The Do-Not-Call Registry

The Do-Not-Call Registry

If you’re receiving unwanted text messages from spammers and telemarketers, you should sign up for the National Do-Not-Call Registry authorized by the TCPA. Yourphone number will remain on the National Do Not Call Registry permanently. However, numbers that are disconnected or that have been reassigned to another person are periodically removed.

You must be aware that listing your phone numbers on the Registry will not necessarily stop all unwanted texts. Spammers and scammers ignore this law as frequently as they ignore the other TCPA laws.

How to Register

You can register both your home and cellphone numbers, as well as the numbers of your family members, by visiting the National Do Not Call Registry website or by calling 1-888-382-1222. If you register by phone, you must call from the phone number you are registering.

Registering your cellphone and landline numbers for the National Do-Not-Call Registry online is easy. You simply visit the website, enter the phone numbers you wish to register, and enter your email address. Once you verify your phone numbers and your email address, you will receive an email within a few minutes. To activate your listing on the National Do-Not-CallRegistry, you must open the email you and click on the link. When you get a “registration complete” message after clicking on the link, you’re good to go.

Every 31 days, advertisers and telemarketers are required to “scrub” their call lists bydeleting any numbers that are registeredon the National Do-Not-Call Registry. You should note the date you registered your numbers.If you receive unwanted texts 31 days after your registration date, the senders are likely in violation of the law.

If your cell phone number is registered with the federal do not call list, and you still receive unwanted text messages 31 days after registering, you may be able to recover up to $500 per text. To obtain advice or a free case evaluation, contact us by using the form to the right or by calling us at 475-277-2200.

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