2020 Volvo XC60 Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Visibility, electrical system, and service brakes issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

The 2020 Volvo XC60 is a mid-size luxury SUV that stands out for its exceptional style. The automaker states that this model can “Own the road. Share the planet.” However, most owners don’t want to drive this anywhere, let alone around the entire planet. It suffers from shoddy visibility, a faulty electrical system and malfunctioning service brakes.

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NHTSA Complaints for the 2020 Volvo XC60

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Service Brakes
Electrical System
Unknown Or Other
Air Bags
Air Bags:srs Malfunction Warning Lamp/light
Lane Departure: Assist
Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking

Problems with the Visibility

Seeing clearly from the vehicle is one of the most important aspects, no matter what model is being driven. Yet, the Volvo XC60 doesn’t seem to provide what customers need.

Here is one NHTSA review worth reading. “While driving on a freeway (70 degrees external temp), my right rear window spontaneously shattered with no contact. There was a loud pop and the entire window shattered into tiny bits.”

Aside from this, there is also a recall concern consumers need to know about. NHTSA Campaign Number 20V603000 states that over 87,000 vehicles might be equipped with front wipers where the nuts weren’t tightened properly, leading the wipers to loosen and stop working. If the wipers don’t clear the windshield during a rainstorm, the driver might have reduced visibility, which can increase the chance of an accident. It’s difficult to “own the road” if the driver can’t even see it in their Volvo XC60.

Problems with the Electrical System

As a premium-focused vehicle, the XC60 is designed to provide every luxury customers could want – except many of them aren’t working.

Here is one Edmunds review talking about some issues. “The navigation system has a nice display. The problem is the software. It’s horrible. Auto start on key…. there is none but you can use your phone to start the car. Radio is not user friendly. There is no sunglass holder and Apple play is the bottom of the screen so it takes your eyes off driving to see navigation on phone because Volvo navigation is horrible.”

Aside from this, Service Bulletin #TJ34618.6.0-2020 also states that when turning on the sound system, owners are hearing a screeching, scratching electrical noise. Maybe this is communication from other planets that have heard how well the XC60 shares this planet. Owners should listen closely for signs of alien communication.

Problems with the Service Brakes

Stopping a vehicle is the only way to own a road. With malfunctioning service brakes, this becomes nearly impossible.

Here is another Edmunds review. “Brake pedal feels a bit soft, takes some pressing to engage. Prefer a pedal that engages more quickly. Car had BIG disk brakes.”

Volvo might have been known for safety at one time, but that’s no longer the case. Even NHTSA Campaign Number 20V144000 proves how defective this SUV is. This recall says that more than 120,000 vehicles are equipped with a software/hardware incompatibility that causes the Automatic Emergency Braking system to miss obstacles and refuse to engage. If the owner believes that the vehicle is functioning properly, the system is relied on, even though it won’t work. What happens next could be a collision, which would force others to stand still while the driver “owns the road” until the tow truck arrives.

Your Lemon Law Legal Rights

Think you have a lemon? Sit back and let the experts work out your lemon case at no cost to you. The law makes Volvo pay legal fees. You may be able to get your lemon out of your life. Every year, auto manufacturers buy back, replace or pay cash settlements to thousands of ‘lemon’ owners like you.

