2020 Ford Escape Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical system, structural, powertrain, engine, and fuel system issues are among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

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The 2020 Ford Escape is a completely redesigned model that the automaker says “brings style and substance to small SUVs.” Ford also maintains it’s “the best-performing, most fun-to-drive Escape ever.” But owners who find their doors and windows malfunction because of bad welding and broken hinges, their safety systems fail, batteries are faulty, engines and transmission have serious issues, and fuel systems leak, which creates a fire risk.

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Most Common Problems

Since it was released in the fall of 2019, the Escape has certainly been turning heads. But not always in a good way. By mid-November 2022, Ford had issued 10 recalls, four of which relate to fires and fire risks. The rest increase the risk of crashes and/or injuries. Affected components are airbags, the electrical system, the engine and engine cooling, the gasoline fuel system, the powertrain, seats, structure, tires, and visibility.

Complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have also been mounting up. Between November 30, 2019, and March 14, 2023, 244 had been lodged. These relate to the components listed above as well as backover prevention, electronic stability control, exterior lighting, forward-collision avoidance, the fuel/propulsion system, lane departure, latches/locks/linkages, steering, suspension, vehicle speed control, visibility/wiper, and wheels, as well as parking, service, and air brakes.

Those that attracted the most complaints are the structure of the vehicle (nearly a quarter), the electrical system, the powertrain, engine, and the gasoline fuel system. Quite a lot of complaints attribute problems to more than one component.

Ongoing Investigation

Additionally, there is an open NHTSA Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) into rearview camera noncompliance. It also affects a whole lot of other vehicles manufactured by Ford vehicles, 620,246 of which have been recalled. NHTSA Campaign Number 20V575000, dated September 23, 2020, states that the rearview camera may intermittently display a blank or distorted image because of a poor electrical connection.

According to the investigation summary of NHTSA Action Number RQ21002, prior to the recall, the NHTSA’s Vehicle Research and Testing Center informed the ODI of a trend of 2020 Escape vehicles with rearview camera malfunctions. So, the IDO contacted Ford and then met with representatives to discuss the issue. The ODI opened the RQ “to investigate both the timeliness and scope of Ford’s rearview camera recall (20V-575) and Ford’s compliance with reporting requirements.”

In other words, it was the ODI that prompted the recall.

2020 Ford Escape Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Unknown Or Other
Electrical System
Power Train
Fuel System, Gasoline
Structure:body:door:hinge And Attachments

Problems with the Structure

If the bones aren’t good, it’s impossible to have a relaxing drive. With the Ford Escape, customers can’t stop complaining about structure-related concerns that appear to affect the integrity of the Escape. Complaints cover various structural issues, including tailgates/liftgates that malfunction, opening and closing at random. But the most common are related issues that affect the doors and windows of the SUV. They range from broken spot welds and broken door hinges, to badly malfunctioning doors and windows.

Typical complaints state that the doors start making loud popping or snapping noises when you open or close them as the tack welds for the hinges break. Also, windows only go halfway down unless closed manually and doors don’t open fully.

Structural Door and Window Issues

This complaint from an owner in Mississippi says it all. “My driver side front door started making this popping noise when I opened or closed the door. And then, within a week, the black arm bracket/spot weld broke off the door. There is no damage to the door to cause this issue. It just happened randomly and the vehicle is under two years old. This shouldn’t be happening. I don’t feel safe driving this vehicle as I cannot even open the door all the way for fear it will fall off or (cause) further damage.” Predictably the complaint mentions that, “It’s affecting my window as well. It doesn’t roll down due to this hinge being broken. I do not know if it has affected any other safety features on the door.”

An owner from Wisconsin says that “the driver door was stuck open. Upon closing, the door limiter broke off and pushed against the window track making it impossible to roll the window down. I have contacted Ford twice about this, with no resolution yet. The Ford body shop says that the only fix’ is replacing the entire door for a price tag of nearly $2K. They have not acknowledged a manufacturer’s error or defect to correct this problem. My dealer is aware of other similar occurrences to 2020 Ford Escapes.”

A Georgia owner had the same problem and complained that the dealership was “just tack-welding the door back together which is also not acceptable.” Like other Escapes, the problem also effects the use of the windows. And this is not the first major problem the owner has faced. Other problems include a caliper falling off the car, seals around windows and lights failing, allowing water inside the door, and electrical issues.

