2022 Nissan Rogue Problems and Top Complaints

Acceleration and visibility problems are the top complaint issues received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

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The Rogue compact crossover SUV has been a top-seller for Nissan since its launch in 2007. In 2021, the company launched what they called “an all-new Rogue” that was designed to deliver high quality through technology, safety, and design. Without making many changes, Nissan set out to make the 2022 model more fuel-efficient, more powerful, and more fun to drive. Unfortunately, owners are experiencing acceleration and visibility problems. There are also two recalls, one of which increases the risk of a fire.

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Most Common Problems with the 2022 Nissan Rogue

There are only a few complaints to the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) about the 2022 Nissan Rogue. These rank acceleration and visibility issues as the major problems.

But additionally, there are two recalls that highlight other problems. One is because of an improperly manufactured fuel tank. It’s extremely important for owners to be aware of the risks because a faulty tank will increase the risk of a fire. It also increases the risk of injury if the SUV is in a crash.

The second recall relates to an “inoperative” rearview camera display. When this is faulty, the driver’s rear visibility is reduced. This also increases the risk of a crash.

2022 Nissan Rogue Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Fuel/propulsion System
Unknown Or Other
Vehicle Speed Control
Fuel System, Gasoline
Back Over Prevention
Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking
Power Train
Service Brakes
Back Over Prevention: Warnings

Problems with Acceleration

This is not a new problem for the Nissan Rogue. In fact, a loss of acceleration in the 2013 model is ranked one of the worst Rogue issues ever. A related acceleration issue, where the 2011 Rogue would stop while driving, was also a major problem.

Here’s what the owner of a 2022 Rogue from New Jersey has to say about the acceleration problem.

“I do not feel safe in my new car. There’s a problem with the turbo/acceleration.”

He explains how it won’t accelerate for 2–3 seconds when he pushes the gas. And when it does accelerate it “jumps forward fairly fast.” If he’s at a stop and ready to cross, and takes his foot off the brake when the car is going at only 1 mile an hour… then he presses the gas…”It’s as if it’s in neutral. The car won’t move forward for 2-3 seconds. It’s going to get me into an accident.

“For example, If I am at an intersection, and I cross and a car fails to stop at the stop sign… And I see them coming towards my car… I will not be able to move out of the way because of the acceleration problem.

“Or if I’m on the highway and am slowing down due to traffic ahead, and the car behind me doesn’t see and slams on their brakes and I see and hear it and look to my left and see no cars, I want to speed up into the left to avoid being hit by this car behind me….

“My car will not move and I will get hit anyway. I have a five-year-old son. I do not feel that he and I are safe in this car. Are all these new Rogues like this? If so, it needs to be fixed immediately!! Please help!”

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Problems with Visibility

At face value the visibility issue doesn’t seem to be a hugely technical problem. But there’s a complaint on the NHTSA website that indicates it might be. It is reported quite simply as a mirror that shakes and vibrates. But the technicians can’t figure out how to fix it and a Nissan field engineer says it’s normal.

A new 2022 Nissan Rogue Platinum owner noticed that his side rearview mirror was very shaky when he drove home from the dealership.

“After speaking with my salesperson, I tried to fold the mirror in and back out again to see if that would help the situation. It did not. Whenever I drive at speeds as low as 20 mph, the mirror will shake and give a distorted view.”

The vehicle had less than 500 miles on the clock. So, he did what most owners would do, took into the dealership to see if the mechanics could fix it. They couldn’t!

“The technicians could not figure out how to fix the issue. The service manager drove my vehicle and confirmed the issue. Then, he drove another new Rogue on the lot. He found that Rogue to have the same issue. He contacted a Nissan field engineer who stated the issue is known and considered to be normal. I am unsure how it could be considered normal as the passenger mirror works as expected, but the driver’s mirror shakes and vibrates.”

2022 Recall Concerns

There are no NHTSA complaints relating to either of the recall issues. But we mention the fuel tank because there are parallels that relate to a similar recall for the 2021 model.

There were two recalls for fuel system issues in 2021. One caused supposedly by abnormal wear within the fuel pump. This, Nissan says, may cause it to overheat and fail, making it a crash risk.

