2019 Volvo XC60 Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Vehicle structure, collision avoidance and electrical system issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Hybrid vehicles have grown in popularity, with the 2019 Volvo XC60 gaining a lot of enthusiasm. This model is said to “set the bar,” but research shows that it is riddled with problems. From a faulty electrical system to a dangerous forward collision avoidance system and a poorly made structure, this model could be considered the opposite of safe.

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NHTSA Complaints for the 2019 Volvo XC60

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Service Brakes
Unknown Or Other
Electrical System
Vehicle Speed Control
Exterior Lighting:headlights
Exterior Lighting

Problems with the Electrical System

When many people think of an automotive electrical system, they think of the stereo and power windows, but there’s so much more to it.

Read some of the electrical complaints left by a customer on Edmunds. “Don’t buy a new Volvo SUV. There are so many electronics issues, and the dealership has an excuse for all of them. 1. The phone disconnects from the system after a couple of hours. VOLVO blames this on Apple CarPlay and says they can do nothing about it. This is after reading about how proud VOLVO is to have Apple CarPlay in their SUV’s in 2019. Please don’t offer it in your cars if you can’t figure out how to get it to sync with the VOLVO computer system. 2. The radio turns on in the car when the car has been turned off and the keys are in the house and the car is in my garage.  VOLVO says that the car must be locked, in my locked garage – – in order for the car to be completely powered down. 3. The radio doesn’t consistently turn down when replying to a text. You never know when it’s going to work or not work.4. With nothing on the passenger car seat, the red light in the instrument panel flashes on and off, indicating that the seatbelt should be turned on. So disappointed that I bought this brand new car and have absolutely no recourse.”

However, the electrical system ailments can be downright dangerous. NHTSA Campaign Number 18V800000 states that the Vehicle Connectivity Module might contain an error that stops emergency personnel from finding the vehicle after an accident. That’s not all. NHTSA Campaign Number 18V589000 also says that some models with the TurboCord and TurboDock/TurboDX charging systems might have capacitors that fail, leading to an electrical shock or fire. Both of these issues don’t lead anyone to believe that this Volvo is looking to set the bar high.

Problems with the Forward Collision Avoidance

Advanced safety systems are designed to keep people safe, but the defective ones in this Volvo are putting more lives at risk.

Here’s another Edmunds review to consider. “The biggest issue is the random braking for no reason. It has happened to me multiple times, so I sent it back to the dealer for repair. They fixed other things that were wrong (bent rim, warped rotors, bad brake pads -side note, how is there THIS much wrong with a new car?), but they said when they brought it back to me that nothing is wrong with the autobrake feature.”

Again, there is a recall worth mentioning. NHTSA Campaign Number 20V144000 affects more than 120,000 vehicles and states that a software/hardware incompatibility might cause the AEB system to miss obstacles. If the system fails, it’s possible to run into something that should have activated the system. Hopefully, whoever “set the bar” put it high so this Volvo doesn’t run into it.

Problems with the Vehicle Structure

Paying a premium price for a Volvo should mean that owners gain a vehicle that is solidly built, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

One NHTSA complaint states, “In a stationary position, tailgate does not fully latch when button pressed to close it. Have to manually push the tailgate down for it to fully latch. Dealership was unable to fix the problem. Problem has been present since purchase.”

There are two more structure-related recalls to pay attention to. NHTSA Campaign Number 19V046000 illustrates that some models may have tailgate lifting arms that can freeze and separate from the vehicle. NHTSA Campaign Number 19V220000 states that some models have front seat rear flange nuts that weren’t installed correctly. If the vehicle is involved in an accident, the front seat could be affected, causing greater injuries. Looking at the amount of recalls on this high-priced vehicle makes everyone wonder what they are paying for. It might be safer to ride a bike to work, and owners could save a lot of money in the process.

