Volkswagen Atlas Transmission & Powertrain Problems

Class Action Investigation

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Lemberg Law is investigating vehicle owner complaints regarding the Volkswagen Atlas Transmission. Vehicle owners are reporting that the transmission in the Volkswagen Atlas appears to be making a grinding, screeching or squealing noise when accelerating at low speeds.

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Does the Volkswagen Atlas have transmission problems?

Yes, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has logged several consumer complaints regarding a transmission grinding noise on the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas. Volkswagen has not issued a recall or a technical service bulletin for this issue, but it is believed to be an issue with the torque converter.

What Problems are Volkswagen Atlas Owners Experiencing?

Many complaints state that when accelerating from a stopped position with the RPMs under 1,000, a grinding noise is heard. Here are some samples:

An owner from New York states:

“Grinding and squealing noise when accelerating from stop to go as it last for up to 5 seconds each time. Many Atlas’s have this issue based on the forums and VW states that is normal for vehicle which is ridiculous to hear. This should be a recall as the concern is the torque converter.”

An owner from California logged a complaint on the NHTSA website stating:

“One week after vehicle was purchased new, it began to make a grinding noise during the following scenarios: accelerating from low speed / taking off from a stop / after vehicle turned off. Vehicle was taken to dealer but they were unable to duplicate sound on first attempt. Vehicle has again been dropped off at dealer as grinding noise continues and gets louder at times. Have searched in different forums and some state that it is related to the vehicle not being properly programmed to shift from 3rd to 2nd when slowing down. Instead it skips 2nd gear (not a professional opinion as I am just quoting what I’ve read). Some have stated it could be the torque converter. Still no solution.”

The complaint goes on to say:

“You hear wosshing sound when you start slow acceleration from almost stop, not completely stop, like 5mph. It happens every single time. The issue is that vehicle does not shift to 2nd gear, stays in 3rd when it’s around 5mph. This load is causing torque converter and pump to work harder to get vehicle rolling. … Honestly, my noise seems to be getting worse and louder each day when moving and under a load at lower rpms the transmission makes a screeching noise like something is grinding. …”

Some of the complaints state that the transmission noise occurs when going up a hill or slope:

“A scandalous sound that comes from the engine area just below is played. This happens when I step on the accelerator after having slowed down when I am arriving at a stop or I am in traffic. When the accelerator is pressed the car does not respond and the sound is presented. This situation is also presented when I climb a slope. Take the car to the dealer and they confirm that the sound comes from the transmission and they tell me that it is normal in this type of car. Which is meaningless in my opinion.”

What should you do if your Volkswagen Atlas’ transmission is making a grinding noise?

It is possible that your Volkswagen Atlas is a lemon. Allow our experts to work on your lemon compensation at no cost to you. The law requires VW to pay the legal fees for your claim. Every year, automakers buy back, replace and pay cash settlements because of thousands of lemon cars. You just need the right professional working on your side.

If your Volkswagen Atlas’ transmission is making grinding, squealing or other noises and you are interested in becoming a class action plaintiff, complete our case evaluation form or call us at 844-928-4443

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  • Lyle P

    I have a 2019 Volkswagen Atlas, already water pump was leaking and repaired under warranty, 56,000 miles, however I am having transmission issues, it sounds like a slipping or grinding noise when shifting at low speeds. I took it in but they said nothing is wrong. Bought this a year ago used from a Toyota dealership, very unhappy with this suv.

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