2024 Toyota Highlander Problems Summary

Our analysis found that the most common problems are related to the electrical and brake system

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The 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander has major issues with the electrical system, structure and brakes (NHTSA). While it’s a brand-new model, sitting between the smaller Highlander and larger Sequoia, it features its own style and technology. Yet, new drivers are finding many flaws, common with recently-released models until the bugs get worked out, which is why it’s often recommended to avoid the first model in a lineup.

Electrical System

  • day after the new SUV is picked up. Drivers have reported the system reboots or only shows one display, such as the rearview camera. For others, the display works, but it has a cloudy appearance to it. Either way, the defects become a distraction that can lead to an accident.
  • Warning lights illuminated: The warning lights are designed to tell when there’s a problem with a vital system, yet Grand Highlander drivers find faulty warnings that lead to uneasiness when deciding whether to drive.
  • Cruise control doesn’t activate: During the warning lights problem, the cruise control fails to work as it should. While this may be a simple nuisance for some, it just adds to the defects that a brand-new vehicle costing nearly 50k shouldn’t exhibit.
  • Digital Key fails to work: Drivers are struggling to get the digital key working. It often requires the user to place the key fob directly on the start button when it works at all.

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  • Shattering moonroof: Toyota is now dealing with defective sunroof glass, with owners reporting the moonroof shatters for no reason. Drivers are hearing a loud bang, similar to a gunshot, and the moonroof shatters into tons of pieces, leading to potential injury.
  • Vibrating hood: Drivers report that the hood of the Grand Highlander vibrates with varying intensity depending on the road surface.
  • Vibrating door: The same sounds can be heard from the door, with a loud vibration occurring when driving over a rough road surface.
  • Dancing side mirrors: When the stereo is playing, the side mirrors often shake with the music. As the glass vibrates, it becomes difficult to use the mirrors to see what’s behind or alongside the SUV.
  • Hot hood support rod: When going under the hood to check fluids or perform maintenance, drivers find the hood support rod gets so hot that it can quickly cause dangerous burns. Injuries have occurred, proving that Toyota hasn’t put enough care into this build.


  • Soft brakes: Drivers report that the brakes feel soft when the pedal is pushed down. In some cases, it can feel that the brakes aren’t going to grab at all.
  • Too much travel: There’s a lot of play and travel in the brake pedal, making it difficult to stop the large SUV as soon as it should. This problem could lead to potential accidents.


Toyota has yet to release recalls on the 2024 Grand Highlander, which is disappointing to owners who have paid a premium price for the large SUV. With so many complaints, it would make sense to see a minimum of a couple of recalls by this point, especially for the defective camera display and malfunctioning warning lights.

There are also potential issues that could lead to injuries, from the exploding sunroofs to the defective brake system. All in all, Toyota has proven that the brand-new Grand Highlander models are lemons and shouldn’t be driven by consumers that are concerned with safety. The build alone proves that this SUV isn’t worth the price it’s selling for.

What If You Have Recurring Problems?

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