Complaint Data

CategoryService Brakes
DateDec 02, 2022
We recently took our 2020 volvo xc60 with approximately 20k miles into the dealership where it has received it's oil changes and had its service issues looked at since buying the vehicle new. During the inspection video, the technician indicated the rear brakes had approximately 10% life remaining while the front had approximately 90% life remaining in them. This seems extremely askew and is indicative of a problem. Under normal driving circumstances and 20k miles wear and tear, there is no reason other than a malfunctioning mechanical issue like the emergency brake not disengaging completely that this uneven wear should be occurring. This should not be the case in such a relatively new vehicle and could result in unknown excessive wear on the braking system causing premature brake failure. If we hadn't taken the vehicle in for it's routine oil change, we would not be aware of this safety concern.
CategoryAir Bags, Air Bags:srs Malfunction Warning Lamp/light
DateNov 28, 2022
The contact owns a 2020 volvo xc60. The contact stated that while driving approximately 35 mph, an srs service air bag message was displayed. The vehicle was not taken to an independent mechanic or dealer for diagnosis or repairs. The contact stated that the failure reoccurred and was awaiting an appointment with the dealer. The manufacturer was not notified of the failure. The failure mileage was unknown.
CategoryElectrical System, Lane Departure: Assist, Unknown Or Other
DateNov 09, 2022
Initially the center tablet would blackout while I'm backing out of my driveway, I put in reverse. Camera works. I back out and camera completely turns off. Not an issue with dirty camera as it comes in and off. Several times while I'm driving the entire instrument panel blacks out! It's happened 5x in the last two months and I don't drive much. I have taken to the dealer and told volvo by emails and chat features and no one seems concerned. They could not see it happen while they drove it so they are not worried. I don't feel safe in this car. Safety was the only reason I chose volvo. Also the radio makes weird sounds, repaired twice lane assist is not working properly and they are not fixing it, braking system wasn't working but they thankfully did a recall and fixed that. This car does not hold steady while driving despite the lane assist and all the fancy features I expected was working when purchased.
CategoryForward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking
DateJul 28, 2022
Driving on rte 211 in oak island, nc, slowing to turn with no one in front or behind me, emergency breaking engaged, bring the car to a full stop.
DateDec 14, 2021
Without incident, the rear driver side tire on our 2020 volvo xc60 blew out on the sidewall on december 1, 2021. The tire, original to our purchase of the new vehicle, had approximately 10,600 miles on it. There was no other damage to any other part of the tire or wheel. Unfortunately, even though we requested discount tire (who replaced the tire) to keep the tire for us, they did not so we don't have it for inspection. Regardless, I have several pictures and a couple of videos of the tire (while on the vehicle). No accident occurred and the other three tires on the vehicle are still undamaged.
CategoryElectrical System, Service Brakes
DateOct 25, 2021
1. One day after getting car the rear rotors were defective and had to be replaced. 2. Second problem affected stop/start mechanism. Brought car in four times for this repair. First 3 times service department had no idea what was causing problem. Last time brought in for this problem a stop/start battery was replaced. 3. New most dangerous problem is that while driving car the dashboard display turned into a bright barcode (I took a picture if needed). Stoped car at red light and upon restarting car same problem existed. Went to restaurant and upon leaving 90 minutes later same problem exhausted. This morning when dealer came to pick up car display was working. My wife drives car and this last problem scared her very much and she is frightened to drive car not knowing when and if this, or other problems will again occur. You could not see the speed you were driving at nor how much gas was left. Also, this occurred at night and the light from the barcode display was so bright that it interfered with driving. Have other volvo owners experienced this problem ? This car is a lemon. And only 16 months old.
DateDec 28, 2020
Vehicle: 2020 volvo xc60 - driver outside rear view mirror fails to automatically extend from a vehicle locked rotated inward position when outside in freezing weather. The mirror remains rotated inward facing the interior of the vehicle. A call to volvo usa customer service for advice gave the response - "wait till it unfreezes". There does not seem to be a method to rotate it manually other that force which appears to cause breakage. If you can't wait, it leaves the driver without a means of easily seeing approaching traffic. Fully rotating the head creates other potential for keeping an eye on traffic ahead. Vehicle was stationary, and outside with temperature in about 31 f degrees in a driveway. Passenger mirror performed as intended. This has append 2 times. Today 12/28/2020 in zip code 98077 & 12/26/2020 in zip code 99338. Both in the same weather conditions.
CategoryElectrical System, Service Brakes
DateOct 13, 2020
Tl* the contact owns a 2020 volvo xc60. The contact stated while driving 45 mph, when the vehicle began to decelerate independently and she depressed on the brake pedal to stop the vehicle. The contact stated no warning light was illuminated. The contact stated she continued to drive to her destination. The contact received notification of nhtsa campaign number: 20v144000 (forward collision avoidance). The vehicle was taken to local dealer volvo cars san diego located at 5350 kearny mesa rd, san diego, ca 92111, (858) 279-9700 where the recall repairs were completed. The contact stated after the recall was completed, while driving at a slow speed and approaching another vehicle turning to the right when she experienced the failure for the second time. The vehicle was taken back to the dealer and was unable to duplicate the failure. The contact also stated while driving at low speed at a parking lot when the vehicle forcefully applied the brakes. The contact stated the automatic intervention warning light was illuminated. The contact sustained a whiplash and concussion and seek medical attention 3 days later. The contact stated she had experienced the failure on 4 different occasion and also when gears on reverse. The vehicle was towed local dealer volvo cars carlsbad located at 6830 avenida encinas, carlsbad, ca 92011. (760) 931-7100 and unable to duplicate the failure. The manufacturer had been informed of failure. The failure mileage was approximately 6,000.
CategoryUnknown Or Other, Visibility
DateJun 24, 2020
While driving on a freeway (70 degrees external temp), my right rear window spontaneously shattered with no contact. There was a loud pop and the entire window shattered into tiny bits. *tr

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