No Warranty Coverage

Owners are also extremely unhappy that there is no warranty coverage or recall coverage on the vehicle, even on the extended warranty. An owner from Ohio states that when she opened her car door “it sounded like it was falling off. I got my husband; we looked at it and could see nothing.” Then they “called 5 Ford dealerships because I have the premium warranty with 100,000 miles (of) coverage. I was told what was wrong with my car (was that) the welds inside the door were broken and that it wasn’t covered under the warranty… and it’s about $3,000 to fix the car.” But it didn’t solve the problem because she was told not to roll my window down because it would likely break. “I was also told that this is a problem with the Ford Escapes. All 5 dealerships know of this issue.”

An owner from LA states that Ford is aware of the problem but “refuses to repair this serious safety issue as the vehicle in question has more than 60,000 miles on it and is not eligible for standard warranty repair. As per Ford Motor Company documents, the entire door and check assemblies must be replaced to correct the problem. Ford’s documents also indicate that all 2020 and 2021 Ford Escapes are affected by this defect which they are refusing to repair.”

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Problems with the Electrical System

Moving away from the structure, it’s time to look at the electrical system, which runs throughout the entire vehicle. Again, Ford simply can’t make good on promises when installing defective equipment inside the SUV.

One NHTSA complaint lists a bunch of features that simply don’t work. “Back-up camera erratic, blind-spot indicator on passenger side mirror erratic, lift-gate opens sometimes just by walking behind vehicle or will come down on its own when open. Once, the SYNC 3 screen was extremely hot to the touch and the controls were frozen. This happened after start-up and the screen took a long time to boot up. Our local Ford Service Department is aware of these problems (and actually saw the back-up camera go spastic). Apparently, Ford is aware of the camera problem, but the replacement cameras give the same problem.”

Even Ford talks about troubles with Service Bulletin #SSM 48833. It states that the app doesn’t actually remotely start the vehicle as it should. This is something that Ford engineers will need to work on. In relation to the other issues, replacing bad parts with more defective components isn’t going to solve anything, but at least Ford recognizes the problems. That’s the first step in any self-help program.

A Problem Ford Knows

Ford’s communication, SSM 50150, dated September 24, 2021, warns dealerships that 2020-2021 Escape vehicles “may exhibit cracks or broken spot welds in the left front door at the check arm attachment point in the door assembly.” The “appropriate repair for this condition,” is to replace the door assembly and door check arm.

It didn’t take long for owners to realize that this was a known issue. An owner from Massachusetts who references SSM 50150 in a complaint describes how the driver’s door frame “has a fracture spot weld on the inside of the door, causing the window to fail to move up or down as needed. The failure caused the door to make a lot of grinding and cranking sound while being opened out wide. I took the vehicle to the dealer who diagnosed that the door either needed to be replaced or just the inner portion of the door needed to be repaired. Ford would not cover the cost of repair.”

Despite this, there are dealers who deny any knowledge of this problem. For instance, in an NHTSA complaint, a New Hampshire owner describes calling the dealer about window and door hinge problems. After inspecting the vehicle, the service manager asked if the car had been in an accident. “It was obvious I had not been in an accident. He stated they had never seen anything like that before.” This is when the owner realized “that all the welds on the bracket that holds the door check had failed. The bracket was down inside the door panel. Because it was catching it was making the snapping sound. When the window hit it, it would automatically go back up.”

It’s worth noting that in May 2022, Ford issued a recall for a few 2020 Escape SUVs because of insufficient welds inside the high voltage battery. It warns that this might cause batteries to fail, resulting in a loss of drive power.

Safety System Failures

While some owners experience specific safety system failures, others experience all kinds of issues. For example, an owner from Illinois constantly experiences the passenger-side blind spot warning indicator coming on when there aren’t any vehicles around the Escape. At other times, when there are vehicles in the blind spot, it doesn’t come on. “This is a safety problem. The indicator cannot be trusted. Many owners report this same problem on forums. Ford has no solution.”

An owner from Texas reports simultaneous failures of safety systems. These include Cross Traffic System Fault, Blind Spot System Fault, complete climate panel failure (defroster, heater, ventilation, and so on), as well as failures of power windows, power seats and an inability to open the rear hatch of the SUV. There are also warnings about intermittent Drive Mode Not Available, and the windows sometimes fog suddenly. Most of these failures happen when driving or starting the vehicle.

