2023 Kia Seltos Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical system, visibility, and cracking window and windshield issues are the main cause of complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

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Originally released in the U.S. in February 2020, the Kia Seltos was heralded as an SUV “built for modern adventure.” But complaints have been mounting up, and there are some major issues with the 2023 model. Consumers are complaining about highly reflective surfaces that cause extreme visibility problems. They also say that windshields and windows randomly explode or crack, and there are electrical issues that cause the console to malfunction.   

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Most Common Problems with the 2023 Kia Seltos

Visibility issues are paramount with the 2023 Kia Seltos. They come in various forms, specifically, surfaces that are so reflective they become a safety risk or crack so that drivers can’t see.

Complaints to the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) about the 2023 Seltos also indicate that there are big problems with the electrical system. The main issue seems to relate to the console that doesn’t work because of electrical problems.

There are other problems too that owners report as being related to back-over prevention, the engine, forward collision avoidance, and lane departure.

2023 Kia Seltos Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Electrical System
Unknown Or Other
Visibility:glass, Side/rear
Back Over Prevention: Sensing System: Camera
Forward Collision Avoidance: Warnings
Lane Departure: Blind Spot Detection
Power Train
Seat Belts

Visibility Problems

Visibility issues are cited as being structure, visibility/wiper, and relatively straightforward visibility problems. Owners complain that visibility is impaired by highly reflective surfaces as well as windshields and windows that shatter for no reason.

Reflective Surfaces

When the sun reflects on any surface it can have a negative effect on visibility. An owner from Illinois states that when driving in sunny conditions or lighted areas the dashboard reflects off the window glass visibility of the driver. His impression is that the dashboard and window glass have not been properly installed.

A complaint from an owner in Florida states that the interior door as well as areas of the console, mainly the frame around the GPS/media display, are highly reflective. “At certain times of the day, the sun reflects off them and causes extreme visibility problems. I actually had to pull off the road one day because I got a bright light in my eyes that produced an effect similar to a camera flash, and I was unable to see. It really scared me, as I almost ran off the road when it happened.”

He finds that during the day, he often drives with one hand on the steering wheel, trying to shelter his eyes with the other. “Even when wearing sunglasses, the reflection is blinding.” Because of the angle, he believes these surfaces should be more textured or muted. “Although it may sound trivial, to me it is a true safety concern.”

Shattered Windshields and Windows

At Lemberg Law, we are aware of a large number of vehicles that have issues with windshields that shatter. But, it’s not only the windshield of 2023 Seltos that are reported to shatter. Owners also complain that their windows shatter too.

An owner from Utah states that the driver-side rear door glass of a 2023 Kia Seltos “exploded spontaneously” on February 13, 2023, while the SUV was traveling at 65 mph. This set all the shattered glass inside the SUV. The incident happened on a two-lane highway in a remote area where there wasn’t any other traffic and the temperature was about 15 degrees. But Kia denied the owner’s warranty claim!

A 2023 Seltos windshield cracked spontaneously in Minnesota, early one morning. Again, there were no other vehicles nearby at the time. “The crack started at the upper edge of the windshield and it is expanding. An internet search indicates this is a problem experienced by many other KIA owners.”

An owner from Maryland had a window on the right-hand side of the SUV that randomly shattered. At the time of the complaint, “the shattered glass is being held together by the tint that was on the window.” Additionally, the owner, who uses the vehicle as a primary means of transportation to get to work and get children to school, said the Seltos was “inoperable.”

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Electrical System Problems

The main electrical system problem that has been reported relates to issues with the car’s console. Other complaints are that the car sensors malfunction and the backup camera doesn’t work properly.

One owner says in a complaint that the console has never worked correctly. There are also issues with the touch screen. That complaint says he has “been begging KIA America to fix it. Today I was driving backward and my backup camera was on. Then when I drove forward, the backup camera was still on after I put my car in drive.

“Ford issued a recall for 47,046 Bronco SUVs from the 2021 and 2022 model years with 8-inch center display screens because their backup cameras might still display a camera image even after the vehicle is no longer backing up. As a result, these vehicles are not in compliance with federal motor vehicle safety standards.

“This car is a safety hazard and it should be recalled.”

An owner from North Carolina believes that his 2023 Seltos qualifies as a lemon. The car sensors go off when they shouldn’t. For example, the “front collision sensor goes off when cars are 2 cars in front of me. My side sensors will go off when I’m the only one on a street.” Also, the console has electrical issues too. “This car qualifies for Lemon Law. That’s how many times I sent it in and they were unable to repair it.”

What to do if your 2023 Kia Seltos is a lemon?

Whether your 2023 Kia Seltos has visibility, electrical system, or any other recurring problems, if you believe it may be a lemon, you can do something about it without risking enormous legal costs.

If your Seltos malfunctions and you are adversely affected, a lemon law firm like Lemberg Law can help you. We have many years of experience handling lemon law cases and will assess your case free of charge. If we believe your claim has merit, we can negotiate a settlement on your behalf. The law says that Kia must pay your legal fees for lemon law cases, so it’s not going to cost you anything.

Call our Helpline now or fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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  • susanta s

    I have problems in kia seltos uvo for a long time, your management will know that, but the dealership won’t solve it (Estan kia service center). They are taking money, they are not at all solving the problem. I am from Kolkata.
    That manager name is Abhra.
    The car security is very very bad so please tell me what can I do?

  • Jennifer

    2021 Kia Seltos at dealership since May 22, 2023 and the replaced transmission and just last week July 7 they said the transmission is finally finished but it has a Bad engine with oil sludge and it’s not covered under warranty. But the engine has the same problems as other Kia Seltos. They say since I can’t prove my oil changes were done the mfg warranty doesn’t cover it.

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