2020 Toyota Supra Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical system and steering issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

There are few sports cars that can turn heads such as the 2020 Toyota Supra. Even the automaker claims that this model is “the legend reborn.” However, this Supra might have done better staying off of the production line. It seems to struggle with a defective electrical system and malfunctioning steering.

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NHTSA Complaints for the 2020 Toyota Supra

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Electrical System
Unknown Or Other
Service Brakes
Electronic Stability Control
Power Train
Vehicle Speed Control

Problems with the Electrical System

Any car that wants accolades needs to have a sophisticated electrical system intact to get the job done. Yet, the Supra fails miserably, according to some reviews.

Here is one such account from the Edmunds.com page. “The car does have its’ quirks, such as, why the radio will shut off when I open door some times and not others and the center-mount monitor is useless.”

Actually, it isn’t necessary to read reviews to see the scope of the problem. There is even a review that makes it obvious that Toyota failed. NHTSA Campaign Number 19V684000 affects more than 250,000 vehicles. It states that the image in the backup camera might malfunction, thereby increasing the chances of an accident. However, there are even deeper troubles. NHTSA Campaign Number 19V850000 also talks about a recall related to the headlights. In this situation, the headlight control unit is failing, thereby turning off the beams and leaving drivers in the dark. Maybe the “legend” doesn’t want to be seen.

Problems with the Steering

Sports cars are meant to be nimble, but the steering in the Supra might just disappoint.

Here is an NHTSA complaint that illustrates some of the trouble. “The contact owns a 2020 Toyota Supra. While driving 60 mph, the steering wheel began to vibrate and become difficult to turn. When turning the steering wheel, the wheels failed to move and the power steering malfunction warning indicator illuminated. The contact stated that the steering wheel seized in a parking lot. The vehicle was not able to be driven. The vehicle was towed to [dealership] where it was diagnosed that the power steering motor needed to be replaced. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was notified. The failure mileage was 197.”

The owner of this Supra didn’t even get the chance to drive it 200 miles before it broke down. Plus, there is a serious recall related to the steering system. NHTSA Campaign Number 20V355000 states that the steering gear tie rod could be damaged when driving on rough roads or in high temperatures. If this vital part breaks, the owner could lose handling or control over the vehicle. Yet, this isn’t the beginning of the manufacturing defects. NHTSA Campaign Number 19V653000 goes on to talk about problems with the seat belts. One would think that this system has been perfected a long time ago, but Toyota proves how it can still be screwed up. It turns out, in some models, the seat belt guide loop mount might not have even been welded correctly. So, not only can the steering go out, but the driver could become unrestrained in the process. That seems like a hefty cost to pay just to drive in a “legend.”