Another NHTSA complaint lists a bunch of features that simply don’t work. “Back-up camera erratic, blind-spot indicator on passenger side mirror erratic, lift-gate opens sometimes just by walking behind (the) vehicle or will come down on its own when open. Once, the SYNC 3 screen was extremely hot to the touch and the controls were frozen. This happened after start-up and the screen took a long time to boot up. Our local Ford Service Department is aware of these problems (and actually saw the back-up camera go spastic). Apparently, Ford is aware of the camera problem, but the replacement cameras give the same problem.”

Stop Safety Now Issues

This issue is considered by owners to be an electrical system and/or powertrain issue.

An owner from California experienced the Stop Safely Now light malfunction. The SUV stopped in a traffic lane and stopped. “I attempted (to) restart without success, but I could also not get the transmission out of park while waiting for (the) tow truck. I was then unable to restart the engine while the visual displays continued working. After about 20 minutes everything powered down and I was then able to restart. Very glad no traffic hit me.”

An owner from Oregon had the same malfunction. When the Stop Safely Now warning popped up, the car slowed down. He pulled over and it stopped. “I couldn’t start it, and the engine and battery lights were red. The start button was flashing green. I sat there, with traffic passing by, unable to start the car or turn it off, as it appeared it was in accessory mode.” After about 20 minutes, another message appeared – “System off to save battery mode…” His concern is that when this happens the “potential danger to this vehicle getting rear-ended seems great.”

Battery Problems

Battery problems are varied but real, and causing a multitude of problems for owners. Some batteries drain at night while others fail completely.

An owner from Missouri had a 2020 Escape enter “deep sleep mode” when it hadn’t been started for 2-3 days. The SUV, which had less than 300 miles, had to be towed to a dealership for a full 12V battery recharge.

When a Maryland owner’s 2020 Ford Escape Titanium Hybrid did not start, it was towed to a Ford dealer. They diagnosed battery failure and put in a new one. “When we drove away from the dealer, the car was disabled within one mile. They now say it wasn’t the battery, it was the battery converter, which I understand to be the equivalent to the alternator in non-hybrids. The vehicle is under new car warranty. My wife was fortunate she was in the right lane and could pull onto the shoulder with minimal steering control.”

An owner from Washington had his 2020 Escape go “stone dead” twice, “with no electrical response of any kind.” He needed a physical key to unlock it. After 10 days in the dealer’s shop, they did some “warranty work.” But the symptoms recurred. Buying a more robust charger solved the problem for a while. After some online research in forums, he decided a fix would be to get a larger AGM battery. “With its greater capacity and faster charging capacity, it can better handle the parasites in the electrical system.”

It’s worth noting that in May 2022, Ford issued a recall for a few 2020 Escape SUVs because of insufficient welds inside the high voltage battery. It warns that this might cause batteries to fail, resulting in a loss of drive power.

Engine and Powertrain Problems

Problems relating to the engine and powertrain are varied. Sometimes owners file their complaints as one or the other problem, sometimes as both. For instance, an owner from North Carolina finds that when the Escape won’t shift into reverse, both the transmission and check engine warning lights come on. In this case, the transmission needed to be replaced.

Some issues are linked to the electrical system, others appear to be nebulous problems Ford dealers aren’t sure how to fix. For instance, an owner from Michigan was driving on a highway on a very snowy, windy day when the Escape started “bucking, losing power, and flashing (its) engine light.” The driver got to a gas station and was towed to a dealership. “bucking, losing power and flashing engine light.”

An owner from Florida has a similar issue. The car loses power and won’t go any faster than 15 mph. An owner from Texas had this issue too, also getting the Stop Safely Now error message. “The gas motor fails to turn on and the electric motor and battery are too small to power the vehicle for more than a few hundred feet. The dealer performed TSB20-2365 back in November 2020 to fix this problem. But now 22 months later it has returned.”

Acceleration Issues

Sluggish acceleration seems to be another major issue with the 2020 Ford Escape, but Ford appears to be ignoring the problem. For instance, an owner from New York states that “the car continually has delayed acceleration. It revs and drives 2.5 mph for several seconds before it lurches into gear. It’s extremely unsafe and I’m concerned about it happening on the highway. Ford is refusing to take an appointment with me to assess the safety of the vehicle until 2-3 months out (won’t even put my name on a waitlist) and will not offer a loaner vehicle in the interim. The car has 15,000 miles on it and is under warranty.

