2022 Dodge Ram 3500 Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Powertrain and electrical system problems are among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones | Reviewer: Sergei Lemberg

The 2022 RAM 3500 is designed with maximum power in mind, with the automaker claiming it provides “major pulling power.” While it might provide power, the defective powertrain and other faulty components and systems are causing problems for many owners. There are ongoing complaints about transmission failure and loss of motive power, as well as reports that vehicles catch alight.

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Most Common Problems

At more than 72% by October 6, 2023, powertrain problems top the list of complaints made by 2022 Dodge Ram 3500 owners to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In terms of volume, the electrical system is second in line with 15% of the total number of complaints. The rest of the problems highlighted relate to the engine, fuel/propulsion system, brakes, exterior lighting, vehicle speed control, forward collision-avoidance, and vehicle speed control.

There are also quite a lot of “unknown or other” problems. These range from various recall parts not being available for repair to transmission issues and a vehicle that caught fire.

In this post, we’ve summarized complaints made to our firm directly as well as from other reliable sources like the NHTSA. These range from a faulty high pressure fuel pump to problems with a New York dealership’s service ethic.

There are also nine recalls that affected the 2022 Ram 3500 by early October 2023.

Recalls Affecting the 2022 RAM 3500

Three of the recalls warn of fire risks, with two of them regarded as urgent safety recalls.

NHTSA Campaign Number 21V798000 was issued on October 14, 2021, due to the risk of an electrical short in the relay. In total 131,177 Ram vehicles, including 2021-2022 Ram 3500 pickup trucks, are affected. This can happen whether the ignition is on or off, increasing the risk of injury. Owners are advised to park these vehicles outside of buildings or structures, and not near other vehicles, until the fault has been remedied. Since the urgent safety warning is still in place, it appears there may not be a fix yet.

NHTSA Campaign Number 23V060000 affects 302,067 2021-2023 Ram vehicles including the Ram 3500. Issued on February 9, 2023, it warns that an electrical short in the relay may result in an engine compartment fire. This can happen whether the ignition is on or off, increasing the risk of injury. The same “park outside” warning applies. According to the recall notice, the fix will be offered in phases.

Leaking transmission fluid in the powertrain also presents a fire risk. NHTSA Campaign Number 22V835000 states that a build-up of pressure and heat inside the transmission can cause the leak. A total number of 250,079 2020-2023 Ram 3500 and 2020-2023 2500 vehicles are affected.

There are also recalls due to defective airbags, backover prevention problems caused by defective rear view cameras, electronic stability control (ESC) indicator light malfunctions,  and faulty tailgates. Additionally, there is a recall because of a danger that internal engine control modules (ECMs) may short, causing the pickup trucks to lose driver power.

2022 Dodge Ram 3500 Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Power Train
Electrical System
Unknown Or Other
Power Train:automatic Transmission
Fuel/propulsion System
Service Brakes
Vehicle Speed Control
Exterior Lighting
Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking

Reported Vehicle Fires

Fortunately, with the severe fire risks highlighted in recalls, not many owners have experienced vehicle fires. But there are several who have. For example, in May 2023, an owner experienced a harrowing fire. “I parked the truck in my drive, turned it off and saw smoke (coming from) under the hood. Opened the hood and there was a fire next to what I believe is a coil pack. Tried to put it out with a fire extinguisher but it didn’t help. It (was) then engulfed in flames, blowing air bags, and busting out windows.”

An owner from Ohio’s 2022 Ram 3500 also caught fire. While preparing to park the pickup truck in his driveway, he “detected a very faint and quickly dissipating odor of hot electrical components, similar to a fluorescent light ballast that has gone bad.” Less than a minute later white smoke was pouring out from under the hood. “I was able to get it to start and pulled it into the street just prior to flames coming from under the hood near the drivers windshield.” The truck was destroyed. “This was a very close call that could have resulted in the loss of my home, all my possessions, and risked harm to myself and my family.”

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Powertrain Problems

The most common powertrain problems are due to transmission failure. This is compounded by a general issue with a lack of parts. Some owners state that when the transmission fails, they can only move in reverse! There are also complaints that the 2022 Ram 3500 loses motive power, which is also a powertrain problem.

An owner from Georgia states that the transmission failed under 20k miles. “The dealership has had the vehicle for over two months and they are still waiting for parts.”

“My transmission failed while driving in the mountains,” states an owner from Minnesota. He could only operate in reverse and fifth gear. “The check engine light came on and a message on the dash stated that the 4-wheel drive was temporarily not available.” At the time of the complaint, it wasn’t driveable as was with a dealer.

