2022 Ford Escape Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Headlight, Brake, Powertrain & Structure issues are among the top complaints from vehicle owners

By Brian Jones | Updated on

By Brian Jones | Updated on

The 2022 Ford Escape is a SUV designed to bring enjoyment and pleasure to the busy family. The automaker claims it provides the “capability you expect,” but the complaints about this Ford vehicle are adding up. In fact, there are already many issues with the headlights, powertrain, brakes and structure of this SUV.

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Most Common Problems with the 2022 Ford Escape

The problems 2022 Ford Escape owners are experiencing are varied, as complaints to the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) and other sources show.

Headlight issues are a particular concern because reported deterioration of the headlight assembly could quickly become a safety risk. Brake problems are also worrying because we all rely on safe, functioning brakes to avoid accidents.

Additionally, owners of the 2022 Ford Escape are complaining about powertrain issues as well as various problems that relate to the structure of the SUV, including the seats.

Of the 12 complaints filed with the NHTSA by early September 2022, most related to exterior lighting – specifically headlight issues – and other structure issues including problematic seats.

Problems with the Headlights

When the headlights of any vehicle fail, the risks are obvious.

An owner from Florida complained in early September 2022 that the front headlight covers were turning brown inside. But Ford says to wait until it gets worse! “This matter needs to be fixed and not wait till it gets worse and I get in an accident in the night”

Another complaint states that the headlight assembly started to delaminate. This reduced the effectiveness of the illumination of the headlights. The Delaware dealership confirmed the failure and replaced the headlights. But the complaint states that “the failure persisted” and, this time, the vehicle wasn’t repaired. The failure mileage was about 1,500.

Problems with the Structure

The 2022 Escape might look like a stylish SUV, but the way it was built is something that shouldn’t be bragged about.

Even Car and Driver points out issues with how it is equipped by saying, “Its cabin isn’t as refined as rivals such as the Hyundai Tucson, the Mazda CX-5, and the Volkswagen Tiguan.”

A complaint from Ohio mentions the structure of the 2022 Ford Escape specifically. It might seem minor to some people, but it could be a safety issue. The issue is that while driving, the sun reflects on the metallic dashboard trim and obstructs the driver’s view. When the owner complained to the local Ford dealership they said “the vehicle was designed that way.”

A couple of other complaints talk about seat issues. One mentions “an uncomfortable bulge in the front passenger heated seat.” Another complaint, from a Florida owner, states: “Of the 4 bolts that secure (the) back of (the) back seats to (the) floor, one securing nut is missing and other 3 are loose, only barely screwed down a few turns.”

Problems with the Powertrain

The transmission complaints have been coming in since before the Escape ever hit the road. A look at popular publications shows that this powertrain has serious issues.

While there aren’t complaints filed in the NHTSA powertrain category, a complaint under “unknown or other” talks about a “check manual light with orange wrench” popping up. According to the Ford Pass app, this means there is a high voltage fault and it is essential to contact a dealer immediately.

“But I can’t even put it in neutral for a tow truck because the transmission is locked in some sort of safe mode. I think it is a part of the recall with high voltage battery failures.”

Edmunds wrote when the 2022 Ford Escape was launched, that the “transmission’s abrupt shifts” and it provides a “lackluster handling.” The site goes further to say, “Less appealing is how the Escape drives. Essentially, we expect a little more refinement and handling precision.”

Of course, no one should have expected Ford to build a reliable Escape with this model. In the past, even the engine has been defective, to the point that class-action lawsuits were filed. If things remain the same with the newer model, it won’t be long before overheating and engine damage occurs, along with excessive amounts of smoke and possible vehicle fires. Ford even sets this up with the tagline “capability you expect,” providing that no one should think anything has changed.

Problems with the Brakes

An NHTSA complaint states that there was “excessive brake dust on both front wheels.” There was a warning light. The owner notified the local Indiana dealer, but the failure wasn’t diagnosed or repaired. The failure mileage was astonishingly only 7 miles.

It’s clear that Ford hasn’t been built up to normal standards. The SUV was barely released and it was subject to a massive recall. NHTSA Campaign Number 21V922000 states that the rear brake linings might not have been produced correctly. Not only is braking performance affected, but it can also lead to an accident. Drivers might need to push harder on the brake pedal to get the SUV stopped. However, Ford doesn’t currently have a remedy to fix the problem. For now, the company says it will be in contact with customers when a resolution is reached. In the meantime, customers can continue slamming down the brake pedal in hopes that the SUV will stop. Where is the “capability” that customers are expecting? It’s difficult to believe anyone wants a vehicle that might just keep going even if the brake pedal is depressed.

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  • Cheryl D

    Rear wheel wells in 2022 escape. 1500 miles, back wheel wells are made out of carpet & cardboard. With no bad weather yet, drivers side completely popped off hanging with (rug material & white insulation) 5 inches from muffler? All plastic snaps broken on both back wheel wells! This is before snow! Maybe at car wash? Unknown, but have never seen rear wheel wells made out of carpet & an inch of snow or hard rain, they will pop again.

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