2019 Ford Edge Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical, structure and powertrain issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Americans want SUVs right now and the 2019 Ford Edge seems to fit the bill. The automaker claims that it is the “first SUV from the Ford Performance Team,” but owners aren’t impressed. This Ford SUV suffers from a defective electrical system, malfunctioning powertrain, dangerous seat belts and a poorly-built structure.

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Problems with the Electrical System

With all of the new safety systems and technologies in today’s vehicles, the electrical system must be working correctly to bring about the right experience. Yet, the Edge seems to struggle in this department.

Here is an Edmunds review that discusses some problems. “So I bought this car on 11/23 but it came from the factory with a broken touchscreen. 1 week later, new one installed and had problems with Apple car play. They replaced the screen and still had the same problem. Next they replaced a module and then Apple car play worked about 80% of the time. Then the AWD Malfunction warning occurred on a Saturday, dropped it at service on Monday, picked it up on Wednesday by Saturday I got the same AWD Malfunction light. Took it back to service on Feb 25, 2019. Today is day 51 straight that it has been in the shop at Ford dealer. They’ve replaced at least a rear end differential, the rear end wiring harness, some modules and still the problem exists. They even sent an engineer from Ford and it sits in the shop with no estimate on when it will be fixed. I keep asking for my money back or a replacement vehicle but Ford keeps refusing. It’s been in for repairs 61 days of its less-than 5 months of being on the road. That is well within the qualifications as a LEMON in the state of Texas but they won’t acknowledge that fact.”

There are also well-known issues with the backup camera. Service Bulletin #TSB 19-2282 discusses a solid blue screen error along with other intermittent issues. To repair it, the system needs to be reprogrammed. Apparently, having a vehicle made from the Ford Performance Team means nothing when it comes to the electronics.

2019 Ford Edge Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Power Train
Unknown Or Other
Electrical System
Seat Belts
Engine And Engine Cooling
Service Brakes
Fuel/propulsion System

Problems with the Transmission

The powertrain consists of many parts, the most important being the transmission. Considering this vehicle was engineered by the Ford Performance Team, it would be expected that the powertrain would be functional, but that’s not the case.

Another Edmunds review talks about more concerns. “Beginning at 400 miles, had issues with heavy clunking from under vehicle under acceleration. After 24 days in the shop without answer, Ford engineers determined it was a bad PTU, and since being replaced, only had it happen a couple more times. Also having issues with sluggish acceleration. If driving steady and lift off throttle, when I pick it back up, the vehicle doesn’t respond quickly to the throttle. Like there is a lag. Still working to demonstrate this to dealer, but frustrating and a safety concern. Also some issues where the Sync screen backlight doesn’t turn off.”

Ford does talk about the problems occurring with the transmission. Service Bulletin #TSB 19-2313 says that the transmission can experience a harsh upshift and downshift, as well as harsh engagement. These faults can cause a driveline clunking noise. To repair this, the technicians must update the powertrain control module software. The truth is, this vehicle operates nothing like the other creations from the Ford Performance Team. If this were a NASCAR participant, it would come in last place.

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Problems with the Seat Belts

Considering how long seat belts have been installed in vehicles, it seems quite impossible that there would be any defects with the belts, but that’s not the case.

Look at what this NHTSA user says. “Rear back seat belt does not work, took 3 weeks to get a replacement. Seat belt was on back order.”

It turns out that the Edge is suffering from a major recall related to this basic system. NHTSA Campaign Number 19V766000 states that the driver-side seat belt pretensioner anchor might not have been crimped properly, allowing the webbing to detach from the anchor during a crash. Is this how the Ford Performance Team would protect its race car drivers? Maybe the Edge should come equipped with a five-point harness instead.

Problems with the Vehicle Structure

While the Ford Edge isn’t the most expensive SUV on the market, consumers still expect it to be made with decent materials, yet this is just another source of disappointment.

One last Edmunds review states, “Very annoying rattle in back seat area during cold weather. Once interior warms noise diminishes but still present. Previously owned Buick Regal for 8 years not one rattle or squeak. Normally we own new vehicle for about 8 years.”

When looking at all of the structure-related concerns, it becomes evident that the Edge isn’t built the way it should have been. Even Service Bulletin #TSB 19-2224 talks about a snapping or popping noise coming from the back of the SUV when the liftgate opens or closes. The cause stems from a reverse lamp that is interfering with the securing tabs. To correct it, technicians will need to make some adjustments to the rear lighting. Now, if visiting the Ford dealership for repairs was more like taking a pit stop, customers would be much happier.

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Brian Jones

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Brian Jones spent more than 30 years working as an ASE Certified Master Tech and Parts Specialist at multiple dealerships. Brian has become an authority in the industry, traveling across the country to consult for car dealerships and contributing his expertise as a writer for several major automotive publications. In his spare time, Brian enjoys working on pickup trucks, muscle cars, Jeeps and anything related to motorsports.

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  • Doc N

    My 2019 Edge SEL has 72,000 miles and has been in the repair shop five times for the same problem. The ignition coil on the number one plug has a code showing faulty. Been replaced five times. Still, not functioning. Ford service says, “it’s a natural occurrence “… so is a fart!

  • Patricia H

    2019 ford edge Totanium 115,000 miles. Replaced transmission at 70,000 covered from warranty. Screen occasionally freezes on/off. Now all of a sudden coolant draining out into motor and smoking. Found while idling, never ran hot. Called dealership warranty expired. Said they have had multiple issues with this and motor will need replaced at over $10,000. I still owe $21,000. This issue was defective on the 2018 models which covered new motor complimentary x1 but not an issue for the 2019 🙁 I do not believe the issue was fixed. I am a home healthcare nurse and have no clue what my next step will be 😭

  • Nicole

    My 2019 ford Edge needs a transmission at 80,000 miles I paid for the extended warranty and ford is trying to deny my claim. I have had electrical problems needed a new screen since it kept freezing and stuck with the reverse on the screen from the back camera. Had gaskets replaced because of smoke coming out and not able to drive at normal speeds . Nothing but problems with the car and ford is not trying to fix the transmission issues now.

  • Tommy W

    My sisters 2019 Edge with 84,000 miles, according to the Ford Transmission specialist, needs a transmission. at a cost over 6000 dollars. It ought to be against the law for a manufacturer to be able to get off scot free, for making such an inferior transmission.. I have owned Ford cars and pickups all my life. If I ever bought one that gave no better service than my sister’s Edge, I would have to change to another brand. For example, my 1995 Lincoln Towncar, my daily driver now has 248,000 miles on odometer with original engine, transmission and rear end! My last car was a 1994 Mercury Marquis, that I drove for 300,000 miles with no engine, trans or rear end problems. I sold it to my older brother, and he drove it another several years before his death. His son inherited the car, and he drove it daily, until he flushed the cooling system and did not get the petcock in the radiator tight, allowing it to run low in coolant which caused it to run hot. Well, needless to say, running it hot ruined the engine. Message to Ford. What happened to your better idea?

  • Lee

    Has the problem of the 2019 Edge been addressed??

  • Sheila B

    I’ve taken my Ford Edge and about six times now to two different Ford dealerships same problem now I hear even more noises car is not the same I do not want this car anymore

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