Polaris Sportsman 570 Complaints and Problems – Is Your New ATV A Lemon?

Gear shifter, electrical and engine issues are among the top complaints from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Customers searching for a new ATV regularly look at the Polaris Sportsman 570. It’s natural for this to be a top choice, especially considering the manufacturer claims it is the “legendary, best-selling Sportsman.” One they get on the back though, it becomes evident that the problems are rampant. From a poorly designed structure to issues with the electrical system, this four-wheeler requires a lot of work.

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Structure Problems

One thing that a quality four-wheeler must have is a solid structure. After all, it’s required to travel down trails and paths filled with many dangers. If the structure isn’t put together well, the entire thing could fall apart, just when it is needed the most. What people quickly find out is that this Sportsman isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Just look at this one review left on the Polaris website, “I’ve had my bike since October it has 16 hours on it and it’s already in the shop for water leaking into belt housing causing est. 900 dollars in damage!”

While there aren’t any recalls related to recent models, structural issues are a thing this company is known for dealing with. Three years after the 2014 models were released, they were recalled for fuel leaks into the headlight pod and air intake ducts that touched the fuel rail. Both of these problems led to fire concerns. Considering it took three years for these recalls to be issued, it’s only a matter of time before we see recalls on the newer models. It’s also obvious that the company created an ATV that wasn’t meant to handle anything other than calm riding in an idyllic setting. The structure won’t hold up to much else. Some users even refer to it as an expensive paperweight, which would be the safest way to use it.

Here are some actual complaints logged with ConsumerAffairs about the Polaris ATVs Build Quality and Reliability Issues

The Polaris 570-4 I purchased is not assembled in the US. After purchasing the UTV I discovered that the machine is assembled in Mexico. I would never have purchased knowing that a company that brags made in USA is actually assembled in Mexico. After shipping the product to the USVI I discovered that a 6.5% duty was owed because the vin # starts with a #3. I really had to dig deep to verify this as I am sure Polaris has worked hard to hide this fact. Shame on you Polaris!!!

My Polaris 570 touring ATV has been in the shop for more hours than ridden. It is back in again; now with an EPS issue that they cannot figure out. We thought it was the dealership the first time and changed dealers; they are not happy about warranty work since they don’t get paid the same as a regular repair. They sold me a machine I cannot use with a warranty they will not stand behind. I would not purchase another Polaris product unless they change.

Gear Shifter Problems

The last thing any rider wants to struggle with on the trail is shifting, but that’s exactly what happens with the Polaris Sportsman 570.

This one review on the Polaris website states, “Needed 4 wheeler right away. Hasty purchase at closest dealer because of price point.. Folks at Dealer were fantastic, and plow system is really nice. Now the truth. 2 months now and have only used it for hunting on farm, but this thing has gaps in body parts between gas tank and seat. (Didn’t notice right away) Its Very Very hard to shift into any gear (hoped it would improve with use but hasnt), Terrible design high beam adjustment, Horrible battery location, 1 1/4″ hitch worthless (how hard would it have been to equip with 2″ receiver). Not only will I not recommend to friends but will actively discourage them from purchase. Sorry, but I wish I had spent more and gone back to brand that son had years ago.”

As mentioned in the above review, this owner experienced many troubles, including more with the structure as well. Furthermore, shifting into gear seems to be a real problem. It’s common to think that the concern would work itself out over time, but it doesn’t. Something with the construction requires that owners have built up their muscles. Of course, there’s always the option to drive in first gear all day, but no one older than five thinks that’s much fun.

Engine Problems

Off-road vehicles must contain a strong engine to propel the machine over obstacles and rough terrain. Sadly, the Polaris Sportsman 570 can’t boast of a reliable powertrain.

This one reviewer had this to say on the Polaris website, “Quad doesn’t even have 20hrs on it and the engine has a miss and backfire problem going on. When you engage it into gear or let of the throttle in gear you get a noise in the driveline like a chain is jumping on a sprocket. Plastic scratches real easy. I’m just disappointed in the overall quality of this quad!”

This ATV should never create a sound like the chain is jumping. That’s downright scary and dangerous. In addition, what rider wants to find themselves in the middle of the woods with a broken down ATV? Even worse, hunters effectively scare away all of the wildlife every time this engine malfunctions and creates loud backfiring noises. Most hunters don’t want to pay premium prices to kill less animals.

Electrical Problems

When it comes to the electrical system of an ATV, it might not seem like there’s a lot that could go wrong. After all, it’s a smaller package than a car. The truth is, there are still plenty of wires and electronics running throughout the machine that can malfunction.