An owner from Florida states in a complaint that “while driving 76 MPH with the cruise control activated, the vehicle inadvertently decelerated without warning.” He was unable to accelerate but eventually managed to restart and drive on. There was no official diagnosis, but “the mechanic stated that the power module was possibly inoperable. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was contacted, and a case was filed, and stated that the vehicle needed to be diagnosed.”

But there are also complaints of it accelerating randomly, and certainly not sluggishly. For instance, an owner from Michigan describes how the Escape “The vehicle unexpectedly accelerated and crashed into the vehicle in front of me. Collision assistance did not activate, and there was no audible warning. The vehicle accelerated with such force that both cars were damaged.”

Fuel System Problems

A safety risk recall issued by Ford on November 18, 2022, states that as many as 521,746 Ford Escape and Bronco vehicles with 1.5-liter engines may have fuel injectors that could crack and leak fuel inside the engine compartment. In the event of a fuel leak, an ignition source like a hot engine or exhaust components could spark a fire. NHTSA Campaign Number 22V859000 tells dealers to “update the engine control software to include fuel injector leak detection and install a drain tube, free of charge.” Ford’s number for the recall is 22S73.

Earlier in the year, on March 25, 2022, Ford issued another safety recall, 22V-191 (22S21) for 345,451 Escape and Bronco vehicles for what turned out to be the same defect. The warning was that it was a fire risk that increased the risk of injury. A warning sign would be oil smoke and/or smell coming from under the hood. But the so-called remedy was different. Here, damaged or leaking full-load oil separators would be replaced free of charge. Because of this, the new recall states that any vehicles fixed under the old recall would “need to have the new remedy performed.”

Up until mid-March 2023, most of the NHTSA complaints about the gasoline fuel system stated that the parts needed for the 22V-191 recall repair were still not available. But there are a few complaints from owners who have experienced the failure that prompted the recall.

NHTSA Complaints about the Fuel System

A complaint from an owner in Pennsylvania describes how his 2020 Escape caught fire and was totally destroyed on September 20, 2022. While driving with his wife and daughter, he noticed that the coolant temperature warning light was illuminated. At the same time, the temperature gauge indicated that the vehicle temperature was normal. Then he noticed smoke coming out from underneath the hood of the vehicle. He parked and they all got out of the SUV just in time. Ford was unable to assist, “as the vehicle was not under recall.” Presumably this was the first recall, because he got the second recall notice shortly after the incident.

Several other owners state that there were other issues before they noticed a strong smell of gasoline in their vehicles. Generally, dealers weren’t of any assistance.

In May 2022, an owner from Nevada noticed rattling sounds from under the SUV. Also, while driving, it wouldn’t accelerate properly. And there was an abnormal fuel odor inside the cabin of the vehicle. The dealer “found no cause for the failure.” It persisted, and eventually, he also received the recall notice.

An owner from Missouri had acceleration issues as well a smell of burning in the Escape. In this case, the dealer made the right diagnosis, but the parts for repair weren’t available.

An owner from California says the steering wheel was shuddering. The dealer said it was “a transmission shudder,” but that the vehicle was operating as designed. There was no diagnosis of the odor, but he did get a recall notice. Of course, the parts weren’t available – and that was in mid-January 2023.

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  • WJH

    2020 Titanium trim Escape with only 22,000 miles on it at the end of 2023. Often have to get service for “phantom” issues and others real…like the “deep sleep” someone mentioned above. It took a few trips back and forth to the Ford service location (@20 miles each way) and they still hadn’t fixed it. I had to buy a new 12V battery (even though we have extended coverage). Also, a recall out since 2022 that states an “engine fire may occur BUT we have no remedy at this time”. It’s been nearly 2 years!!! The last thing I want is for my wife to be driving down the highway and have an engine fire. This car was going to be our last car purchase most likely but now I’m not sure.
    We would have purchased a Honda CRV or Toyota if they had any inventory (2020 was middle of the pandemic and the renowned “supply chain” was really messed up). Ford should be upstanding and buy-back their pieces of you know what and let us get something reliable instead. Never going to buy a Ford again!

  • Deanna S

    Hi I like reading the issues people are sharing. I have the same problems as one lady Claire Y shared on 2020 ford the dealership can’t get my car in for a month. He said they were short on technicians. I can’t drive it out of state because of the issue. I travel Alone most of the time & do not want to get stranded or have the car stop on the highway. I can’t get a rental because they haven’t analyzed it. I do hope they can fix it. I do like my new car she’s Sweet and handles great on the highway and great mileage.