An owner from Pennsylvania reports total transmission failure that resulted in a sudden loss of forward gears. Cruise control and all other driver’s assist aides were disabled. There was also a “loss of any forward acceleration while driving highway speeds.”

An owner from Florida Truck tells how the Ram 3500 lost power and went into “limp” mode “A warning came on stating 4-wheel drive is unavailable, even though it was not being used. It also stated the number 1 gear was misaligned.” But this warning was only after the vehicle had stopped. The dealership “identified the transmission had gone out,” but the parts were on a 45-day backorder. Even after the parts arrived, there were further delays. A month after the incident, he was “still waiting for results. In the meantime (I) have spent $5,000.00+ on rental and towing to get my camper to my worksite in Iowa.”

Clutch Snap Ring Failures

Several owners report loss of motive power due to the clutch snap ring failing.

An owner from Georgia reports that the transmission of his 2022 Ram 3500 Limited Longhorn Dually truck failed at 5,300 miles. He was stranded along with a 5th wheel trailer and transmission only working in reverse. “This is a well known problem with hundreds if not thousands of failures with the Aisin Transmission. Ram issued a service bulletin 21-002-23, Snap Ring K-1 Failure in January 2023, but this needs to be a safety recall due to on Highway instances of vehicles being stuck on the highway with trucks unable to move and (likely to) cause accidents. Owners are waiting months for repairs. These trucks are being sold to the public knowing there is a potential problem for trucks produced in 2022 with the Aisin Transmission.”

Reporting a loss of motive power, an owner from California reports “two catastrophic failures of the Clutch Snap Ring.” The second failure, while driving, “almost caused me to be hit because of the sudden loss of power.” Pointing out that it is a known failure, he states that the “original dealer reported he had seen 3 cases of these failures and the second dealer has told me he has 4 trucks waiting for this repair. It is a major safety issue that is known but not being resolved.”

Electrical System Problems

Most of the electrical system complaints relate to owners facing safety risks because recall repairs aren’t available. But there are a few other issues including “an electrical draw” that affects starting the truck and high electromagnetic frequency in the cab.

An owner from Arizona describes how, while driving the truck soon after delivery, with only 10 miles on the clock. “He felt a significant buzzing sensation” that gave him and his passenger headaches. The dealer diagnosed that the vehicle was experiencing an extremely high electromagnetic frequency. “The dealer took the dash apart and wrapped it in shielding foil to temper the radiation. However, the failure persisted.” Chrysler’s regional representative told the owner he could continue to drive the vehicle as it was still performing as designed. The vehicle was not repaired.

An owner from Washington states that his truck with about 230 miles on it manifests a thumping noise from the engine compartment. “The thumping disappears once the truck reaches operating temperature and the EGR valve opens. Dodge claims they have no idea what the cause is. Additionally, there is an electrical draw. I have to jump start my truck every morning. They claim it is the amplifier. I pulled the fuse overnight and still had to jump start the following morning. I’m getting the runaround.”

What To Do If Your RAM 3500 is a Lemon

If you believe that your 2022 Dodge Ram 3500 is a lemon, you can contact Lemberg Law for a free assessment. The law makes Dodge pay lemon law legal fees. Furthermore, every year auto manufacturers buy back, replace or pay cash settlements to thousands of ‘lemon’ owners.

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  • Kerby B

    I bought a 2022 3500 ram custom built with my partner and it had 17 miles on it from Jake Sweeney in Cincinnati Ohio with 17 miles on it and it broke down in New York and was towed to Queens New York and my partner was abandoned in front of the dealership that wouldn’t touch the truck all night all alone until I got there driving from Akron Ohio!!! As a Woman in this area was traumatizing! We had to pay $950 to have the truck towed under warranty and still over 30 days later we have no truck, threatening comments about the payment coming up which I paid it as I planned! My partner was hung up on from the Danbury Connecticut Ct Chrysler dealership when asking about the tow, having a standard transmission installed so we don’t have a problem again!! I’ve had multiple dealerships refuse to work on it and said that Chrysler doesn’t want to many people trained to work on the 3500 Ram truck!

  • Edward C

    Purchased 2017 ford f350 lariat 6.7 diesel drw new.. at 112, 000 miles, high pressure fuel pump went out. $8500.00 repair. After much complaining ford covered $4000.00 of repair. At 180,000 miles, front engine cover oil leak, cost $3000.00 to repair. At 200,000 miles, brake hydro boost went out, $450.00 repair. At 250,000 miles high pressure fuel pump went out again. $9000.00 repair. Ford would not help. Truck has been serviced and repaired by dealer. Truck is used in part time hot Shot business and is owned and driven only by 70 year old owner.


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