Telephone Consumer Protection Act

If you’ve ever picked up a ringing phone only to hear a prerecorded voice crow about a sales offer that you simply can’t refuse, you’ve experienced the annoyance that led Congress to pass the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Although the TCPA was enacted in 1991, it hasn’t put an end to telemarketing calls that invade your privacy and exasperate you. Thankfully, Congress gave the Federal Communications Commission broad authority to make rules to enforce the TCPA.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act offers you protections on a number of different fronts. The TCPA addresses telemarketing calls and do-not-call complaints. If you’ve been subjected to harassing phone calls or “robocalls,” you can find out more by visiting Lemberg & Associates’ website,

The TCPA also protects you from unwanted faxes. After all, junk faxes tie up your fax machine, and use up your paper and toner. If you have a junk fax problem, you can learn more at Lemberg & Associates’ website,

Similarly, an increasing number of people are being hounded by commercial text messages. Spam texting is also prohibited by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.. If you’re tired of being peppered with spam texts, you can learn more at Lemberg & Associates’ website,

Consumers whose TCPA rights have been violated can be awarded actual damages or $500 per call, fax, or text – and triple that if the sender knowingly and willfully violated the TCPA. If you believe a sender has crossed the line, complete the form to the right for a free case evaluation.

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