Just look at this review left on the Consumer Affairs site, “I was checking my sxs out in my garage one day and started smelling plastic burn smell, I looked all around and could not find it, I started the ride up again and let it run for about 2 minutes, I smelled something burning, I cut the machine off again and looked at my fuses, after taking the fuse cover off the cover was melted and the eps relay and fuse was melted, thank god I didn’t leave my ride running and step away cause I would have lost more than just the sxs.”

After some digging, it’s clear to see that electrical concerns are a common issue with these models. There have been many instances of fires while using the Polaris four-wheeler. One small short is all it takes to cause the next forest fire.

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  • Na

    2023, 570 brand new all Polaris parts brand new plow. Put me in the hospital 15 minutes after using and I’m still in bed after 60 days. Waiting for more tests and probably operation. I am contacting attorneys. It abruptly stopped, threw me to the ground, internal edge, raised back and hips

  • Jb

    2015 sportsman 570. Bought new although highly reluctant. Should have went with my gut feeling and bought a HONDA. Less than 300 hrs. and fuel pump replaced, STUPID battery placement (rubs front driveshaft). Just dies when it wants to. Foot brake uses a hydraulic slave cylinder (which has failed) instead of simple mechanical linkage, and now it will hardly move under its own power as there’s some kind of slippage due to something gone defunct in the transmission. Only sets and makes a popping noise like a stripped gear. This machine has NOT been ridden hard. Huge letdown for $8,000. My 1st and last Polaris (POS). Honda from now on. Thought I would’ve learned after having only those for the last 43 years and I reclon I have now.

  • Ray J

    OMG! My 2020 Polaris 570 Sportsman has been a headache from the first month! Battery going dead, shifting problems, would not start, dealership runaround, no support from the company & et cetera!
    Do NOT buy ANY Polaris products!

  • Chantel

    I purchased a brand new 2018 Sportsman 570 eps. I noticed that the gear shift was hard and felt that it would break in over time and it is still hard and reverse has to be in a certain spot although it’s showing R for reverse if it is a hair off it won’t back up. I noticed that I started having problems with the power steering and next OVR code showed up in the mountains of Tennessee so I was unable to ride the remainder of our vacation.

  • Shawn S

    I purchased a 2017 570 sportsman brand new. I love to ride but have had most of these problems mentioned. Especially with the electric. I have been a Polaris guy most of my life. Not anymore. All I have to say is if you want to enjoy your bike, do not buy Polaris. I’m selling mine now. And found another brand that runs and works great.

  • Paul k

    I’m so sick of this 2015 Polaris 570 always hard to start, 3 batteries, the most stupidest place to put a battery who the hell designed that must be a woke person

  • Jack

    Ours hardly has any time on it and it won’t go into 4 wheel drive and the engine light comes in and it dies .

  • KEN G

    i have a 570 Polaris the master cylinder has a pressure switch which u have engage the brake to start have had to replace 5 of these switches in order to get the unit to start i understand this is an on going problem with Polaris

  • John

    I have a 2018 polaris sportsman 570 eps touring model. I Firmly believe that polaris is avoiding recalling this machine and others as well. I’ve had most of these issues as well as stated from other consumers. I feel if anything is done, a class action lawsuit should be addressed.

  • Kurtis

    I have a 2021 Polaris sportsman 570 regular wear and tear on it and oil sprayed everywhere and made a terrible sound from the engine not happy

  • Kevin

    2020 Polaris cost me nothing but 20k plus plus now a blown moter got it paying 100.00 a week witch made my plan be around 20k for a new bike I was excited about even knows it’s 8k new but I can’t afford the 8 k so I decided to pay breeze financial because it was more affordable to make payments of $100 a month but from day one of me picking up this bike it had problems cost me money as they told me there was no warranty from day one I was putting out money once or twice every few months to fix a bike I have receipts now 2 years later I have put out 10K into this bike to he’s fine breeze financial and I have a blown motor and still owing another 10K at $100 a week Polaris sportsman 570 absolutely garbage warranty nothing from day one brease financial waste of time

  • Scott

    Same problem here too Zach. 2021 570, Replaced rear axels (3) because they snap. Extended warranty will not cover them. Electrical problems too. Dealership replaced components under warranty. Now it stays in 4 wheel drive and is throwing a code. Maintenance nightmare. Replaced battery too not even a year old yet.

  • zach

    so we bought a 2021 sportsman 570 and at first it was great but after a bit i blew both rear axles so they we bought new ones and fixed them the common battery problems, the four wheeler would randomly die when i would give it little gas to go forward and it would just die, then i go to crank it over and it would take for ever to start and then happen again other than that its been a good quad it has 140 hours on the motor now

  • Drew

    I have a 2020 570 sportsman. 300 klms on it. Afraid to drive it. Rear end wants to pass the front. Fish tails on everything except bare pavement. Dealer couldn’t find an issue. Front wheels are tight to turn with it off the ground and a clicking noise in front a very slow almost stopped crawling along. It just sits in my garage. What a waste of money. I even changed the tires.