  • Lucinda S

    2020 Ford escape se. Popping noise in door when opening and closing. Spot welds on door hinge broke on drivers door. Unable to shut door all the way. Window won’t roll down now.
    Appox 41,330 miles. Not under warranty due to miles but have only owned car 2.5 years. Was told a total replacement door was needed approx. $2800.00 . I had Google and seen this has been a problem. Why hasn’t a recall been on this. Must be waiting for someone to fall out. Had a new transmission at 10,000. Lost all clusters? Bare wires? Plus other problems. Car is a lemon.

  • Phillip C

    Have had issues with power train since 9/9/22. Stayed in the shop at Heritage ford for 2 months. They returned and said there were no issues (have documentation and video), told me safe to drive after going 70mph to 40mph quickly on interstate almost causing me to get rear ended by a semi-truck. I had thought the problem was taken care of but when I looked at paperwork THEY did NOTHING. Said there was never a problem but my Ford Pass app showed otherwise. Heritage continued to call me a liar until I had to prove it and even in their own notes had the issues on it. Gave me a loaner, with flat tire but took it back prior to even getting my own vehicle completed. Didnt even let me complete the loaner time, came to my house and picked up (video of this). Took to Rays Ford and they fixed what Ford told them to, had for about two weeks and more issues started to happen so I returned it. Ford was supposed to pay for the reimbursement of the vehicle (have emails on this), but now Ford said that price is too high for them. My life, apparently zero value along with my money that they continue to take for the vehicle that has been on the shelf since 9/9, basically.

  • Phillip L

    Our 2020 Ford Escape Titanium Hybrid lost its brakes while in reverse. Luckily, we only hit a tree and not other cars or people. Dealer claims the brakes did not fail. Our insurance company doubled our monthly rate for a claim that was not our fault.

  • Claire Y

    2020 Ford Escape; Sitting at the Dealership now, being told the AWD Control Module is bad. Errors include: Powertrain Malfunction/Reduced Power; Hill Start Assist Warning; Pre-Collision Assist not available. Had these same errors earlier this year and was told it was a Wheel Speed Sensor. Had it replaced and it’s been fine.
    There was a recall on the Control Module, but I’m being told it was only certain VIN’s from 1 Factory. The Recall also expired in April 2022. And although I find HUNDREDS of similar complaints online – it’s still going to be almost $1,000 to repair.

  • Omayra

    2020 escape titanium hybrid

    ABS light go on, collision assistance not available, anti brake faults, hill assistant not available. Took the vehicle to the dealership they can find my complaint and same time I’m picking the vehicle did it again at the shop. They told me the battery was giving too much charge to the vehicle. They reset the computer and told me I should not have problems again. However today happens again. The steering wheel get hard to move whenever this happens.

  • called t

    purchased my 2020 Ford escape SEL new in 2021 I am wanted it for gas mileage I work 32 miles one way I don’t open my doors a lot other day I heard a popping noise when I open my door and the spot welds on the door hinge were broke off called the dealership at the service station I have 44,000 miles on the car I’ve had it for a year and a half and they said it’s not under warranty I also have a problem with the radio will not turn stations and gets hot

  • Margaret B

    I have taken my 2020 Escape back to the dealership several times since July 2022. The mechanic replaced the fluid and the seal in July. The grinding sound continued in the rear of the AWD. I took it back the last week of September. The mechanic replaced the fluid and the seal again and thought it was fixed. I drove it around the block and heard the same sound and returned it to the dealership. In July I was told that Ford doesn’t make the repair that I need. I like my car, but hope to get it fixed. Maybe the mechanic is doing everything he can. I am trying to be patient. I am not sure of the part that I need. Could it be the Sequential Transmission shift paddle switch?

  • Michael S

    2020 Ford Escape bought brand new since new sreeching brakes when I reverse since new. Took it in 4 different times all dealerships say nothing wrong with brakes. There’s is surely something wrong before my warranty runs out. I think it’s a lemon myself.

  • Claudia

    I have a 2020 Ford Escape SE which has many issues that are frightening at times. Sometimes the back up camera will not go back off when returning to Drive. Then a few blocks away the entire dashboard screen goes black along with the camera. You have to pull over, turn the car off and wait about 20 minutes before it will work again. Sometimes the GPS Navigation system does not work at all and other times it takes me to places that are not correct. The auto on and off start doesn’t work most of the time. When I have complained to the dealer, they say it won’t work when it is 32 degrees or less and won’t work when it is 90 degrees or above. Ridiculous!!!
    While driving and not touching anything other than the steering wheel the radio changes channels, the heated seats turn on even in 97 degree weather. Can’t get an appointment to get this car fixed and I only have 6,000 miles on it. I am old my VIN number doesn’t match the recall notice for the camera. However all of the things that the car is doing matches everything said about the reason for the recall.

