2022 Jeep Wagoneer Problems and Top Complaints

Electrical system, steering, and powertrain issues are among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

The 2022 Jeep Wagoneer is a newer SUV model that is reminiscent of days gone by. In fact, the automaker claims it is “the return of an American icon.” However, it doesn’t seem like the systems and equipment have kept up with the times since customers are complaining about electrical system issues, defective steering, and a malfunctioning powertrain.

Most Common Problems

Consumers logged 22 complaints with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) between January 6 and late September 2022. Of these, nearly half (10) were about the electrical system. The rest were spread across another 8 components and systems, with steering issues coming second with 5 related complaints.

Forward collision avoidance, the powertrain, and the service brakes were all mentioned in 4 individual complaints. However, these complaints all included more than one component or system, making it difficult to pinpoint the problem accurately.

While there is only 1 complaint about seats it’s worth mentioning because a child was injured in an incident. The problem a New York owner highlights is that the button that folds the second row seat is easily accessible to a child. After multiple incidents where the child pressed the button and “came flying forward with tremendous force,” he put tape on the button to stop it being pressed.

2022 Jeep Wagoneer Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Electrical System
Service Brakes
Power Train
Unknown Or Other
Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking
Air Bags

Problems with the Electrical System

Electrical system complaints about the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer are very varied. They include wiring shorting out, major issues with the forward collision avoidance system, faulty error messages, and malfunctioning keyfobs. Some owners have had seat heaters stop working, vehicles losing power, and batteries dying.

An owner from Indiana experienced tire pressure warnings, but after testing the pressure found it was fine. Then, half an hour later all the lights on the dash lit up and the Jeep stopped in an intersection, almost causing multiple accidents. It was eventually towed away by the police, but it took the dealership a month to determine it had a dead battery. “But it died while the vehicle was driving and (the) alternator should have been charging it.”

A Montana owner states that their 2022 Jeep Wagoneer was taken to the dealership five times for electrical/battery issues. The owner contacted the manufacturer and states that there is “an open case regarding these serious safety issues. The local police are (also) aware of this issue as this is an ongoing issue with the vehicle and our safety was at risk.”

An owner from Virginia complains that “the rear air system never worked.” The dealership said that a wiring short caused the motor to blow.

“So now the dealership has the car and can’t tell me when I will receive my car back. $84000 car that has electrical issues from day one seems like a Lemon and I should be able to get my money back along with my trade-in 2020 Jeep Wrangler. I have owned 4 previous Jeeps and (have) never had any issues.”

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Steering Problems

If you can’t steer your vehicle, you have a major problem. So far, 5 owners of 2022 Jeep Wagoneers have voiced their concerns to the NHTSA. Typical complaints say that the power steering “went dead” or “quit working.”

An issue described by an owner from North Dakota states that the vehicle was “hard to turn and the back wheels were locked out and not turning.” The Wagoneer was only 2.5 months old, and had to be towed to the dealership.

The owner was told that was “a common issue” that required a system update, and a “rear diff fluid drain and replace.” The dealership also stated they would be “doing a cam sensor replacement” that was also a known issue.

“The wheels locking out and not working with kids in the car is super scary. And if it’s a known issue they need to be doing a recall before someone gets into a serious accident.”

Another complaint, this time from Colorado, involves steering as well as brakes and forward collision avoidance says that when pulling out of the driveway, the driver was unable to turn the steering wheel which was completely locked. “The alert started going off to service the lane assistance. I couldn’t move the tires at all. I turned the car off and re-started it multiple times to try to get it to unlock. After about 5 times it unlocked but still said to service the lance assistance.”

Two weeks later there were brake system issues and the steering wheel locked. “I had two children in the car. We feared for our lives. Once pulled over the car was kicked into 4wd low on top of all the other things.” The owner managed to drive the Jeep to a dealership, but wasn’t told exactly what happened.

Problems with the Powertrain

The powertrain is another vital system that is causing trouble on the road. With the defects, customers are starting to wonder what all of the hype is about.

Another NHTSA complaint, from an owner in Illinois says, “At around 800 miles several warning lights turned on regarding servicing (of the) 4WD system and the vehicle became stuck in 4LO. The rear differential and transfer case were shot already.” The owner was told by the dealer that the cause was a control module, but they had no update or fix for the module yet. He wasn’t able to drive the vehicle without the risk of further damage before it was repaired. “Going on 3 weeks without (the) brand new vehicle.”

An owner from Pennsylvania had a similar issue. The Jeep only had 700 miles on the clock, and while driving 4WD low engaged and wouldn’t disengage. The dealer reset the drivetrain control module.

“Jeep claims it needs a software update but it’s not out yet. These vehicles are dangerous to drive in this condition.”

What To Do If Your 2022 Jeep Wagoneer is a Lemon? Your Lemon Rights

Only a small percentage of any vehicle make and model turns out to be a lemon, but lemons are a reality. So, it’s important to be aware if there are issues that impact the value, use, or safety of your 2022 Jeep Wagoneer.

