2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Powertrain and steering issues are among the main causes of complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

A popular work truck, the 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 comes in regular, double, and crew cab body styles and with either a gas and turbo-diesel engine. Also, General Motors boasts that its advanced trailering system is a segment first. But when there are serious safety issues, none of this matters to owners, especially when there are towing issues and a lack of parts to fix failed powertrains.      

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Most Common Problems

Powertrain, steering, and suspension problems top the list of complaints to the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA). Since the suspension issues are combined with powertrain and steering problems, we’ll look at these together. The electrical system is also cited in complaints as a problem area.

Additionally, there is an urgent recall dating back to September 2021 that affects the brakes of as many as 3,241 Chevrolet Silverado 2500, 3500, and GMC Sierra 2500 and 3500 vehicles. All are 2021-2022 models.

General Motors (GM) warns in the recall that there is a fire risk when affected vehicles are parked. This is because water in the brake pressure modulator valve (BPMV) may cause an electrical short circuit. If this happens, there is an increased risk of fire.

Owners of affected vehicles are urged to “park outside and away from other structures until the recall repair is completed.”

The issue is that the bolts attaching the BPMV assembly may not be properly tightened. If this is the case, the two sub-assemblies may not be properly sealed, and this could allow water intrusion. Dealers will replace the BPMV assembly, free of charge.

2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Complaint Summary

Complaint Category Number of Complaints
Unknown Or Other
Power Train
Electrical System
Service Brakes
Engine And Engine Cooling:engine:gasoline
Engine And Engine Cooling:exhaust System:emission Control

Problems with the Powertrain

Complaints about powertrain problems highlight various failures.

Front Differential Failure & Transfer Case Damage

The first indication that something was wrong on November 2, 2022, was when a 2022 Silverado 2500 started making screeching and clunking noises. According to the NHTSA complaint, the owner was driving at about 65 mph. Also, the instrument panel displayed that the vehicle was shifting from 2WD to 4WD.

After arriving at his destination and parking the vehicle, he was unable to start and move it again. It was towed to the dealer who diagnosed that the front differential had separated. “However, it would be an extensive amount of time before the part would be available to repair the vehicle due to the part being on backorder.” Additionally, the dealer said that the transfer case was also damaged.

GM customer service did provide the owner with a rental truck while the Silverado 2500 was in the shop. Eventually, both the front differential and the transfer case were replaced.

There is a service bulletin, 99-04-20-002N, that was issued more than 3 months later, on February 16, 2023, that mentions clunking noises in the powertrain. It affects 889 vehicle models including Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and other GM models dating from 2010 to 2023.

Its purpose is to notify dealers about “what is acceptable and what is considered normal operation.” While there is no indication that this is the same issue reported to the NHTSA, they do say that the clunk noise happens when shifting between gears. It also states that several components, including 4-wheel drive transfer case gears, add freeplay between components in the driveline.

There is also a service bulletin update that states some 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 and 3500 and GMC Sierra 2500 and 3500 vehicles have transfer case fasteners that were incorrectly torqued at the assembly plant. Could this be a factor?

Transmission Oil Leak Stops Acceleration

The owner of a 2022 Silverado 2500 from Texas states in a complaint to the NHTSA that the transmission oil coolant rubs against the engine oil coolant line causing one or both lines to leak out.

While traveling at about 75 mph on the freeway, pulling a 9k trailer, the vehicle stopped accelerating without any warning. “I was able to clear the traffic and limp off the freeway.” The Silverado 2500 was towed to a dealership, but according to the complaint “is very vague when providing updates. I have also been working with a GM customer service rep. No one seems to really care about the safety issue. I have requested a detailed report of the issues and the repairs.”

There are 474 manufacturer communications about the 2022 Silverado 2500 on file with the NHTSA. More than 10% of these (49) are powertrain issues, and several deal with transmission fluid leaks of some kind. While the problem facing the owner from Texas may be quite different, the fact that he says that the dealership “did not wish to look into” is problematic in itself.

At the time of the complaint, the vehicle had already been in the dealership for more than 5 weeks with no reported outcome.