  • Angela J

    In 2020, at the age of 42, for the first time in my life I bought a brand new vehicle, a 2020 Ford Escape. Not long after, the parking brake came on, of it own accord, and would not go off and I had to take it to the shop, they said it was a “computer issue “ and they just had to reset it. Then two days ago, the all wheel drive came on (all of it own!) and while doing 70mph down the HWY, the collision sensor came on and the vehicle just started to slow down, ALL ON IT’S OWN! There was NO ONE in front of me! Scared me to death! Then TODAY the cruise control wouldn’t come on and all these messages started flashing really fast, over and over on the dashboard. So now, it’s in the dealer shop AGAIN. AGAIN they said it “properly just a computer issue AGAIN”! Plus, they have NO loner vehicles and I JUST started a new job…also does anyone else have issues with the washer fluid ALWAYS running low or CONSTANTLY having to re-sync your phone? It’s insane!

  • Mgirton

    I have a 2020 Ford Escape. Took it in for routine oil change and a recall. Told service team that the back right rear was making a loud noise- almost like a squeaky spring? When you make right hand turns or hit a bump. It’s been back to the garage 4 times since. First time I was told it was a loose tail light. Drove it around The dealership and the noise was still there. Had to have the service manager go for a ride with me so that he could hear it which he didn’t actually want to hear it basically. So I had to take it back in yet again so they could hook it up to a machine to see what was wrong. Said there was a broken shock so I had to take it back in after the part came in to have replaced. Mechanic said there was no noise I go to get in the car and drive away from the dealership the noise is still there. So they take it again another day now they’re saying some kind of housing on the tire rod that keeps the tires in balance? Not sure of the real name. Now they can’t get me in until next Thursday to repair it? No loaner offered at all. Not real happy with Ford at the moment

  • Heidi

    My 3rd Ford Escape. My 2020 seems to have quite a few electrical issues. Not even 5,000 miles on it, had to be dragged out of my garage. Occasionally, the GPS stops working and you’re driving in the middle of no where. Stopped of at the gas station, ran into to purchase and item. When I came back out, wanted to leave, the vehicle had an electronic melt down. All the warning lights were on and the knob shifter, which was in park, was flashing. The Escape wouldn’t start no matter what I did. Not even 15,000 miles on it. No matter what I tried, nothing was happening. What did I do wrong when I turned the vehicle off? I called road side assistance. After 1 1/2 hours, it started like nothing happened and drove home. No problems yet.
    Cancelled the tow and the car loaner. I liked the vehicle, but don’t trust it.

  • Wayne B

    I have a 2020 Ford Escape se purchased October 2020. In the morning when you first start to back up the brakes make a serious roaring sound in the rear I mentioned to the service department when I took it in for a recall and was informed that ford has not given them a fix for the problem, but was told brakes are good.

  • William L

    I bought a 2020 Ford Escape SEL leftover In March 2021. I’ve been driving it every day for fourteen months with no problems. It’s the best car that I’ve ever owned. And I love the fact that the 3 cylinder engine sips fuel.

  • Christina P

    In July 2020 we purchased a 2020 Ford Hybrid and loved it until this year. The first thing that happened was very scary. My husband was accelerating as he entered the freeway when the car suddenly lost power. He was able to pull over before getting rear-ended. The car just died. He sat there a few minutes looking at the manual which had nothing helpful. Ten minutes latrd he decided to try starting the car again, and it worked. Called dealer and had to wait 3 weeks to have it checked out. They said there was no error in the onboard computer and they couldn’t find anything wrong. The next event happened about a month later. We were out running errands, started the engine and the sync screen showed the map only – we could not use the radio, navigation or any other function. The next day it was working again. Took it to dealer and again they could not find anything. The Ford app has not worked since the vehicle was purchased – we get an error message that the car is in deep sleep mode. Today we are locked out – key fobs don’t work, numerical code doesn’t work key doesn’t work, app says the car is in deep sleep mode. It was driven yesterday,! Called dealership. We have to have the car towed to the dealer – they will try to diagnose tomorrow – it will be at least 3 weeks for a service appointment!!!

