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Norwich, CT is a charming city in New London County. Despite its British name and the name of the county, it is steeped in American history. Originally settled in 1659, the city is widely known as the Rose of New England. Beautiful landscapes including awesome waterfalls, marinas, and rolling hills surround the city.

The heart of Norwich, CT is where three rivers – the Yantic, Shetucket, and Quinebaug – meet to form its harbor. From here, it becomes the Thames River, named after London, England’s River Thames. The river flows south into Long Island Sound that separates Connecticut from the southern part of New York State.

The city itself is thriving in 2021 and the local authority reports a positive outlook for business and residential growth. But life anywhere comes with its risks. If you have an accident that isn’t your fault you’re going to need a personal injury attorney.

Why You Need an Attorney to Help with a Claim

Often clients contact us to find out if they need us to help with a personal injury claim. They have insurance, but they’ve read that attorneys can help with claims. The reality is that even the most simple claims have hurdles that aren’t easy to overcome. Personal injury lawyers have legal training and experience that can make a huge difference.

One of the biggest issues is that insurance companies commonly don’t pay out what clients claim. They are generally quick to contact clients, saying they are available to sort out settlements for claims. Our experience is that they will certainly settle, but for as little as they can.

A good personal injury attorney in Norwich, CT will turn the tables and make sure you get the compensation due to you.

What many of our clients don’t realize when they first approach us, is the volume of evidence we need to gather. The devil is in the detail, and we need every possible document that will backup your claim. We need medical records, police and witness statements, invoices for every cost you have bills for.

It might not be difficult to gather some of the paperwork, but when you’ve suffered a severe personal injury, we know how hard it can be. We take over the responsibility of getting the evidence and negotiating with insurers and those you identify as the guilty party. We also gather all the evidence and documents for you.

A personal injury lawyer will also know what you can claim legally. It’s not just about physical injury. Many people suffer pain and suffering that is due to trauma and emotional stress.

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Common Types of Personal Injury in Norwich, CT

The severity of personal injury claims varies a lot. Some of our worst cases involve brain injuries, spinal injuries, amputation, facial disfigurement, and sadly death.

The most common causes are car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, and related pedestrian accidents. When people don’t obey the rules of the road, things can go horribly wrong. Unfortunately, we often find that pedestrians are victims who are often killed.

Dangerous and defective products are also to blame for many personal injury claims in Norwich, CT. Sometimes there are design defects. Otherwise, there may be manufacturing problems that result in defects.

Dog attacks and bites are also a very common cause of personal injury claims in Norwich, CT.

FAQs From Our Norwich, CT Clients

Our team of lawyers answers a myriad of questions every month. We can’t list them all here, but here are a few examples.

If I suffer a personal injury but don’t have insurance, can I still get medical care?
It depends on the circumstances. The best thing to do is to contact a good personal injury lawyer. There may be Terms and Conditions, but a lawyer will be able to advise.

What kind of damages can I claim if I suffer personal injuries?
The most common claims relate to past and future medical bills, costs that relate to rehabilitation, therapy costs, and pain and suffering. Lost wages and future income that is going to be lost as a result of an accident also count.

How long do I have to file a damages claim for personal injury?
Connecticut has a two-year statute of limitations. This means you must file a claim within two years. We recommend filing as soon as possible.

Why Choose Us to Help With Your Claim in Norwich, CT

Lemberg Law has a dedicated team of attorneys that helps clients in Norwich, CT. Every attorney has sound experience and the backing of our firm. We are knowledgeable, friendly, and empathetic.

If you want a personal injury lawyer to fight for your rights, call Lemberg Law today to set up a free consultation. We want to be on your side.

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Lemberg Law has a reputation backed by 15 years of service and $50 million in recovery for 25,000 clients nationwide. We know personal injury law. You have rights, and you deserve the best representation available. All you need to do is send us your information for a free case evaluation, or call our Helpline today. We’re knowledgeable; we’re friendly; and we’re here to help. There is no charge unless we win.

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