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Steering Problems

Accurate, reliable steering is vital in any vehicle for many different reasons. It ensures that the vehicle follows the intended path. Proper steering alignment contributes to the stability of the vehicle. It also plays a vital role in the overall handling and performance of a vehicle. But ultimately, accurate steering allows drivers to maintain control of the vehicle, especially during critical situations such as sudden turns, lane changes, or evasive maneuvers. It enables drivers to navigate obstacles, avoid collisions, and respond effectively to unexpected events on the road. So, when there are problems with the steering system or steering components, it stands to reason that the risks of a crash increase.

Unreliable Steering is a Frightening Experience

An owner from Illinois filed a complaint citing steering, suspension, as well as unknown or other components as the problem. The primary problem is that when driving at highway speeds in windy weather, “the truck is nearly impossible to drive straight down the road and keep under control. It feels as if you’re driving on ice and takes a lot of effort to get back under control. In addition, wind blasts from semi-trucks blow the truck all over the road. Other wind blasts such as those experienced when passing under an overpass or a clearing of woods or hilly terrain that allows for gusts of cross winds result in an equally frightening experience.”

Adding to the problem, the reason this person chose the 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 is because it’s a heavy-duty ¾-ton truck that is advertised for its towing ability. Having driven 3,000-4,000 miles out of a total 6,000 towing a trailer, he states, “The truck steers and handles just as poorly while towing and results in an equally frightening experience.”

After keeping the truck for more than 3 weeks, the dealership wasn’t able to determine the cause of the problem. So, they had a GM engineer do an inspection. His opinion was that there wasn’t a problem at all. Rather, it’s “a normal characteristic of the truck.”

The owner is more than unhappy. “I am very fearful that having this vehicle on the road is a serious hazard and will result in a serious accident, with possible injury and/or death. I have owned hundreds of vehicles, driven millions of miles in my life and have never experienced anything like this.”

Steering out of Alignment Due to Untightened Nuts

Another NHTSA complaint states that the truck’s steering wheel keeps moving slowly about 20 degrees to the right while driving straight. “This caused the truck to disable electronic stability control due to excessive steering angle.”

When he took the Silverado 2500 to the dealership for a service, “they stated nothing was loose on the vehicle and that they could not align it until they received some adapters for their alignment machine. I took the vehicle home and found that the left tie rod jam nut had not been tightened during the manufacturing process, which allowed the alignment to come out of adjustment. These need to be checked on this model truck and (the) trucks need alignment checks.”

What Should You Do If Your 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 is a Lemon?

Do you think your 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 may be a lemon? Lemberg Law is a lemon law firm and is available to assess your problems free of charge. Every year automakers replace, buy-back, or trade-in lemon vehicles. We have negotiated many settlements on behalf of our clients and can do the same for you if you have bought a lemon .

The law states that GM must pay the legal fees for lemon law cases, so it’s not going to cost you anything. All you have to do is call our Helpline or fill out a contact form.

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  • Josh H

    Chevy 2022 2500 gas truck Issues
    Truck as of 33,000 miles 8/1/2023
    – April 2023 Driver side door check replaced TWICE
    – 4/17/23: AC compressor and fan clutch
    – 7/15/23: AC compressor a second time after failure of new installation
    – 7/19/23: Service Department “unable to duplicate customer concerns ie: AC System failure
    – Return truck AGAIN to service department.
    – 8/11/23: Compressor on back order eta unknown (due to a pattern deserving recall)?
    – 8/11/23: Tail gate button INOP
    – 8/11/23: Battery continues losing charge and not replaced.

  • Rammy T

    I special ordered my truck. After 6000 miles on my 2022 gmc 2500 crew cab at least 8 issues have started. I currently have 16000 miles affirming the issues are real and genuine. Transmission is slipping between 2nd and 3rd gear and 5th and 6th. Brakes are spongy. Brakes are grabbing and not releasing when coming to a stop. Suspension is making a horrific noise in the area of the leaf springs . Steering will stick sometimes when turning to the passenger side. Steering column which is manually not powered is having issues locking into place. I know these problems are irrefutable and would bet my title to my truck on it. I know what I will have to face with the dealership to rectify this and it will be a battle. I don’t want to bring my truck in for anything but now I have to. I don’t want to go to war with them to solve this but this is what they are gonna make me do to fix it. It should not have to be this difficult after spending 73k on my truck !!

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