA G

    I current having issues with this finance company and have yet to recieve any resolution. In the past I wrote letters asking for resolution and this year 2018 they decided to put this in the hands of the court. I find that becasue they were dealing with consumer lawsuits this matter wasn’t on their redar but someone who dug up old paper work thought they should proceed legally without answering any of my previous responses.

  • EVA G

    would like to settle a repo deficiency. Currently being sued by gm. Just want to work out a plan to repay.

  • John H

    I would like to settle a repo deficiency. Currently being sued by gm. Just want to work out a plan to repay.

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