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New Milford, CT has been in existence for slightly more than three centuries.  Positioned in Litchfield County, Connecticut, New Milford is characterized by its gorgeous natural beauty.  The town is on the Housatonic River in the western part of the state.  As of the latest census, around 7,000 people live in New Milford.  All in all, New Milford is the largest town in Connecticut when measured by aggregate land area, coming in with around 62 square miles of space.

If you are hurt or lose a loved one as a result of a car accident in New Milford or any other accident in the area, don’t suffer in silence.  Though new Milford is spacious and has a reasonable amount of traffic, accidents occur here and in nearby areas.  Whether you are hurt on the roads, at a store, at work or elsewhere, what matters most is that you reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney in New Milford, Connecticut.

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A New Milford Attorney Can Help

Our New Milford personal injury attorney is here to study your case’s details, formulate the optimal legal strategy and push for a fair result.  Lean on our legal team during this difficult time and you will be liberated to focusing on your health and a potential return to work.  An experienced personal injury attorney in New Milford will help with:

  • Developing a legal argument with the potential to win
  • Represent you in and out of court
  • Analyze evidence
  • Present evidence in the context of your case
  • Negotiate a settlement
  • Win a court award

If you have been wronged by another person or party, do not suffer one more day in silence.  Speak up, schedule an appointment with our New Milford, CT personal injury attorneys and we will develop a legal strategy specifically for your case.

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Common Causes of Personal Injuries

Though car accidents are clearly the top cause of personal injuries in New Milford and beyond, they are only one of many causes.  Defective products, clumsiness, unsafe working conditions and a dog that is out of control are examples of additional common causes of personal injuries.

New Milford, CT Personal Injury FAQ

Have you been injured or have you lost a loved one as a result of another party’s carelessness?  If so, you should be aware that a New Milford, CT personal injury lawyer will review your case, determine if you are likely to win, advocate on your behalf and help you move on without a financial loss.

If you are like most people wronged by another person or party, you have plenty of questions.  Below, we provide a quick look at some of the most common asked questions in the context of New Milford personal injuries.

How much money is a personal injury case worth?

The answer hinges on the details of the case.  If you lost a loved one as a result of another party’s carelessness, there is the potential for the case to be worth six figures or seven figures.  If you suffered a minor injury and need financial compensation to cover medical bills, your case will be worth significantly less.

When will I receive my money?

If your case results in a court award or settlement, don’t expect a check in the mail the next day.  In general, it typically takes about a year’s time for a case to go from beginning to end.

Is there a deadline for filing the claim?

The statute of limitations is two years from the date of the injury.  This means your lawsuit must be filed within two years from the date of the injury.  Fail to file the lawsuit within this period of time and you will forfeit your opportunity to sue.

What should I do after the accident?

Remain calm, take smartphone video of the accident and damage, contact 911 for medical assistance and reach out to the police.  The responding police officer will create a police report.  Be sure to write down the names and information of eyewitnesses so their testimony can be used in your favor in a court of law.

Schedule a Consultation With our New Milford Personal Injury Attorneys

Our personal injury lawyers in New Milford, CT work on a contingency fee.  We are only paid if your case results in a favorable outcome, meaning a court award or settlement.  Reach out to us today to find out more about how we can help you emerge with the financial compensation you need after this unfortunate incident.

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