2022 Acura RDX Problems and Top Issues – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Brakes & electrical system issues are among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

By Brian Jones | Updated on

By Brian Jones | Updated on

Enthusiasts looking for a sophisticated luxury SUV often flock to the 2022 Acura RDX. It’s labeled as being “bold with purpose” by the automaker. Instead of offering the boldness promised, this SUV seems to provide a faulty electrical system, malfunctioning service brakes and a poorly-built structure.

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Problems with the Electrical System

As a luxury model, no one should have to question the level of integrity put into the electrical system. Yet, customers can’t stop complaining about it.

One Edmunds review says, “My wife and I purchased a 2022 Acura RDX with the Advance package. Took some getting used to the touch pad controller and still having problems. It is hard to navigate especially changing the radio stations while trying to drive. I recommend turning off the Auto Engine Idle stop each time you get into the vehicle when driving because I get tired of the engine shutting off every time I came to a stop. Also recommend using cruise control less as possible or turning the low speed following distance to minimum on the Adaptive Cruise Control Low Speed Follow which comes on by default whenever you use the cruise control, hate it to cannot be turned off. These two features are marketed as safety features but I believe they create a safety hazard as well.”

In the past, there was a class-action lawsuit regarding defective electronics. Considering this information, it could be safe to assume that there might be more in the future. On previous models, it turns out that the RDX would decelerate on its own, even while drivers were stepping on the gas pedal. There’s only one way to figure out if the new models have this problem too and that’s to try it out. However, most people aren’t excited about becoming the guinea pig.

Problems with the Brakes

Not surprisingly, there are issues with the service brakes in the new Acura RDX. This is one system that no one should have to worry about.

One NHTSA complaint points out, “I own the Acura RDX 2022 and from the very first week the front left brakes were making a rough contact noise when braking. I took to two different dealership and they said the grooves should wear and it may take some time. I am at 3000 miles and still the same noise. Other brakes function properly. Also, now the weather dropping to 20 F the same front brakes makes a loud grinding / gurgling noise and goes away after warmed up. No TSB, no recalls and no solution. Dealer will not change the brake pads / rotor to see if that fixes the issue.”

Acura hasn’t talked much about the brake issues other than to release Service Bulletin #BTI&01032022910. This communication talks about brake noise that sounds like a squeal. However, instead of fixing the problem, Acura would like to know more about it. The automaker is currently collecting data to discover the issues. Meanwhile, unsuspecting customers continue driving a vehicle with possible bad brakes. It all goes back to being the automaker’s guinea pig, without knowing it.

Problems with the Structure

For the money paid on an Acura RDX, owners expect every piece to be put together perfectly. Yet, that’s very far from the reality.

Another Edmunds review states, “First – it rattles. A car this expensive should not have rattles in the dash. Drives me nuts. Second – the technology is slow. It takes forever to boot up. Third – the nav system is a joke. I constantly get ‘finding new route.’ I quit using it and just use my phone on apple play. Last – the touchpad is difficult to use. On the positive side, it’s comfortable and the ride is decent. I have 14,000 miles on it and am looking to get rid of it and get something else.”

This isn’t the only problem. Service Bulletin #BTI&02092022901 discusses how the sunroof seals can be damaged or deformed. Again, American Honda Manufacturing is looking into the situation with no resolution in sight. While the new Acura might be “bold,” what is the “purpose” of these glaring defects and how do they benefit the lives of today’s drivers? It’s time to get these questions answered by the manufacturer.

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