2024 Subaru Crosstrek Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Our analysis found that electrical and suspension/steering related issues were the most common

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The 2024 Subaru Crosstrek has major defects in the electrical system, suspension/steering, structure/visibility and vehicle speed control. Even though the Crosstrek has been around since 2013, the third generation (from 2023) seems to be causing a lot of complaints that are causing drivers to wonder about investing any money into it.  

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Among the top complaints seen with the 2024 Crosstrek, the most concerning are the malfunctioning electrical system, defective suspension and steering, trouble with the visibility and structure, as well as the vehicle speed control issues (Source)

2024 Subaru Crosstrek Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Unknown Or Other
Electrical System
Exterior Lighting
Forward Collision Avoidance: Warnings
Vehicle Speed Control
Exterior Lighting:headlights
Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking
Lane Departure: Assist

Electrical System

  • Instrument panel damage: There is a recall for a wiring short with the instrument panel, but drivers are having a difficult time getting the repair completed at dealerships. At this point, manufacturers are exceeding what’s determined to be a reasonable amount of time for the repair.
  • Dead infotainment system: The infotainment system dies after just a few months of use. It could be related to the recall stating that the wiring harness failed.
  • Faulty wireless charging: Even though some Crosstrek owners have paid extra for wireless device charging, it doesn’t seem to work as promised. One driver stated that their phone only charges 3% during a twenty-minute trip.

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  • Popping sound: While making a left turn after a stop, there can be a popping sound that resembles something hollow. There are no warning lights associated with the problem and drivers are having trouble getting the vehicle into the dealership for repair. It seems to be one of the most complained about issues through Reddit forums.


  • Windshield cracks: As is common with recent Subaru models, the Crosstrek also has complaints about spontaneous cracking with no debris hitting the glass. The cracks can spread very quickly, causing trouble seeing what’s on the road.
  • Dangerous headlights: Drivers report that the headlights are dangerous because of the restrictive beam range and sharp cut-off. Visibility can be lost when going up or down a hill.
  • Loose gas tank: The gas tank seems to be loose on some vehicles. If the tank comes off for some reason, there would be a massive fuel spill and a potential fire risk.
  • Excessive road noise: While some road noise is to be expected with any vehicle, drivers of the Crosstrek feel that what’s heard inside the Crosstrek is excessive. This problem leads to an uncomfortable ride.

Door Lock Issues

  • Unexpected acceleration: Probably one of the most dangerous issues is how the Crosstrek can accelerate on its own, even when slowing down to come to a stop. Accidents have been reported because of this complaint.
  • Unexpected braking: On the flip side, drivers are dealing with the safety systems braking for no reason. With nothing in front of the vehicle and no threat, braking engages and leads to a dangerous situation if other cars are behind it. Even more alarming is how hard the brakes engage, with some drivers expressing a rough experience that could lead to injuries.


Subaru has serious powertrain and electrical system recalls. With the harness damaged, there can also be a loss of drive power. Without the right amount of power, an accident could occur. Furthermore, the driveshaft issue is leading to potential rollaway, even with the vehicle in Park, or a loss of drive power. Drivers are having a hard time having these issues repaired, with many complaints about how long it’s taking to get replacement parts.

What Can You Do If You Have a Lemon?

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