2020 Ford Explorer Transmission Problems

Class Action Investigation

Lemberg Law is investigating consumer complaints about the 2020 Ford Explorer. Consumers have been reporting to our firm that the Ford Explorer’s powertrain produces both jerking and hesitation while shifting through gears. Despite taking the SUV to Ford dealerships for repair, many customers are having their Explorers returned to them with no resolution.

**ATTENTION, if you are a current owner of a 2020 Ford Explorer and are experiencing issues with the powertrain, drivetrain or transmission, you may be eligible to join a class action suit against Ford. Our services are absolutely FREE to you. Message or call 844-928-4443 ☎ NOW for a Free Case Evaluation.

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Here are two examples posted on the NHTSA website.

“I have already complained to dealer about constant hesitation and jerking, going from 1st to 2nd and sometimes 2nd to 3rd gear on automatic transmission, as well as slight loss of power going up inclines under 30mph. They told me a road test and transmission test showed nothing wrong. Incident I am reporting happened back in May 2021. I was making a right hand turn onto a busy road from a parking lot, from a complete stop. As I pulled out onto the road, going from 1st to 2nd gear, the car completely stalled for about two seconds. I almost was rear-ended because of the stall. I had to take my foot off the gas and then put a lot of pressure on the gas pedal to get the car moving again.”

“The car jerks when it is downshifting between 2nd and 3rd gear. It was inspected by a dealership in TN (we were out of town from MI) and the Ford dealership there was unable to identify the issue as they did not have a transmission tech. We have 15K in miles on our car. We contacted Ford CS and the car was driven by a car hauler back to a dealership in MI. They have 1 transmission person. At this time, we have had a rental car for over 2 weeks at a cost of over $1200. They cannot service the vehicle until next week leaving us without a vehicle for over 3 weeks. Ford has been difficult to work with and meanwhile I continue to pay my lease, they are only offering $35/day for 10 days for rental car and have no idea when the car will be fixed. I have asked for credit on our lease and formal follow up on this and they are slow to reply leaving us stranded to find our own way home. Very disappointed as this seems to be a known issue with the 2020 Explorers and the new power train.”

When you purchase a new SUV, you expect that it will be dependable and run smoothly. There’s nothing unrealistic about that expectation. However, car manufacturers often become aware of defects and turn a blind eye to the problem because of the cost involved in fixing it. Lemberg Law is committed to holding car manufacturers accountable for these automotive defects. Our team represents individual consumers while navigating lemon law cases. We represent groups of consumers in automotive class action lawsuits and we are ready to represent you.

If your 2020 Ford Explorer’s drivetrain is hesitating, jerking or shifting rough and you are interested in becoming a class action plaintiff, fill out our case evaluation form or call us at 844-928-4443.

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What are your Rights?

It is possible that your 2020 Ford Explorer is a lemon. If you own one of them, your rights may be impacted. Allow our experts to work on your lemon compensation at no cost to you. The law requires Ford to pay the legal fees for your claim and you might be able to get rid of your lemon car. Every year, automakers buy back, replace and pay cash settlements because of thousands of lemon cars. You just need the right professional working on your side.

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  • Amy S

    I purchased a 2020 Ford Explorer XLT brand new. I barely have 9,000 miles on it and the transmission is starting to fail. It decelerates, it shifts hard and it jerks. This vehicle is my kid hauler to school and activities. I no longer feel safe driving this vehicle. It goes to the dealership on Monday, but I have no idea if I will get a loaner car, leaving me with a problem. If Ford is aware of this problem, they need to step up and make it right. I am sure they don’t want to be sued when someone gets killed because their transmission goes out while taking their kids to baseball.

  • Jessica

    We have a 2015 explorer sport and it’s been in the shop often. We brought it in last year bc of a burning oil smell and was told not to worry it was the catalytic converter. Had 3 subsequent service and all point inspections -no issues found. My husband was coming home for our son’s bday from VT and his car didn’t start then his twin turbos were smoking. He was waiting 3 weeks for his oil appt that was given. Car has 93kmi; no check engine light on and it’s rendered inoperable. Insult to injury they called to say it’s $8-9k repair and trade in value post repair is $15k! How does a high end car not have a safety feature at min check engine light to prevent catastrophic failures!

  • Latonya

    Having some of the name issues with my 2020 ford explorer

  • Renae D

    I bought my 2020 Explorer new. It currently has 10K miles….and, it’s in the shop, AGAIN. I have reported the vehicle not responding when I put it in drive. I have to go back to park, turn the vehicle off and back on….sometimes this works. On two separate occasions, the vehicle “stalls” it will not go….no matter how much I accelerate. Then, it will jersey and buck and never get above 20mph. I had the car taken to the dealership…..each time, they tell me it’s an 02 sensor. We are on the third 02 sensor with 10k miles on the vehicle.
    I no longer feel safe In the car….as, I was almost hit ….when the vehicle stalled on a bust highway. Not to mention, there is no warning, it will just stall.
    So frustrated.

  • Debbie B

    Owner of 2020 Ford a explorer which I purchased brand new. I have had intermittent issues where it sounds like the gears are slipping and the car makes a revving sound without any power. At the last oil change I did asked to have it looked at and the transmission service tech was out for awhile so I needed to wait. I did not take it
    Back because it quit doing it. Them this morning I put the vehicle in drive and it automatically returned to park and would not drive. Error message said shift sensor error. See wonders manual. I kept turning the vehicle off and on and it finally did go into the drive mode but it had me stranded for about 15 minutes. Check engine light was on for most of the day. Then towards the end of the day it went off but the transmission/vehicle kept slipping and at one point almost just became powerless. It then started working again. This did happen once before but once I restarted the vehicle it went into drive but did rev. It jerks and sometimes becomes powerless. It goes to the dealership on Tuesday although the dealership doesn’t even have a car I can use until it gets fixed. I see now that this is a known issue. It has been serviced twice without any notification to me if any recalls. They should not be selling these faulty vehicles especially to a single women like me who needs a dependable vehicle. I will fight for my rights and the rights of others.

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