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Located between New York and Boston, West Hartford, CT is a densely developed town with more than 63,000 residents. In a recent article, The New York Times described it as a suburb with an urban aesthetic that is a foodie’s paradise.

On the western edge of the town, there are five reservoirs that are surrounded by 3,000 acres of preserved woodlands. But it’s close to highways and it has a great cosmopolitan feel. Its schools are highly rated and there are lots of opportunities for health and fitness, as well as nightlife and outdoor activities.

Residents report that it’s a great place to live. This is confirmed by which has ranked it at the top of its list of the Best Places to Live in Connecticut every year from 2018-2021. And that’s not all. This year, Niche also ranked West Hartford no. 1 in the categories Best Suburbs for Young Professionals in Connecticut and Best Suburbs to Live in Connecticut.

But even the best places in the world present risks, and the reality is that accidents happen everywhere. If you are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident that results in personal injuries that were caused by someone else’s reckless or dangerous behavior or actions, you are going to need an experienced lawyer on your side.

How a West Hartford, CT Lawyer Can Help With Your Claim

There are many ways an attorney can help with personal injury claims, ensuring you get the best settlement for your claim. For example, it is not unusual for people held liable for injuries to claim that the other party was fully or partially responsible for the accident.

Connecticut has a rule that reduces the value of damages claims if the injured party is found to be at fault in any way. An attorney will be able to assess whether you are at fault in any way and establish by what percentage, so that you know where you stand, and what your chances of winning the claim are.

Under the comparative fault rule, your damages will be reduced if you are found to be at fault, even by 5 or 10%. Insurance companies also sometimes use the rule to minimize the value of claims. A lawyer can help here too.

There are other legal issues that it’s best to leave to an experienced personal injury attorney. For example, in Connecticut, there are different ways to get compensation from insurance companies for injury or damage to vehicles in car accidents. An attorney will advise whether to file a personal injury claim in a civil court, with the insurance company you have cover with or to pursue a claim via the other party’s insurance carrier.

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The Most Common Causes of Claims in West Hartford, CT

Auto accidents are a very common reason for personal injury claims in West Hartford, CT. These involve all kinds of vehicles as well as bicycles and motorcycles. The claims relate to all aspects from driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs to a driver’s failure to obey traffic signals.

Dog bite claims are also quite common and in Connecticut dog owners are strictly liable for personal injury caused by their dogs.

Product liability is another common reason for claims. This might be because of a design defect in a product or incorrect manufacture. If you aren’t warned about a potential defect and are injured, a lawyer will advise how to go about a claim.

Most personal injury claims that result in court cases are civil claims, meaning that they are not criminal matters.

FAQs From Our West Hartford, CT Clients

Here are a few examples of questions West Hartford, CT clients ask about personal injury claims:

How much can I expect to get if I win my personal injury claim?

All claims are different and no personal injury lawyer will be able to answer the question without doing a thorough assessment of the circumstances involved.

Our lawyers look at everything from the comparative fault of the people involved and the nature and severity of your injuries to the damages you have suffered. They will also consider the quality of your evidence before evaluating claims.

How do your attorneys decide which of my injuries warrants a claim?

We look at all the injuries that can be linked to your accident and confirmed by evidence.

How do your attorneys evaluate the amount your clients can claim for injuries?

The most severe injuries will have a higher claim value, although if relatively minor injuries require expensive medical treatment, this will increase the value. We also look at whether injuries are permanent or easily treated.

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