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Complaint Data

CategoryElectrical System, Unknown Or Other
DateMar 08, 2023
Rear hatch will not open electrically and/or from the interior manual release handle. If someone gets stuck in the trunk or a pet, won't be able to come out. I had items I bought and if they included battery or dangerous item, my safety would be at risk. There is no rear realse hatch button from the outside the car. No other problems or accidents. Is there any additional weight mounted on the rear hatch (e. G. A spoiler)? No does the latch release electrically? No 4. When attempting to release electrically, does the latch make a noise? No, but you can hear a light click in the wiring when you press the trunk electronic button 5. Does the latch release from the interior manual release? (notice: only attempt to release using light force. If excessive force is applied, additional damage may occur.) no 6. Does the interior manual release cable feel stiff when pulled gently, or does it extend and rebound freely? Manual release cable feels stiff when pulled genlty
CategoryElectrical System
DateMar 06, 2022
There was a beep and then my dashboard went completely blank (was just dark) so I couldn't see any information such as how many miles per hour I was driving or how much gas I had or my navigational information or what gear I was in. Then the dashboard came back on and it said there was reduced driver assitance (but did not say what was wrong). The dealer says my dashboard should not have gone blank but they can't fix it since not sure why. This is very dangerous and should be addressed.
CategoryService Brakes
DateNov 04, 2021
I scheduled an appointment to get an oil change and recall issue taken care of by a toyota dealership near me. I dropped it off in the morning and when I called to check up on it in the afternoon they did not even begin to work on the car. I had picked it up because they said they were unable to get to it. Keep in mind they were still working on other cars that were simply pulling in. I had scheduled my appointment a week prior to get this issue taken care of. Now I am putting my safety at risk because they failed to take care of the issue.
DateApr 27, 2021
Windshield cracks from very very tiny knick, about the size of 1/2 of a grain of salt. I am in multiple toyota supra groups in facebook and numerous people have complained about this issue. I feel the windshield doesn't meet safety regulations for impacts. The windshields appear to look like a single pane of glass, not laminated double pane.
CategoryElectronic Stability Control, Power Train, Vehicle Speed Control
DateJun 15, 2020
I was stopped in the left turn lane at a red light. The turn arrow switched to green so I took the u-turn. I was in the middle of the u-turn going about 15 mph, when the car began to accelerate on its own. The car oversteered, and the rear portion of the car kicked out to the right side. I corrected by countersteering and removing my foot from the accelerator pedal. The car continued to accelerate, causing me to oversteer to the left side this time. In an effort to stop the car, I slammed on the brakes while oversteering. This caused the car to rotate counter clockwise, and impacted with the curb and ended up on top of the median. There was significant damage to the rear passenger suspension and body. Toyota pulled data from their electronic data recorder, and concluded that it there was no malfunction with the accelerator pedal or brakes. I simply do not agree with this conclusion; no efforts were made to ensure that the computer reading the accelerator pedal position was functioning properly. It can be seen in the data charts that I had my foot on the brake while the car was accelerating. Additionally, it indicates that my speed was 26 mph at the time of impact with a peak speed of 36 mph. Is it feasible that all of the control arms, rear differential, axle, and brake rotors could be broken at that speed? If you look at the attached pictures, the axle was sheared off upon impact at 26 mph. This doesn't add up. *tr
CategoryUnknown Or Other
DateJan 02, 2020
Extreme wind buffeting driving over 45mph with 1 or both windows down. This is a safety issue because you can't hear warnings or anything when this occurs. Car & driver recently published an article about it as well. Https://www. Caranddriver. Com/news/a30380806/toyota-supra-wind-noise-problem-fixed/
CategorySteering, Suspension, Wheels
DateDec 21, 2019
I purchased a 2020 toyota supra on november 11, 2019. On december 2,2019. This vehicle seriously and very dangerously malfunctioned. I was pulling out of my residential area after stopping at a stop sign, proceeded to make a left onto greenspring ave. , heading towards the beltway, and this vehicle, instead of allowing me to turn left, took over and the steering went to the right, taking me up a curb and into a tree. The car literally took complete control without allowing me to control the steering. There are many possible reasons that could have caused this to happen. It could be the a lane sensor failure, steering failure, sensors failure, software failure, software miscommunication etc. What's worse is toyota themselves are selling a highly technical vehicle, which after dealing with them, it is more than obvious they themselves even supposedly their top engineer, has had absolutely no experience with this vehicle or much less a bmw which is the engine maker in this vehicle, he never worked with them either. Through this experience which has been a complete nightmare, toyota couldn't even get the edr box to download any data. I am petrified that this vehicle could have hurt or even kill someone or myself and toyota has been clearly at a loss with any answers just complete sneakiness. Please get this vehicle off the road until this vehicle is better understood by toyota before someone gets killed. Their are many parts on the vehicle that are damaged including but not limited to the wheel, tire, suspension, hood, side of the vehicle, passenger side mirror ect.
DateSep 06, 2019
Tl* the contact owns a 2020 toyota supra. While driving 60 mph, the steering wheel began to vibrate and became difficult to turn. When turning the steering wheel, the wheels failed to move and the power steering malfunction warning indicator illuminated. The contact stated that the steering wheel seized in a parking lot. The vehicle was not able to be driven. The vehicle was towed to germain toyota of naples (located at 13315 tamiami trail n, naples, fl 34110, (239) 301-3313) where it was diagnosed that the power steering motor needed to be replaced. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was notified. The failure mileage was 197.
DateSep 06, 2019
Tl* the contact owns a 2020 toyota supra. While driving 70 mph, the steering wheel shook and a message appeared, warning the contact not to drive the vehicle due to a steering malfunction. The contact had to stop the vehicle in the middle of the highway where it was towed to universal toyota (12102 I-35, san antonio, tx 78233, (726) 444-6959). The dealer initially stated that since the engine had been modified, they would not honor the warranty. The contact also spoke with the manufacturer and they provided the dealer with another reason not to honor the warranty, stating that the vehicle was being used for racing purposes. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. The failure mileage was 1,100.

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