Polaris RZR 570 Complaints and Problems – Is Your New ATV A Lemon?

Fuel system, frame, brake and suspension issues among the top complaints from vehicle owners

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For beginner off-roaders or teenagers, it makes sense to start with something smaller. That’s where the Polaris RZR 570 comes in. This model is the entry-level of the lineup, but the company claims it is the “True Trail Blazer.” The truth is that this model is riddled with defects, some that have even led to death. From the faulty suspension to the fire hazard, this is one model no one should be driving.

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Suspension Problems

While no off-road rider expects a smooth excursion down the trail, there is a level of competence that the suspension must allow. These parts take a lot of abuse and should be durable, especially considering the price of this entry-level machine.

Unfortunately, there have been numerous complaints surrounding the RZR 570 and its suspension. Here is one that was on the company’s website. “Bought this RZR as the AZ heat was ramping up.Took one short desert ride, then a 3 day trip up north to the mountains. Simple trail riding, both front shocks leaking, replacements are on backorder. Quite disappointing. The machine worked great otherwise, but shocks shouldn’t leak before first service under normal trail riding.”

How disappointing to have leaking shocks fresh from the factory. Then, to find out that they can’t even get replaced right away is just downright unacceptable. While this might seem like a minor issue, it is the start of proving that the vehicle isn’t worthy of being considered as a trail blazer.

Here are some actual complaints logged with ConsumerAffairs about the Polaris ATVs Build Quality and Reliability Issues

RZR 900 EPS that was purchased from dealer when it had 4km on it and EVERY a-arm bushing, shock bushing and wheel bearing is shot after 2 years of ownership with 2600kms. Can’t ride it. Also pro shaft has excessive play at both ends and axles click. I drive 5kms a day to and from coffee shop on dry trail that has a couple puddles that are a few inches deep. Engine always clacks hard when started if it sits too long. Previous machine was sportsman 570 that had piston always stuck at top dead center and was very difficult to get to turn over and start since it was bought from dealer brand new. Front axles always clicked. Quality is just not there. These machines are fun and very capable but they just don’t last. Next machine is Kawi or Yamaha.

So I bought a new Polaris General and immediately the power steering went out. I looked in the manual and online and nothing except take it in. Then I called Polaris and they said it had to come in. I had it taken there, they said then that it was a fuse. $300 (towing and assessment) later when I could have changed a fuse. So bad.

People never ever buy anything that has Polaris on it. I don’t care what it is or what your friends and family have said good about them. They are trash. This company makes vehicles that last for 5000 miles then you need a new clutch, cv joints, motor overhaul, tranny overhaul and totally change all other parts of machine. Then it will last for another 5000 then do it all over again. It goes on and on. Just take this advice. 

Dealership has had my UTV more than I have had it. The front differential is going bad but for some reason they can’t figure it out. Both the rear axles went bad at 200 miles and they made me pay for them. Installed two upgraded axles and one is already bad.

Fuel System Issues

People that haven’t heard about Polaris’s fuel system troubles obviously don’t spend a lot of time looking at the news. It’s been everywhere. Any fuel leak on an ATV is a threat for a fire, so it must be taken seriously.

Let’s look at one complaint posted on the RZR Forums. “Hi everyone, I have a fuel leak problem and it is not from the metal plate which holds the pump, vent, etc which usually leaks as talked about here on the site. Only filling the tank to below the neck, you can see the fuel is causing dirt to build up where the fuel has leaked from below the neck and to the rightside of the tank. You can even see it drip fuel at a half tank from the right rear corner.I have a new cap and gasket on order, the service manager and counter guys are stumped. I really don’t want to buy a tank just to chase parts.”

While this owner seems to have everything under control, there are many unsuspecting riders being injured because of fuel system leaks. In fact, the company was forced to issue a mandatory recall in 2018 because of a defective fuel pump flange assembly. On top of that, the company ended up paying out $27.25 million in a civil suit because of a death and several injuries caused by fire. It was proven that Polaris was negligent and knew about the issues, but failed to warn consumers. Maybe what the company meant by the tagline True Trail Blazer, was that they would lead the way in massive fines and court costs.

Frame Structure Problems

Another thing owners expect from a machine with this price tag is a decent structure. While no one sets out to destroy the ATV, it should be able to hold up to normal trail abuse. That’s not the case.

In fact, one owner on RZR Forums is quite disappointed in how much money he lost because of the weak frame. “Has anyone had problems with the weakness of the frame on the rzr 570?I owned this machine for 3 weeks, was riding on a dirt road that had some wash-out, hit a snag and was thrown into the ditch at a 45 degree angle. Speed was about 15 mph, two ATVs went ahead of me with no problem, but I ended up in the ditch against a 30″ dirt bank. No one was hurt but the machine had to be totaled because the frame was bent, in addition to other scratches and dents.I lost $2000 in a heartbeat with this machine after only 3 weeks of new purchase.”

There isn’t much talked about when it comes to the structure being so weak. Some people recommend upgrading to a larger model, but that doesn’t solve the problem for those that want something with less power. After three weeks of use at a $2,000 loss, that owner found himself on a very expensive ride. At nearly $100 a day, it better have been worth it because he has nothing to show for it now.

Problems with the Brakes

On a final note, it appears that the braking system in this vehicle isn’t much better than anything else looked at previously. In fact, there was another recall issued to discuss a problem with this system. It appears that the front brake can detach in some models and create a crash hazard. The moral of the story is, if you don’t bounce all over the trail, catch on fire or ruin the structure, you can always count on the brakes failing instead. This “True Trail Blazer” is determined to go out with a bang.

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