Your Lemon Law Legal Rights

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Complaint Data

DateMar 11, 2023
The polyurethane foam inside the tire came unstuck, resulting in severe shaking in the car above 40 miles an hour. The tire came on a new 2019 volvo xc 60 that's a dealer would not replace the cost of the tire
CategoryExterior Lighting:headlights
DateJan 11, 2023
The contact owns a 2019 volvo xc60. The contact stated that the front headlights failed to properly illuminate when engaged. The vehicle was diagnosed by an independent mechanic and the contact was informed that the headlight assemblies needed to be replaced. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was contacted, and the contact was informed that the vehicle was out of warranty. No further assistance was offered. The approximate failure mileage was 45,000.
CategoryService Brakes
DateSep 26, 2022
For the last 18 months, when getting on or while driving on the interstate at speeds of 55 - 70 mph, the steering wheel vibrates and a vibration is felt throughout the vehicle. When braking a pulsation is felt in the brake pedal and the car shudders as it slows. I have taken it to the dealer and they cannot duplicate the issue. I've seen that other volvo xc-60 have had similar issues with brakes/rotors.
CategorySuspension, Unknown Or Other, Vehicle Speed Control
DateApr 04, 2022
The entire vehicle shakes and vibrates violently at 50 mph and over.
CategoryElectrical System
DateMar 02, 2022
Driving down the interstate in rush hour at 30 mph, the entire entertainment system as well as the dashboard went black and went through a system restart. The dashboard, including spedometer and related controls were black and unusable for approximately 10 seconds. Approximately 3 minutes later, the system reboot again and all visual aids were unusable for 10 seconds or so.
DateNov 30, 2021
After I parked my car, the driver's seat back tilted forward towards the steering wheel and could not be repositioned either manually or electronically. I could barely squeeze in and certainly could not drive the car with the seat in that position. The car needed to be towed to the dealer and volvo replaced all related components, which were under warranty. If this had occurred while I was driving, the situation would have been extremely dangerous. There were no prior warnings of the seat back failure.
DateSep 14, 2021
The contact owns a 2019 volvo xc60 equipped with pirelli tires, tire line: scorpion zero, tire size: 235/55/r19, dot number: xb08v824219. The contact stated that while the vehicle was parked, the passenger side rear tire experienced a blowout. The contact's child was nearby when the tire exploded but did not sustain any injuries. The dealer was made aware of the failure and was sending a tow truck to tow the vehicle. The manufacturer was not made aware of the failure. The failure mileage was unknown.
CategoryElectrical System, Exterior Lighting, Unknown Or Other
DateApr 22, 2021
While I was driving in a busy multilane city traffic situation, the car's center console went completely blank and the turn signals, hazard lights, and volvo on call were not functioning properly. I am not sure what else was affected. This continued for a full 1-2 minutes, unlike times before when the system has done the same thing but quickly re-booted. The safety of others and myself was compromised, as I needed to change lanes to get onto the interstate. I could not tell if my signals were functioning because the signals were not making a clicking sound and the flashing signal indicator lights were completely nonfunctional. I tried the hazard lights as well, which did not function. I pressed the volvo on call button, but nothing happened. When I took the car to the dealership, the service manager stated that a "software update" was performed to fix the problem, and when I questioned how I was to know if this would be a problem in the future, I was told that I "wouldn't know unless there was a problem" and they claimed to know nothing about whether the incident would be reported to the nhtsa. I feel unsafe driving this car now, which is ironic considering that I bought a volvo for its purported safety.
CategoryService Brakes, Steering
DateJan 04, 2021
Since purchasing in may 2019, my brake pads were replaced once and my rotors now three times. I have less than 20,000mi on my volvo. The reason is because of pulsations when I apply the brakes and it can be felt in the steering wheel, at times. My dealer has been stellar in addressing my concerns each time I have had to have it serviced. I have seen on various blogs and consumer sites that this is a rather common occurrence. I believe the rotors either are not equipped for this vehicle or the quality of the rotors are subpar. If a remedy or recall is not substantiated, the owners should be assured brakes and rotors will be covered by volvo, indefinitely.
CategoryVehicle Speed Control
DateAug 11, 2020
Was driving on highway. I let go of the gas pedal but the car still uncontrollably accelerates! Gas pedal is stuck. Hitting the breaks slows the car a bit. This went on for about 10 seconds and finally and luckily the "r-design" gas pedal cover fell off and I was able to stop accelerating. Intended to drive at 65 mph but the car itself accelerated to up to 80 mph momentarily.
CategoryForward Collision Avoidance
DateJun 24, 2020
Tl* the contact owns a 2019 volvo xc60 hybrid. The contact stated that while driving approximately 30 mph the vehicle ahead suddenly stopped and the automatic emergency braking system did not activate causing the vehicle to crash into a second vehicle. No injuries were reported. A police report was taken at the scene. The vehicle was towed away. The cause of the failure was not determined. The local dealer findlay volvo (5385 w sahara ave, las vegas, nv) was notified of the failure. The manufacturer was not notified. The failure mileage was 7,000.
CategoryAir Bags, Service Brakes, Structure:body
DateJan 13, 2020
Vehicle was in the hold position, as I was completing a transaction at my pnc bank drive up. Upon leaving my foot torched the accelerator lightly. Suddenly the car started to accelerate at a very high speed. I braked but could not stop. You could hear the engine revving. I choose to hit a large tree rather than enter a main road. The car wast totaled.
CategoryUnknown Or Other
DateDec 31, 2019
In a stationary position, tailgate does not fully latch when button pressed to close it. Have to manually push tailgate down for it to fully latch. Dealership was unable to fix the problem. Problem has been present since purchase.
CategoryElectrical System, Service Brakes
DateJun 28, 2019
Safety issue the auto-hold brake function malfunctioned. I am using this feature a lot. When entering a paid parking garage the car stopped correctly before the gate . But when opening the door and unbuckling the driver's belt the system malfunctioned- instead of entering auto parking mode and be stopped if moved forward fast, breaking the parking gate completely, damaging city's property, breaking my mirror and getting dents on the hood, driver's door and b-pillar trim panel. Also my left ankle had a big bruise and lump after that, but luckily was not broken . This case was reported to police. The vehicle was stopped. Parking garage entrance

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