  • Lynne L

    This is our second cord escape. Had a 2017 which we liked, then traded it in for a 2020 in May of 2020.. I don’t like it. Seems to have quite a few electrical issues. For some reason on longer trips the navigation system will get a brain fart and all of a sudden the GPS stops working and I am driving in the middle of no where. I have my speedometer in km/hr. It will just switch to mph on its own. I have to go into the nav settings and change it back. Today, I stopped of at my son’s for about 5 minutes. When I came back out, the vehicle had a total electronic melt down. All the warning lights were on and the mob shifter(which was in park) was flashing. AND it wouldn’t start no matter what I did. I sat there for 10 minutes…..nothing was happening. I went inside to call road side assistance. Came back out and it started. Not happy with all the glitches, even though I like ford products

  • Brendan

    2020 Ford Escape titanium

    In October of 2020 I purchased a new Escape Titanium from a local ford dealership. Within the first week of ownership the backup camera stopped working, or would just intermittently give static images. (was not told until after i bought the vehicle that the back up camera had a recall) It took 2 months to get this camera fixed. The subwoofer also was loose and rattling right off the lot! The dealer replaced subwoofer, since then I have personally dismantled the car and tightened the subwoofer 4 times. The wireless charging pad randomly stopped working at 8000 km. Back to the dealership we go. Sync 3 system is unreliable at best. Sometimes the GPS screen will put me in the middle of a field even if I’m on a major highway. System freezes, sometimes reboots while I’m driving showing the ford splash screen. Fast forward April 2022… Driver side door hinge spot welds broken totally away from door, Car has 23k KM. car currently at dealers again. Waiting to hear what resolution is. Stay far away from FORD! This has been a nightmare.

  • AMB3611

    I’ve always driven GM vehicles, this is my first Ford, and at first I loved it, until this weekend. I live in the country and I was headed home when all of the exterior lights went completely black. No other cars on the road, no lights anywhere period. I quickly pulled off to the shoulder, since it is a rather winding road and I could not see past the dash (which ironically still had lights but made the darkness outside that much worse). I was able to turn off the Escape and turn it back on, which turned all of the exterior lights back on and I was able to make it home. It was a terrifying experience and I did end up scraping the front passenger panel on a guardrail when pulling over in blackness, but it could have been so much worse! I’m petrified to drive this thing at night now. I’ve only seen a couple others complain about this issue, but I’m curious as to what would cause such a thing!

  • kenneth b

    My 2020 Escape had been in the shop off and on the first year for ver 7 weeks. Finally received a buy back from Ford but it wouldn’t even pay off the note. My Ford app and indicator light shows I’m having an improper connection/engine crankcase. It has been back to a ford dealer 3 times since November 2021 and they can’t seem to fix the problem. They get the indicator light off on panel but it shows back up within a few days. When I start my vehicle from the Ford app, I have a faint smell of gas when I open the door. The right rear window fell down and I had to suction cup the window back in place until the Ford dealer could get me in. As I read in an earlier comment, my front driver door is know popping and having a hard time while opening and closing the door. Then the driver window will not roll down more than a couple of inches. I was told today that they can’t figure out the problem, so they have to go to Ford to see if there has been a problem with this issue.

  • David B

    I bought a 2020 Ford Escape SEL, after owning a 2014 Ford Escape. I drove my old Escape 95,000 and never even changed the brakes. I do like my new Escape, but at 21,000, it needed two new rear shocks. The mechanic said given the fact that both went out at the same time, they were probably defective from the factory. Not encouraging. I paid 34,000 for the car.

  • Robert M

    Has anyone had a windshield crack from the inside dealer says no way must have been hit by a stone FROM THE INSIDE speedy glass says they have never seen that before. They feel the crack on the inside not the outside I have not fixed it yet.

  • Debra P

    I have an issue right now with the Collision system. I took it the dealer & they want me to pay for repair when I did nor to my vehicle. It has had this issue for about a month or more. It started when I was driving & my cruise control was not working right either. Come to find out 2days ago the part broke off &the dealer wants me to pay for it or put on my car insurance. I didn’t do anything wrong & if I put on my insurance my rates will go up. I’m stuck as I think it poor coverage by Ford as it right under the license plate where all kinds of road debris especially in winter plugs up your grill & you never know what can hit you. It seems that this Escape has had more recalls electrical issues than Carter has liver pills. I can’t afford to fix this quote of 1500 – 2000 to fix.

