2022 GMC Sierra 2500 Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Brake and electrical issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

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The 2022 GMC Sierra 2500 is considered a heavy-duty variant of both the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra lineup, although there is also a Silverado HD model. This truck was first introduced the same year as the standard Silverado lineup, when it was a 1999 model year. The trucks are now in their 4th generation.

99,118 GMC Sierra HD models were sold during the year, including the 3500. That’s a 40 percent increase in sales in 2021, showing that the truck is gaining popularity.

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Most Common Problems with the 2022 GMC Sierra 2500

When it comes to getting tough jobs done, the 2022 GMC Sierra 2500 is a heavy-duty truck with more capability than the standard Silverado or Sierra lineup. This truck can tow and haul more than the 1500 lineup, making it easier to complete the hard jobs. Yet, this pickup isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be, with complaints about the brakes, electrical system, engine and structure based on an analysis of NHTSA submissions.

2022 GMC Sierra 2500 Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Electrical System
Exterior Lighting
Service Brakes
Air Bags
Electrical System:adas:driver Monitoring:alarm
Fuel/propulsion System
Structure:frame And Members
Unknown Or Other

Problems with the Brakes

  • Shorted Brake Pressure Modulator: HD trucks equipped with electronic brake control modules (EBCM) may have a defect where the bolts aren’t tightened correctly. For this reason, the assembly can allow water intrusion, leading to an electrical short.
  • Truck Fire: Because water can get into the brake pressure modulator, an increased risk of fire is present. GMC has issued a recall in response to this dangerous situation.

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Engine Problems

  • Premature Failure: Reports are coming in of the truck engine failing within the first year. Metal shavings have been found inside the motors, with the engine failing after just 12,000 miles.
  • Diesel Particulate Filter: On diesel models, it’s possible for the diesel particulate filter to fail prematurely. Some owners have had to replace it after 20,000 miles, costing $1,500 out of pocket.
  • Failed Particulate Heater: In addition to the filter trouble, the particulate heater is also failing prematurely. The earliest recorded failure occurred at 43,000 miles, costing the owner $1,500 for replacement.

Electrical System Issues

  • Flickering Headlight: While driving down the road, owners are faced with flickering headlights. While this always leads to a distraction to other vehicles, some owners find that the headlights burn out completely. If this occurs at night, it leads to a dangerous situation.
  • Failed High Beams: Even if the headlights continue working, some truck owners have high beams that are failing prematurely. This is also dangerous when driving in a low-lit situation where extra light is needed.
  • Failed Backup System: The backup alarm on some truck models has failed prematurely. With no warning light, drivers may not know that something is behind them. This problem is so severe that some dealers have offered a buyback to the owners for the vehicle’s value.
  • Dead Battery: Within the first year, the car battery shouldn’t die for any reason. There would need to be a parasitic drain on the battery for it to fail with no operator error. Yet, one driver has had the battery fail multiple times.

Structural Issues

  • Exploding Sunroof: While driving, several owners have dealt with the moonroof exploding. Glass can enter into the cabin of the truck, posing a serious safety risk.
  • Rear Windshield Breakage: It also appears that the rear windshield glass isn’t as strong as it should be. When entering a parked vehicle, one owner heard shattering and saw that the rear windshield exploded for no reason. This failure happened before the truck even hit 1,400 miles.
  • Corroded Subframe: With the first 500 miles of ownership, a driver noticed that there was corrosion on the subframe of the vehicle. There’s no excuse for this level of defect so early on in the truck’s life, yet there’s no report of a possible remedy or any fix being performed.
  • Small Seats: Tall people are having trouble fitting into the GMC Sierra 2500. The seats are small and there aren’t enough adjustments for drivers to get comfortable. It’s not what most people expect when getting into such a large pickup truck.

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