Ford Bronco Cracked Windshield Problems

Class Action Investigation

By Brian Jones | Updated on

By Brian Jones | Updated on

Lemberg Law is investigating complaints that the 2021 Ford Bronco has windshields that crack for no apparent reason or from minimum impact. Vehicle owners report that cracks suddenly appear, and they maintain that the glass is too thin. 

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Is there a problem with the windshield cracking in the Ford Bronco?

There are definitely problems with 2021 Ford Bronco windshields cracking. While some owners say that the cracks appear out of nowhere, others are aware of rock chips impacting the windshield. The problem here is that even tiny impact points quickly turn into large cracks, so the windshield has to be replaced.

There are ongoing conversations on several Ford Bronco forums about cracked windshields. Additionally, several owners have filed official complaints with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Generally, indications are that dealerships don’t identify cracked windshields as a failure. So, those who have had problems advise other Ford Bronco owners to get glass-breakage with a low deductible on their insurance.

Another observation many owners share on forums is that vertical windshields face a very real risk of cracking if rocks or rock chips hit them. They say that sloped windshields don’t have the same problem because “the rock does not hit at the same angle.”

One Ford Bronco owner on this forum says: “… even a minute chip, that you may or may not notice, can easily turn into a crack due to the shape and angle of the windshield. I’d definitely have a glass policy added to insurance.”

What Windshield Problems are 2021 Ford Bronco Owners Experiencing?

Quite simply, owners say that 2021 Ford Bronco windshields tend to crack. Sometimes they crack spontaneously, and sometimes cracks emerge after the windshield has been hit by even the tiniest rock shard.

Here’s what some of the complaints on the NHTSA website say:

An owner from Indiana states that he was only aware of “a line crack on the front of the windshield” when he started the vehicle up one morning. The failure mileage was 7,377, and he didn’t notify the manufacturer about the failure.

However, he had the windshield crack repaired by a dealer. Soon after this, a second crack appeared while traveling at about 35 mph. The vehicle went back to the dealer, but “they diagnosed no failure.” The mileage of the Ford Bronco when the second crack appeared was about 9,000.

An owner from Arizona knows that “small rocks” caused the initial cracks in their windshield but maintains the glass is not up to standard.

“My windshield has cracked in a manner that is unsafe. It has 2 identical cracks on each side. Small rocks hit the glass and caused instant cracks well over 8 inches in length. I feel that the glass is not impact-rated correctly, or too thin. I have never seen a windshield crack like this from the impact of a small rock.

“There have been many complaints on online forums of these windshields cracking on the new Bronco.”

What Should You Do If Your Ford Bronco Has a Windshield That Has Cracked?

If you have a 2021 Ford Bronco with a windshield that has cracked, consider contributing to our class action investigation.

All you have to do is complete our case evaluation form or call us at 844-928-4443. Our services are free. If we take the class action to court, Ford will have to pay your legal bills because it will be a lemon law case.

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  • Alisha C

    I have my second crack in less than a year. These windshields crack too easily and the crack spreads so quickly!

  • Graydon H

    I will be putting the FOURTH windshield in my 2022 Ford Bronco soon as I have yet another crack that has appeared out of nowhere. I’ve only owned the truck since March and it is now November. Only 1 time was I able to find any damage cause by debris. Now my insurance is likely going to go up because I’ll have made 3 comprehensive claims within a year.

  • J D

    I got a hit from a small rock and hit cracked the windshield. I was surprised it cracked so easily. I didn’t think much of it until, I noticed 3 other bronco in my neighborhood and one at work with the same problem.

  • Tonda B

    I had about a 6 inch crack on the driver side obtained while traveling. Contacted my glass company and cannot get a replacement and have been waiting now for months now I have a second crack that was about 3 inches long initially in this morning it is closer to 3 foot long the entire length of my window I am mid drive to work and afraid this windshield is going to come in on me !

  • Pushpinder

    Bronco 2021 windshield cracked with tiny rock impact. It turned out to be atlest 8 inch long

  • Mani

    I had the same problem, 3 cracks in a few months, on the passenger side the most recent there wasn’t any vehicle’s around me!

  • Gyanchand B

    I have the same exact issue, drove to work fine in the morning, and when I got off work after 5pm and got in my Bronco, a crack just appeared out of nowhere. Now Ford refused to replace the windshield saying that it was caused by a rock even though my Bronco is still under warranty.

  • Glenn A

    I’ve had my 2022 Bronco since July 10th and have had 2 cracks already from small rocks. I literally just had my windshield replaced 8 days ago and today another pebble hit my windshield and now it’s a crack about 6 inches long! So frustrating. I love my Bronco but this isn’t right.

  • Maryn

    Hi, I found your website. The windshield on my Ford Bronco cracked for no reason. It is clearly a stress fracture, there is no impact point. It cracked, in my opinion, due to extreme heat when temp were 111 degrees. I got in the car, and it cracked. The dealership is giving me the run around. Three times, three sets of photos/“tests” to identify if there is a point of impact which would absolve them. It’s not from a rock or any projectile. I’m very frustrated at this point. I’d like to join your group complaint. Thanks.

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