  • P. A

    I have the 2020 Escape and I love it. I have had a couple of recalls, all minor, and didn’t even notice an issue. I have the Hybrid, I get 40 milles to the gallon and it’s quiet as a mouse.

  • Robert C

    I purchased a 2020 Ford Escape on April 2020. I have a loud ticking noise appear to be from the speedometer. You can see the speedometer click similar to a second hand on a watch. I immediately took it back to the dealer who said they couldn’t find anything wrong, no hear the noise. I then recorded the noise and returned the vehicle again. The manager agreed it is pretty loud, and suggested I raise the volume on the radio. When I returned to pick it up they said the noise came from the electronic fuel pump. I’m pretty sure it’s the speedometer, but my complaints have gone unanswered.

  • T. S

    I purchased my 2020 Escape SEL in July, 2020 and so have had it nearly 16 months. It now has 20,000 miles. I have never had any issues with the car. Fit and finish is very good, and other than a minor rattle in the far left rear when on a rough road, there have been no issues. I have changed the oil in the 2.0L Ecoboost between 3,200 and 4,200 miles since new, and have changed all PTU, RDU, and transmission fluids recently. I have nothing but good luck with the 2020 Escape SEL.

  • Bradley S

    I have had trouble with the sound system sub woofer vibration of the whole wheel well plastic sounds horrible. Took it back to dealer told it was working in parameters. Not happy.

  • Mike G

    My 2020 Ford Escape has had numerous problems that started with windshield wiper fluid always running low. Now I’ve had to have it towed to a Ford dealer and has 19 error messages involving the PCM and the CPU. Now Ford is saying that it is deep water intrusion and refuses to do any work stating that the warranty does not cover water damage. We have never driven through any high water.

  • Mark A

    we are a courier department and have 11 Ford Escapes, years 2017,2019 and 2020. All 3 new 2020 models have the exact same issue with the front drivers door hinge. The welds that hold the hinge in place have come loose. None of our earlier Model year Escapes have had this issue. Ford fixed the first 2 under warranty, but the 3rd vehicle, with the same problem, was about 5,000 miles out of warranty and they wont repair it. This is obviously a design flaw, all 3 had the same issue within a month of each other. Because we are a courier department, the doors get opened a lot more then the average vehicle, but again, none of our older Escapes have this issue. Ford claims they don’t have other reports of this issue on the 2020’s… so, Just FYI

  • Patricia R

    I had a 1997 escape for 12 years with no problems. Decided to trade in and get a 2020 expecting close to the same or even better I’ve had the car 18 months still under 12,000 miles and has been recalled 3 times plus additional problems. First recall had a computer chip problem, next brake recalled, next rear camera recall. At the same time 3 different times my car wouldn’t start. Pushed ignition and got a flashing green light and multiple err codes came up on dash. Took at least 5” for them to clear and car to start. Mechanics didn’t know what it was and eventually reset all error codes. Now at 18 months the vinyl on the driver seat is tearing away at the seam.
    How did you get Ford to reimburse you. I hate this car and would love to look elsewhere.

  • Tony H

    I purchased a 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid Titanium in July. Test drive was pleasant and the promise of 40+ mpg was enticing. I quickly regretted this decision as I immediately started having problems with the heads up display. Sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn’t. Took back to have checked with initial try to repair was re-soldering some wiring. Didn’t fix. Try #2 was to replace the whole heads up display, didn’t fix. Try #3 was to replace a wiring harness, didn’t fix. Car was at dealership 2 out of the first 3 months I owned it. On top of all of that before I took it back initially I went to pop the hood to out in sone rain x washer fluid and the hood popped loudly because it the A pillar on one side so hard it chipped paint off. I had to loosen the bolts holding the hood on and adjust it myself. The back hatch was also crooked and had to be adjusted. The passenger leather seat cover had a fairly big wrinkle in it and felt like it was missing some padding. Body seams all over the vehicle didn’t line up well or had uneven gaps. I would be extremely unhappy but after contacting Ford while the car was sitting at the dealership they approved a buyback. So while I’d vehemently advise against purchasing a 2020 Escape I must give Ford kudos for doing the right thing. They completely paid off the loan and I was able to walk away from the vehicle. But I am extremely disappointed in Ford for allowing these vehicles to go to market with so many problems. The quality control is severely lacking. I have since purchased a Volkswagen Tiguan and the fit and finish and quality of build is heads above the Ford Escape, no comparison.

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