The other is due to the possibility of the fuel hose disconnecting from the fuel tank. Even if it doesn’t disconnect completely, it can leak, which will be an increased fire risk. Another risk is that it can cause the engine to stall, which increases the risk of a crash.

The recall for the 2022 Rogue is due to an “improperly manufactured fuel tank.”

Once again, the dangers are leaks, the risk of fire, and the increase of possible injury if the vehicle crashes.

Recall information states: “Road debris may puncture the thin fuel tank wall, causing a gas leak and increasing the risk of a fire. In addition, the fuel tank may not perform as expected during a crash, increasing the risk of injury.”

Your Lemon Law Rights

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  • Mukhtar b

    I have Nissan Rogue AWD 2022,20000 Kms on it. It is still under warranty. At around 17000Kms I started to feel a light grinding sound/ pulsation on applying the brakes. I didn’t pay much of my attention to it, thinking it is some thing to do with cold weather here in Canada. Now at 20000Kms the pulsating/ grinding sound is increasing and getting louder there clearly seems to be some problem. Went or the dealership, they inspected and said all the four rotors have developed heat or hot spots due to applying hard breaks which they call a normal wear and tear, as such the replacement is not covered under warranty and it takes $1100 to replace them. I asked questions and explanation why do they think it is not covered under warranty and I shouldn’t be paying for it . Then they said, they will contact someone at their end and double check if this is covered under warranty and let me know by an email in a couple of days. I hope they say its is covered but I believe they will email and say they have double checked and these are not covered under warranty. I researched online and came to know there are various reasons for the hot spots to develop on the rotors e.g brakes not properly embedded in its place, the coating from the brake pads coming off and sticking onto the rotors and at 20000 kms it shouldn’t happen. Your thoughts on this please . I was wondering if someone else has approached you and faced the same issue.

  • angel

    After I park my Nissan 2022 rogue and wanted to start the engine, I couldn’t start the engine again. I pushed in the start bottom with my control right next to it a lot of times. It failed to start.

  • Kathy P

    2022 Nissan Rouge 9k miles and the engine blew stalled while driving it with no warning signs at all. Thank the lord we just got off the freeway with our small grandchildren in the car also. Very scary

  • Judy D

    I have a Nissan Rogue Platinum 2022. The windshield keeps getting cracked and chipped. I have been driving for over 50 years neither me nor our family members have never experienced this before – are the windshields thin? I also have strong gas fumes in the garage.

  • Jordan

    2022, 6k miles, engine failure, need a brand new engine 🤦‍♂️

  • Janice H

    I have a Nissan Rogue 2022. The sunroof has been leaking, periodically when driving down the interstate all the warning lights on the dash will come on, the fasten seat belt bell goes off when there’s nothing in the passenger seat, and the audio system muted displays even though the radio is playing. The roof under the passenger sun visor is rattling.

  • Mariam

    My Nissan 2022 has had the cvt, battery and Emergency light come on right on the interstate while I was driving.

  • Susanne S

    I have a Nissan Rouge 2022 and I smell strong gas fumes inside of my car. It just reached 10 thousand miles. The smell has become more frequent in the past 2 weeks more so in short stops between stores. This is not normal and needs to be rectified or fixed. It has been taken into our Nissan dealer and they too have noticed the gas smell, but can not find why it’s happening? We were told they are seeking further answers from the Nissan company. I am scared of it catching fire!

  • COLE

    I also have a 2022 Nissan Rogue with 8000 miles on it. Ours smells up the garage and after we go into a store for 20-40 minutes later, the heater blowers the gas smell in from the engine compartment. We have to open all the windows for 5 miles to get the gas fumes out. The car has been to the dealer two times now and they are supposedly waiting for direction from Nissan engineering. The dealer has admitted smelling.
    Being a retire mechanic for 20 years. This seems like fuel pressure is leaking down after the engine is shut off. Possibly through an injector into the intake where the smell comes back up into the engine compartment.

  • Bogdan

    I have Nissan Rogue 2022 and I smell strong odor of gasoline inside my car. The smell gives me headaches. What can I do with that problem?

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