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How to Get Good Grades in Law School?

Here is a quick fact check about the first year in law school:

  • Most law students come to law school and approach law study as if it’s still college.
  • Nobody tells them what to do. Nobody explains how to study.
  • Nobody tells them how to get good grades.
  • Law school looks like college too.
  • Auditoria and professors make it appear like you’re still in college. You have friends. You study together.
  • But law school is NOT college. And nobody tells you that.
  • Law School is a TRADE school.
  • To get good grades, you must have a rigorous approach to your study.
  • You must do your own outline.
  • You must schedule.
  • You must practice. You must memorize.

Mr. Lemberg has practiced law for 20 years. To give back to the legal community, he is now providing free law school prep classes to first year law students! Click to sign up.

Continue reading to find out how Mr. Lemberg can help prepare you for your next three years in law school.

What is Lemberg Law Academy?

Lemberg Law Academy is a FREE, non-profit service for 1L law students that was created with the intention to help law students prepare for 1L exams.

Lemberg Law Academy will provide students access to a qualified and successful attorney, Mr. Sergei Lemberg, who wants to do all that he can to assist law students in their first year endeavors.

Mr. Lemberg strongly believes that success in law school, and in law in general, depends on a rigorous and organized approach to study and preparation.

This process would award first year law students the ability to quickly and efficiently absorb information while providing them relief through ad hoc management and organization of law school materials.

6-steps to 1L Success

Exams are coming soon. The first class is designed to provide 1L students with a quick guide for studying for exams and the step-by-step process of preparation, that includes:

  • Step 1 – How to SCHEDULE your exam prep
  • Step 2 – How to MAKE your own outline
  • Step 3 – How to ENHANCE your outline, using casebooks and study aids, continuously using real examples from real cases 
  • Step 4 – How to STUDY using your own Outline (make a 2nd Outline)
  • Step 5 – How to MEMORIZE what you must know and use it on the exam.
  • Step 6 – IRAC – how to get good grades on the exam.

How does Lemberg Law Academy Work?

Participants will attend X Zoom sessions over the next X months where Mr. Lemberg will provide free consultancy to first 1L students. 

How to Sign Up?

Fill out the form on this site and we’ll get back to you with more details.

    Confused? Bewildred?

Why is This Service Free for You?

It is completely free for First Year law students! This nonprofit program is meant to provide future law students with confidence and organizational knowledge. 

What is Lemberg Law?

Lemberg Law is a national, top ranked law firm that has experience working within personal injury matters. With over 30 employees, Lemberg Law has represented U.S. consumers in a number of different case matters, including, debt collection, lemon law, personal injury, and overtime pay cases. Our law firm has received accreditation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, ratings by Super Lawyers, 5 stars from AVVO, and reviews from the National Law Review, ABC News and the Washington Post. With a 15 year legal track, Lemberg law has been able to assist more than 30,000 individuals in their personal injury law suits, awarding clients more than $250 million.

Who is Mr. Lemberg?

Sergei Lemberg chose to create Lemberg Law to champion the rights of consumers and hold corporations accountable. As the firm’s founding attorney, Sergei has taken it upon himself to stick up for the individual in cases where taking on the “big buys” seems like a hopeless task. By fighting for what is right, Sergei has earned himself the title of the “most active consumer attorney” for four of the last seven years. He even became the lead attorney representing Noah Duguid in the 2020 Supreme Court case of Duguid v. Facebook. On top of this outstanding achievement, Sergei Lemberg has also been interviewed by a variety of different news outlets concerning his cases, his practice, and his achievements. To read more about Sergei’s background and how he took Lemberg Law to new heights, click here.

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