If you have purchased a lemon, you might be able to get a refund or even a new vehicle. We will review your case free of charge. All you need to do is contact our Helpline or fill in a contact form. It’s free. When it comes to lemon law, Jeep’s going to have to pay your legal bills.

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Brian Jones spent more than 30 years working as an ASE Certified Master Tech and Parts Specialist at multiple dealerships. Brian has become an authority in the industry, traveling across the country to consult for car dealerships and contributing his expertise as a writer for several major automotive publications. In his spare time, Brian enjoys working on pickup trucks, muscle cars, Jeeps and anything related to motorsports.

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  • Jennifer

    2022 Grand Wagoneer III – Nothing but electrical problems and random things. Have had in shop 4 times.

    1 rear door hatch having to manually close
    2. Passenger screen not swiping
    3. Back a/c console still not working.. it cycles randomly on the front one and can’t be controlled by the back. Was told a new console was ordered 2 months ago.
    4. Electronic screen not staying working for massage, a/c , seat warmer settings.. kicks off randomly. This has been updated 3 times.
    5. Alignment shaking again. have had 4 brand new tires and alignment/ balanced.
    6. Trim on back passenger window came completely off. In order to replace they had to replace the entire window and trim, but no one supplied a loaner car.

    Worst purchase ever because dealership is 45 minutes from my home and they have zero care that this all keeps happening. They just say ” yeah 72 computers and these cars are all having issues”

  • George

    Bought a 2022 Wagoneer in September 2022. On my way home it had a vibration at 120km to 130km bad like if a wheel’s We’re out of balance. I then called the sales person that sold me the vehicle told me not to worry. It happens when the vehicle sits for a time. After a Week of owning it, I noticed the rear shock absorber was leaking. I was thinking that it could be why it was vibrating. Had that replaced and still the same thing. I was told it was my tires needed to be rebalanced, did that, still same issue, put new tires on it and still the same vibration. I have noticed other things not working. The rear hatch won’t close and second row seats release button works intermittently.


    My Wagoneer is nothing but problems since the first day I brought it’s been in the shop since November 2, 2023 and was told that I won’t get it until January 31 2024. I opened a case with Jeep but they’re not helping. I need help please and I am urging anyone reading this do not waste your money in that expensive piece of junk.

  • Angel

    Sounds like we all have junk, including mine! I have had a vibration in mine since I bought it, they have put 6 new tires in it, 2 new rims, still there, also road forced balanced my tires, still there at lower speeds, I have a harsh shift, at different speeds, my radio goes in and out all the time, my rear hatch has decided to now tell me I have to manually close it! Half the time it doesn’t start. Tells me my key is not in the vehicle. The start stop button, acted up when we first purchased it, it quit 3 times and never restarted we had to put the vehicle in park and manually start it! They replaced a $1500, part for that! The list goes on! I have been to my dealer weekly, and have another appointment this Tuesday but seem to get nowhere! Also have a claim open with (Jeep wagoneer Client) they are a joke!

  • Faith

    My 2022 Wagoneer randomly forces the steering wheel to the left, causing near accidents. Nothing on the road to put blame on. Was wondering if anyone else has gone though this with their Wagoneer. I will be taking it in next Monday, but after giving me a confusing story about “duplicating the problem”, I have been told that if it needs an update which they don’t have yet, nothing they can do about it. In the beginning of my purchase I would also feel like I had been hit by a car behind me, more like a tap, when waiting on a red light, even when there were no cars behind me. Thankfully I haven’t felt that in a while, but was wondering, has anyone else had these experiences?

  • Balaam R

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I currently own a 2022 Jeep Wagoneer, I am dealing with quite a few issues I am not being heard by either the dealership I bought it from Gulfgate. Dodge in Houston, Texas. I am dealing with the following issues:
    * Control Module
    * A/C system
    * Rear end vibrations while driving
    * Radio, navigation and inside lighting system
    * Steering wheel

    I still have Warranty on my vehicle which the dearlership is not honoring, it’s been a year still no service due to no dealership will not work on it. I have escalated my concerns thru Wagoneer Warranty which then escalated to Chrysler with response give two days I will call you next week etc. excuses. I have asked to please buy vehicle back, they will help with trade in but I will for one be upside down, I traded in a Dodge challenger and paid $5,000.00 down pymt. The Wagoneer is sitting in the driveway making my monthly payment for a vehicle not driven. My Wagoneer has so many issues.

    I need to be heard I need help! This is so frustrating.


  • Ralph

    They just stop charging the battery and the systems go haywire with everything described here. Jeep/CHRY/Fiat making a killing since batteries are “wear items”. Keep an eye on the voltage meters in the dash screen, if it says anything lesser than 13.8 volts get it warrantied before battery goes dead and is destroyed

  • Yakub A

    My Wagoneer 2022 had problems with driver assist power train park sense; line management during test driving. The salesman found the defects and convinced me that this would be after the computer reboot. They went for cleaning and fuelling. On signing the contract, I was told that I had to return to get it fixed. The car stayed three weeks before repair. Few e were replaced. Concern about future incidence, the platform is new. I requested the dealership to unwind the transaction. They refused I am in arbitration with Chrysler. Please advise?

