2022 Kia Soul Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Engine, powertrain, and airbag issues are among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones | Reviewer: Sergei Lemberg

Are you experiencing issues with the transmission of this vehicle? You may be eligible to join a class action suit against the automakers. Find out if you are eligible to join our investigation.

The 2022 Kia Soul has a unique appearance and offers plenty of fun. The automaker claims it offers “next-level versatility,” but customers are sounding the alarm that there are some major defects. Top complaints revolve around engine issues, a malfunctioning powertrain, and faulty airbags.

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Most Common Problems with the 2022 Kia Soul

Only a handful of owners have filed complaints with the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) about the 2022 Kia Soul. But most are serious and several follow a similar theme to complaints about previous models.

Transmission issues are paramount, although complaints are minimal at this stage. But 2022 Kia Soul owners are experiencing the same problems as scores of 2020 and 2021 Soul owners. Lemberg Law has been investigating these complaints for some time already.

Other complaints relate to the engine, seat belts, and airbags. There is also a complaint from an owner in Arizona whose car rolled forward inside a garage and crashed while it was in Park.

2022 Kia Soul Complaint Summary

Complaint Category Number of Complaints
Power Train
Electrical System
Unknown Or Other
Air Bags
Forward Collision Avoidance: Adaptive Cruise Control
Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking
Fuel/propulsion System
Seat Belts
Seat Belts:front:buckle Assembly

Problems with the Engine

Without a reliable engine, a car is useless.

An owner from West Virginia was distressed to discover that a problem that almost caused him to crash was a built-in feature of the 2022 Soul. The feature “supposedly kills the engine at a stop light to save gas. However, occasionally, if you let go of the brake and hit the gas at the right time, the car lunges out into the intersection, then dies. I almost got sideswiped once.”

When he reported this to the dealer, he was told, that they ask their customers “to remember to turn off the feature before driving the car.” His concern is that “this will cause an accident somewhere out there.” Because of this, he believes that the 2022 Soul “needs to be recalled immediately before people are killed.”

Another customer wrote this complaint on Kia Soul Forums. “Engine auto turn off at stops…DEADLY…this will cost KIA millions in lawsuits…suggest dealer bypass or turn off.”

This isn’t the first time that the Kia Soul has dealt with engine issues. It seems to be a recurring theme since the Soul was first introduced. Most notably, many of the previous models suffered from recalls and class-action lawsuits because of a dangerous engine. The GDI engines used in older models were causing the car to catch on fire  spontaneously. It’s very possible that this defect could also be present on newer models, but it would take some time before that’s discovered. It would be a pity to be one of the drivers that has to discover nothing has changed.

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Transmission Problems

The powertrain needs to be just as reliable as the engine, as it is responsible for transmitting the energy created by the motor to the wheels. Yet, as mentioned above, the Kia Soul transmission has ongoing issues.. Intelligent variable transmission (IVT) is a major problem.

An owner from Michigan had the IVT implode while on the freeway when a new 2022 Kia Soul GT had only 4,300 miles on the clock. The issues are the same as those reported by many other Kia Soul owners. “Fluctuating rpms followed by a complete loss of power while the tach is redlined.” When this happened, the owner had the car towed to a dealership. He was told he needed a new transmission because there were “metal shavings in the transmission fluid.”

The transmission was replaced, but not with a new one. Instead, they installed a refurbished unit. When he questioned this, he “was assured that all would be well.” But it wasn’t! The replacement transmission failed after 1,300 miles due to the same issue.

“Now I’m getting half-answers from my dealership about my next steps. I know what that will be – an attorney. Kia has known about these IVT transmission failures for over two years and they have done nothing. I will never buy another Kia again. ever. If you’re reading this, please don’t buy a Kia.”

Finally, here’s another comment from  Kia Soul Forums. “Transmission died today on a brand new car that I’ve only had for 4 months!”

Faulty Airbags

An owner from Tennessee was rear-ended while at a stop. The seat belts didn’t retract and the airbags didn’t deploy. As a result, the driver sustained hip and shoulder bruises. The front-seat passenger suffered a head injury that needed stitches. They had the car towed to an insurance lot and filed a police report.

Your Lemon Law Legal Rights

Lemberg Law has helped thousands of vehicle owners who found themselves with lemon problems. So, if you think you have a lemon contact us and we’ll assess your problems free of charge. Every year, auto manufacturers like Kia buy back, replace or pay cash settlements to thousands of ‘lemon’ owners. And the law makes them pay the legal fees.

All you need to do is call our Helpline or fill out a contact form. We’ll do the rest. You may just be able to get your problem 2022 Kia Soul out of your life.

About the Author:

Brian Jones spent more than 30 years working as an ASE Certified Master Tech and Parts Specialist at multiple dealerships. Brian has become an authority in the industry, traveling across the country to consult for car dealerships and contributing his expertise as a writer for several major automotive publications. In his spare time, Brian enjoys working on pickup trucks, muscle cars, Jeeps and anything related to motorsports.

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  • Tami

    My son bought a Kia Soul a few years ago and the engine failed while under warranty. He kept making payments even though he was without a car for many months, and they finally said he qualified to return the car and get rid of that debt as long as he would buy a new one. He bought a 2022 Kia Soul and the engine in this one has done the same thing. He is currently without a car to drive and the dealership and corporate office are refusing to cover this even though it is under warranty.

  • Sal

    Light bulb in taillights and front fog light bulb have been changed 2022 kia soul lx. Only 36000 miles on it

  • David B

    I bought a brand new Kia Soul S and everything seemed fine until about 11,500 miles on it. First the brakes seemed to be going. Then the low air pressure light came on. Then at some point shortly after this at again under 12k miles the stupid car stalled while sitting at a traffic light. Needless to say I ended up dumping the car nine months after I bought it because I knew I got a lemon. Traded it in for a 2019 Chevy Equinox with 46k on it. And yes my payment went up 150 dollars a month because I rolled over the Kia loan but as of 9/23 I’ve put almost 40k on the Chevy and it still runs like a Swiss watch at 84k miles. Go GM!!!

  • Gui

    I’m considering a 2023 or 2022 soul. I drove one and liked it. Now after reading all the issues I’m leery. Am I right to be? I drove the very first model year Soul and didn’t buy it because I thought it felt like a death trap. Should I keep the thought and run the other way?
    Thank you!

  • Joyce C

    Bought my 2022 kia soul in 2021 engine or transmission went out at 3,000 miles replacer. Now it stops moving sometimes at stopping and it sometimes won’t start at all it is like it’s dead. Can’t lock or anything. Almost got t boned because it lost power driving. Kia doesn’t take anything seriously and I have to drop my car off next week with no idea how long with no rental offered. I bought a new car after my husband died from covid for reliability and this car scares me. I put my vin in and it says no such vin.

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