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Storrs might not be the busiest town in New England yet it is certainly one of the most enjoyable.  Storrs is home to the University of Connecticut, chic eateries, cozy cafes, festivals and green spaces.  Nearby hiking trails connect to the cascades in lovely Shelter Falls Park.  Local fishermen find the fish biting at Moss Sanctuary and plenty of other points in this quaint town.

Though Storrs only spans about six square miles, it has the potential to be the setting for an auto accident or other accident.  If another person or party’s negligence played a role in your injury, our Storrs personal injury law firm is here to help.  Let us review your claim, craft the optimal legal strategy and push for justice in the form of financial compensation that is either a court award or settlement.

How a Storrs, CT Lawyer Can Help With Your Claim

The aftermath of a personal injury has the potential to ruin your quality of life.  Instead of struggling through this unfortunate ordeal and attempting to piece together the legal puzzle on your own, lean on an experienced personal injury attorney in Storrs for guidance.  Your attorney will review your case, collect evidence, develop a legal strategy and do so much more.  Additional examples of how a personal injury attorney in Storrs can help after your accident include:

  • Filing your claim with the insurer
  • Representing you at settlement negotiations
  • Representing you in a court of law
  • Gathering documentation and other evidence
  • Helping you determine if it is in your interest to accept a settlement or move forward with a lawsuit

What matters more than anything is that you have a hardworking and experienced personal injury lawyer in Storrs on your side.  Find the right attorney, lean on this professional for ongoing guidance and you will rest easy knowing you have done your part to maximize your financial compensation.

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Why Storrs, CT Personal Injuries Occur

Though auto accidents are clearly the top cause of personal injuries in Storrs, CT and other locations, there are other reasons why injuries occur.  In some cases, property owners fail to take proper care of their property.  In other situations, doctors are guilty of medical malpractice.  There is also the potential for products to be defective, for automobiles or other machines to not function properly after maintenance or even for a neighbor’s dog to bite you.

Personal Injury FAQs From Storrs, CT Clients

Is evidence required to win?

Yes.  Most cases require some form of evidence to result in a court award to the plaintiff, meaning the victim.  Everything from video surveillance of the accident scene to the police report, the medical report, eyewitness testimony and dashcam footage from a truck or police car can serve as evidence in your case.

What does premises liability mean?

Premises liability is a reference to the legal liability a property owner has for failing to reasonably protect members of the public from injury while on his or her property.  If you are injured as a result of property owner’s failure to meet such a duty, there might be solid legal footing for a successful personal injury lawsuit.

Is it possible to win a slip and fall case as a result of a building code violation?

Indeed it is possible to win such a case with this strategy.  As long as it can be proven that the property manager or owner violated the code or statute in question and failed to comply with the letter of the code, that violation can be used in favor of your lawsuit.

What are some examples of defendants in personal injury cases?

Automobile drivers, business owners, property managers, product makers and those who maintain products are examples of potential defendants in personal injury lawsuits.

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