  • Jennifer

    I bought my vehicle in Sept. had it back in the shop within couple of days the screen froze. the next week I got a message on the app saying my air bags were disabled. The screen kept going back and white with an arcing sound. The start and stop did not always work. After multiple updates saying it should be fine. It made an awful noise then the screen went black. Finally came back on. After two buy back attempts with Chrysler. We traded the vehicle for the safety out of family especially the air bag issues and arcing sounds. We took a big loss but I feel safe.

  • Catherine V

    Have an appt tomorrow with the dealership. Main screen freezes or reboots all the time. Radio not working correctly. Blind spot alert always on even when no one is around. they never turn off on both mirrors. Parksense won’t turn on it just says unavailable service required. same thing with active lane management. collision detection off lights stays on. It will not work. Driver seat heated seat won’t stay on. Wish me luck. Reading everyone else’s messages, it seems like this is going to be a long process.

  • Ken F

    Purchased a Grand Wagoneer in October of 2022 and is a series II. To date I have driven it 7,200 miles from Florida to Montana my biggest trip so far pulling a 12’ trailer with electric brakes. That trip went off without any problems. Now in the last 2 weeks the conplete piano keyboard on just below the multii function screen, cannot control heat or A/C at all. The odometer number continue to blink on and off on the drivers screen. The fog light on the passenger side quit working. I have had issues with the tailgate not operating properly. I scheduled an appointment for a month from now because that was the earliest They could get me in to the dealership.

  • Rene S

    Yeah my 2022 Wagoneer smells like antifreeze when you turn the AC on it smells like syrup I took it in and they said there was nothing wrong with it. Got it back still smells like antifreeze or syrup. I’m gonna take it to a friend of mine that works at GM to see what he thinks about the smell.

  • Benny v

    We purchased a 2022 Wagoneer 4×4 and approximately 2 months later, the interior rear hatch manual close button stopped working. It’s been at the Riveroaks Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealer for over 4 months now and every time we call to ask for our vehicle they say that they spoke with personnel and that it will be ready by Monday, expect a call by Monday. It’s been a whole lot of Mondays now and still nothing. My wife went to climb up the ladder again and spoke with the Gen. Manager and he went to investigate and he stated that part was in “but they didn’t have anyone to install it”. AHAHAHAHAHA! Ain’t that the funniest thing you’ve ever heard?

    It would be funnier if it wasn’t my $100,000.00 vehicle that we’re talking about. Yes, they did supply a loaner basic, no frills, no extras, lower end Wagoneer but 4 months?

    I will personally be seeing them soon and well, wish me luck cause I’m not as patient as my wife. This will certainly be interesting.

  • Manny

    My Wagoneer sajes when I drive Above 60 mph. I have taken the car to Aventura Jeep/Chrysler/ Dodge dealship twice. I picked up the car yesterday 9/24/2022 and it still has the same issue. I’m taking the car back again tomorrow. If at the 3rd shot they can’t get it right I don’t want the car. How can I proceed ? Can you help?

  • Matthew P

    I’ve had my Wagoneer since June of 2022 – It has been in the shop for almost 30 days. I have a case open with Wagoneer (Stellantis) and they don’t seem to take anything seriously with my claims. The panels on the vehicle are severely miss aligned (uneven they are not flush and will never be) and I started noticing this after a defective trim piece on the interior side of my tail gate. Which took a few weeks to come in and replace. Everything that I have requested is always 2-3 weeks out – I have not been provided a loaner vehicle in several occasions in order to get my vehicle serviced as quickly as possible – I have had the front wiring harness replaced for the headlights – now they are replacing the fog light wiring assembly as when the fog lights are on it malfunctions and it goes on and off with a warning in the driver HUB. I had a severe issue with the software and had to reset my radio main unit to get our phones to reconnect via car play and google auto. We have had quality concerns along with serviceability issues and the inability to properly address issues with the vehicle. I am still waiting for Stellantis to address my concerns with the misaligned panels of the vehicle which cannot be fixed without making it misaligned somewhere else and also impacting the integrity of the vehicle and or wind noise or resale value of the vehicle – I brought these concerns up after about 500-800 miles of driving the vehicle – yet it still has not been fixed or addressed. I have sent this to the Repurchase team at Stellantis for the second time as I am disputing their first rejection of my claim that it is a lemon or defective vehicle as they did not have all the information and just rejected it without receiving any information regarding my vehicle and the above issues/concerns I have above.

  • Ricardo G

    Just came from the jeep dealership, and looked at the wagoner, had one many years ago, looked nice, salesperson said they haven’t had any issues with them yet, just some minor adjustments, though i saw 8 of them with customer service tags in the windows in the back parking lot, drove it, they didn’t have a 4×4, a must have for us is AWD, we currently driving 2 hummers, I think ill stay with them for now, after reading this update on the wagoner….

  • Patricia P

    I get a message on and off to service the 4 w d, now it feels like the parking break is on when I’m backing up, but in fact it isn’t on,

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