Volkswagen Atlas Electrical System Problems

Class Action Investigation

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Lemberg Law is investigating complaints regarding VW Atlas electrical system problems. Vehicle owners are reporting erratic electric issues with the Atlas caused by a faulty driver side door wiring harness.

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Does the VW Atlas Electrical System have problems?

Yes, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has logged several consumer complaints regarding electrical problems on the Volkswagen Atlas. Volkswagen issued technical tip 2065172/1 for this issue on 11/12/2021. The notification explains the issue is caused by a faulty drive side wiring harness and may result in the following:

“various warning lights may illuminate, the windows may operate erratically, and several communication faults are stored.”

Furthermore, the tech tip provides information for dealers on how to repair the issue which may be caused by poor terminal tension or pins and depending on the condition, the harness may need to be replaced.

What Problems are Volkswagen Atlas Owners Experiencing?

Many complaints state sporadic issues such as the emergency brake engaging, the windows rolling down and other random VW Atlas electric system issues. Here is a sample of complaints from vehicle owners that were lodged with the NHTSA.

An owner from Chicago states:

“Door harness replacement needed, car is only a few months old, less than 10k Miles. Various sensors go off indicating a contact door switch issue, and the parking brake will go off and windows will open. This happened to me with children in the car and snowy weather, which could have caused an accident when the parking brake went off while driving.”

An owner from Rhode Island logged a complaint on the NHTSA website stating:

“Starting in November, a series of alarms would go off on the dashboard on the engine, lane assist, collision warnings, etc. As the problem progressed, the windows would go down automatically, and in the most severe instances, the car would engage the emergency park brake while coming to a stop!!! This happened more and more frequently to the point the car became undrivable as you awaited the car engaging the emergency parking brake while coming to a stop!!!! The car has been at the dealership since 11/22/21 as the door control wiring harness is on backorder. Someone will get hurt if this goes unrepaired.”

Other complaints:

“The emergency brake will randomly go off when driving or taping my brakes. Then doors will lock and windows roll half down. I have to stop car, turn off and turn on again to get the car moving again. This happens randomly and frequently.”

“I have a faulty Door harness that causes the vehicle to think they the door is open, when it is not. Because the car thinks the door is open, the E brake engages while driving and a loud beeping ensues. Several sensors also start flashing like check engine, start/stop system failure, check oil, etc. the part is back ordered with no ETA and VW don’t do a recall because they don’t want to be on the hook for all of these cars. A quick Google search will show you that this is a widespread safety issue that is being ignored”

What should you do if your Volkswagen Atlas is experiencing electrical issues?

It is possible that your Volkswagen Atlas is a lemon. Allow our experts to work on your lemon compensation at no cost to you. The law requires VW to pay the legal fees for your claim. Every year, automakers buy back, replace and pay cash settlements because of thousands of lemon cars. You just need the right professional working on your side.

If your Volkswagen Atlas is experiencing erratic electrical issues and you are interested in becoming a class action plaintiff, complete our case evaluation form or call us at 844-928-4443

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