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Alcohol can impair a driver’s judgement, coordination, and reaction time, affecting how the vehicle is operated. Drunk driving accidents have the potential to be devastating for all parties involved. Our lawyers can help determine who is at fault and when third party liability may come into play.

Drunk driving accidents have the potential to be devastating for all parties involved. These types of accidents can result in severe and life-threatening injuries to drivers, other motorists, and pedestrians. Since 2017, 254 people involved in auto accidents in Norwalk were discovered to be under the influence.

There is a high chance that a drunk driving accident may impact you or someone you love in the future. About 800 people are injured every day in drunk driving collisions, and 2 out of 3 people will be impacted by a drunk driving crash in their lifetime.

Drunk driving accidents are not uncommon in Norwalk. A DUI crash on Connecticut Avenue in 2018 took the lives of best friends Frank Peterson III and Anthony Johnson of Stamford, CT. The fatal crash occurred after a car driving westbound, operated by Anthony Domond who was allegedly driving under the influence, entered the eastbound lane and struck the vehicle Peterson and Johnson were in.

If you and/or a loved one has been injured in a drunk driving accident in Norwalk, CT, our experienced personal injury attorneys at Lemberg Law are equipped to get you the compensation you deserve. We understand that drunk driving accidents can happen suddenly and unexpectedly, resulting in serious impacts on your health and finances; which is why you may need help as soon as possible.

Navigating insurance companies or a third party like a restaurant or bar that may be at fault for your drunk driving injury can be a scary and frustrating experience, but it doesn’t have to be. For 13 years, Lemberg Law has made legal representation a pain-free and easily accessible process. We have successfully recovered more than $50 million in damages for more than 25,000 clients across the nation. Our track record speaks for itself.

Whether the drunk driving accident occurred on I-95 or in a grocery store parking lot, you may be compensated for damages or losses associated with the accident, which can include but are not limited to:

  • Medical expense reimbursements
  • Payment of lost wages
  • Compensation for future medical costs
  • Payment for future earnings
  • Damages for pain and suffering

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Who is Considered a Drunk Driver?

An impaired driver is defined as an individual who is driving under the influence or while intoxicated. The legal Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) for driving in Connecticut is set at .08%. If you have a BAC above this amount and are operating a vehicle, it is not only extremely unsafe but it is also illegal.

Did you know…

Young people who started drinking before the age of 15 are 6 times more likely to develop alcohol dependence or abuse later in life. Connecticut had a higher percentage of under 21 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities (33.3%) than the national average (24%), according to

Common Injuries from Drunk Driving Accidents

Accidents caused by drunk drivers can leave victims with a variety of minor and life-threatening injuries, such as:

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Broken and fractured bones
  • Damage to organs due to trauma
  • Death (In 2018, the percentage of alcohol-impaired driving fatalities (39.1%) landed higher than the national average (28.8%))

Even if your injuries are initially treated properly, you may still end up with long-term chronic pain, permanent disability, or disfigurement.

Types of Accidents Caused by Drunk Drivers

Alcohol can impair a driver’s judgement, coordination, and reaction time, affecting how the vehicle is operated. Common types of accidents caused by drivers under the influence include:

  • Head-on collisions: Drunk drivers are at risk of falling asleep or becoming drowsy at the wheel, which could cause them to swerve or veer into another lane and into oncoming traffic.
  • Read-end collisions: If there is a car in front of the drunk driver who stops slowly or quickly, the reaction time of the driver may be delayed, resulting in a rear-end collision.
  • Pedestrian: A drunk driver whose vision is impaired can hit a pedestrian; this can be especially dangerous at night when visibility is also low.
  • Wrong way collisions: A drunk driver may not be able to read or comprehend traffic signals or warning signs, so they may not realize they are on the wrong side of the road or going into the wrong entrance into a parkway or highway.

Nationally, SUV drivers involved in fatal alcohol-impaired-driving crashes had the largest percent increase of 5.5% among other passenger vehicles. Alcohol-impaired drivers of large trucks involved in fatal crashes had the largest percent increase of 61.1%,  according to the NHTSA.

What is Third Party Liability?

In some cases, a drunk driver in an accident may not be the only liable party. Some states have adopted laws, call Dram Shop Laws, which covers when a third party may be partially responsible. Examples can include a bar or restaurant serving an intoxicated individual, or the host of a party serving an intoxicated person they know has an alcohol problem or is under the age of 21.

Connecticut’s Dram Shop Law (Sec. 30-102) states that a vendor who sells or gives alcohol to “an intoxicated person” may be held liable if the intoxicated person then causes injury to another.

In order to recover damages under Connecticut’s Dram Shop Law, the individual injured must provide written notice of the intent to bring action to the seller or host within 120 days of the incident, or in the case of incapacity or death, within 180 days of the event. The notice must include the time, date, and the person to whom the sale was made and the name and address where the injury to the person or property occurred. Damages received under Connecticut’s Dram Shop Law cannot exceed more than $250,000. 

FAQs about Drunk Driving Accidents:

What should I do if I am involved in a drunk driving accident?

First and foremost, you should check to see if you or anyone else is seriously injured and call the police for help. You should get the information of everyone involved, including their full name, addresses, phone numbers, license plate numbers, general descriptions of each vehicle, insurance information, and driver’s license information. Try to get as much information as possible to show that you are not liable for the accident, such as photographs of the scene and testimonies from witnesses.

Should I see a doctor after the accident, even if I do not think I’m seriously injured?

You should definitely visit a doctor after being in any accident. While you may feel like the injuries are minor or not there, you could have injuries that may become serious if not treated. Seeing a doctor will also create medical documents that can serve as evidence if you do decide to peruse legal action.

If you are under 21 years of age, what is the legal intoxication limit in Connecticut?

If you are under the age of 21, you are legally intoxicated at .02 BAC or higher in Connecticut.

Who is liable for my injuries in a drunk driving accident?

If the person who caused the accident is found to have a BAC higher than the legal limit, you can file a lawsuit against them. Under Connecticut’s Dram Shop Law, you can file a claim against a restaurant, bar, or host if it provided the person responsible for the accident alcohol if they were intoxicated. In some cases, it may be difficult to hold third parties liable for drunk driving accidents, which is why it is important to contact an experienced drunk driving accident attorney to help you.

 How much compensation am I entitled to?

No two claims are the same. How much you may receive in damages depends on a variety of factors, such as the sum cost of your injuries and car repairs. The effects of an injury also vary from person to person. Once our lawyers get all of the necessary information from you, we will evaluate your case tailored to your needs. We provide personalized representation to our clients and make sure to keep them informed about any updates in their case.

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