  • M R

    I purchased a 2017 Polaris 570 Sportsman Touring 2-up. I love the ride and the power. But I hate the maintenance on it. I trail ride. No swamps or baja. Every 3 rides I have to work on it. Cv axles go out every 50 hrs. Wheel bearings shot at 150 hrs. Had to replace front and rear differentials at 150 hrs along with steering lower collar, regulator, 1 hub and rectifier. Been thru 4 batteries and a key switch. Needless to say I will never buy another Polaris POS!!

  • Justin M

    It forced me to give it a star. I have a 2015 sportsman 570 with 205 miles. I bought it and from day one it would shut off when i would cut the wheels and go in reverse. The dealership is a 45 minutes away. They gave me every reason in the world not to come get it. Then a tree dropped on it. I called and asked if it was totaled. He said they didn’t have any new ones available right now. I laughed and told him I would be buying what I should have went with to begin with. Magically only my handle bar and light was broke. Had issues with it stalling when I got it back, but had hip surgery 6 months later I rode it 300 yards and it stalled. Barely started and made it to the house and died. Then I re injured my hip and wasn’t able to ride it so it just sat. After I was cleared this time it’s now a 6 year old quad with less then 200 miles. My stator was bad. So I replaced it, new fluids, spark plug, and new battery. That was at 199 miles. Yesterday it died before I got it back into my garage. Between the quad being junk and poor dealership. I will never buy another Polaris,

  • Tim

    2016 570 the battery went dead but when the new battery started running low, I did some troubleshooting and found the voltage regulator was bad. I bought one online and changed it. A year later the starter is making an awful screeching sound. Battery in a terrible place for driving through water.

  • Ryan

    I have a sportsman 570 2020. Less than 200 miles never driven off-road, never faster than 35 mph. Took my son for a ride as soon as snow melted and entire engine is shot. Sprayed oil everywhere mechanic at lost for words what could’ve caused it.

  • Tom

    I have a 2018 polaris sportsman 570eps. Not even 500 miles on it and am leading to believe it is a voltage regulator problem that left me stranded in the woods for hours. They definitely should recall the voltage regulator because it will eventually wreak havoc on other electrical components costing more money. Absolute joke that this many people are having the same problem on new machines. You buy something new, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting left in the woods.

  • Tom

    I have been reading g a lot about problems with voltage regulators failing really early, and subsequently, causing a lot of problems. Operating under voltage can cause other things to fry. Needa to be a recall on the voltage regulator and need to figure out a different path to run wires from regulator to stator. Its causing a lot of people time, and trouble. You buy a new machine so you don’t have to be worried, not stranded out in the woods.

  • Alex

    Great fun to ride with mechanical issues. Thats all the good I can say. The battery placement in my 2015 Polaris sportsman 570 is the dumbest of any other machine I have ever seen. There is constantly a poor connection between the wires and the battery due to the poor placement that allows dirt and dust to get in. It is positioned a foot of the ground, on the frame inches from the front drive shaft. This makes it a pain to remove or install. There is constant issues with the worikbg and the battery. 1 out of every 5 times I try to start it, it makes a God awful noise that resembles a taser and refuses to even attempt to turn over. This is normally fixed by wiggling the wires back and forth to shake any dust from their connection to the battery. We have never taken it into a shop, however, these issues have plagued my machine since we bought it in 2016.

  • Billy S

    I bought a 2017 570 SP in 2018 it was new. The day I picked it up it wouldn’t start. They said it was a low battery charge so they charged it. Brought it back to me , shut it off, I tried to start it wouldn’t start. They took it back to the shop put a solenoid on it. I should have walked away. But I didn’t. Within a couple weeks I took it back power steering had quit working , the shop replaced a fuse, I mentioned a dead battery problem the shop recommended a battery tender to be on it at all times. I would load it up on my trailer for a next morning hunt , it wouldn’t start the next morning. If got less than 30 hours on it. It’s a lemon because now the instrument display is shutting off during acceleration but comping back on when I level off. Also I’ve replaced the power steering fuse a dozen times. It’s especially prone to blow the fuse when the headlights are on. The 4 wheeler doesn’t have enough amperage in the battery to support the system. The battery box is too small to hold a bigger battery. I can’t relay on it when I go riding I’m scared of being stranded. Help!!!

  • sheldon

    my husband has a Polaris 570 sportsman less than 300 hours on it. been through 2 batteries and always has an engine light on.. started it up to ride in the field and it had the engine light AGAIN.. took it to the dealer they hooked it up and the voltage regulator went out and drained the brand new battery !!! SERIOUSLY ??? $600 bucks later !!!

  • Dustin

    Can am was three months old and they voided my warranty and refused to repair.

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