National Tenant Network NTN Screening Report – Dispute False Info or Errors

Unfair Tenant Background Checks: Know Your Rights

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

National Tenant Network or NTN is one of numerous tenant screening background check agencies you’re likely to face during your rental apartment search. Find out who they are, what they do, and what rights you have under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

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What is National Tenant Network – NTN?

National Tenant Network, Inc. or NTN was founded in 1980, and is based in Oregon. The company offers tenant background screening services to property owners and managers. According to its website, National Tenant Network, or NTN, is the “solution” to the problem of the “millions of dollars” that are “lost each year due in part to rent delinquency, tenant damage to property and evictions.” National Tenant Network chalks its “longevity and continued to success” to its “emphasis on risk mitigation, asset protection and superior customer service…” The company boasts that it is the “nation’s oldest resident screening company” and “serves subscribers nationwide from over 35 regional offices.”

The company’s tenant screening offerings include criminal records searches, credit reports, eviction reports, employment, and rental history verifications. NTN also offers composite tenant scores based on an applicant’s background and corresponding rental analysis results.

Contact Information

National Tenant Network, Inc.
P.O. Box 1664
Lake Oswego, OR 97035



Were You Denied Housing Based on False Information or Errors in a National Tenant Network Tenant Screening Report?

You may have a claim if a background check error cost you a job

Housing is a basic need. Whether you are approved to rent or lease a house or apartment often depends on the information learned from a tenant screening report. A tenant screening report can come in many shapes and sizes. It may be as simple as verifying your social security number. Or it may include a detailed report of your credit and criminal history, or even information gathered from interviews of your prior landlords, neighbors,or friends about your rental and rent payment history or your character and reputation.

Whatever the scope of the background check, the FCRA sets strict standards for how landlords and tenant screening companies get consent for and conduct background checks, and what they can do with the information they find.

If a tenant screening company like NTN fails to meet those standards, the FCRA gives you rights.

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What are my Tenant Screening Report Disclosure and Consent Rights?

A Summary of Your Rights Under the FCRA

You have a right to know if a landlord uses information from a tenant screening report against you and a landlord cannot obtain screening information from a tenant screening company unless the landlord certifies that it will only use the report for housing purposes.

If a landlord takes “adverse action” against you either by denying your rental application or imposing more stringent rental conditions on you (e.g., requiring a co-signer, a higher deposit or increased rent) based partly or completely on information in a tenant screening report, the landlord must give you notice of that fact. The adverse action notice must include the contact information for the tenant screening company and an explanation of your rights to dispute the report.

Your Right to an Accurate and Legally-Compliant Report

A tenant screening company must take reasonable steps to ensure its report is as accurate as possible.

The FCRA also puts limits on the negative information a tenant screening report can include. A report cannot list civil suits, judgments, arrest records, paid tax liens, accounts in collection or most other negative information (except criminal convictions) after 7 years, or bankruptcies after 10 years. It also cannot list expunged convictions

Your Right to Dispute an Unfair Screening Report from National Tenant Network

If your rental application is denied or a landlord or property management company imposes more stringent conditions on your application because of information in a tenant screening report, you are entitled to a copy of the report. You also have the right to dispute the report if it has errors or includes information it shouldn’t.

If you dispute a report, the tenant screening company must investigate and correct any errors within 30 days.

Your Right to Sue National Tenant Network if your report includes inaccurate or illegal info

If you were denied rental housing or subjected to more stringent financial or other conditions to rent a house or apartment because a tenant screening report included inaccurate or illegal information, you may be able to sue in federal court. If you sue and win, you may be entitled to your actual damages or statutory damages up to $1,000, plus punitive damages, attorneys’ fees, and costs.

Actual Complaints

Honest, hardworking people just like you who lost housing opportunities due to inaccurate or unfair National Tenant Network tenant screening reports have already sued the company for FCRA violations. Justia lists at least 13 federal civil lawsuits against NTN, including cases that allege violations of the FCRA due to improper tenant screening reports.

For example, in 2015, a consumer sued National Tenant Network in the federal district court for the District of New Jersey for violating the FCRA in connection with a tenant screening report and alleged that she was denied housing opportunities and suffered damages. The complainant alleged that National Tenant Network prepared tenant screening reports about her but failed to use reasonable procedures to ensure the maximum accuracy possible of the report as the FCRA requires and failed to comply with its other obligations under the FCRA. According to the complainant, National Tenant Network created “a false tenant history labeling [her] as a person with a long history of evictions, criminal offenses and inaccurate personal identifying information.” The complainant alleged that the “inaccurate information includes, but is not limited to, numerous evictions and a criminal record” that did not belong to her, but to someone with a similar name. As a direct result of the inaccurate screening report, the complainant was denied rental opportunities for which she had applied. When the complainant obtained a copy of the report, she learned that the information in it was not based on actual public records from the source, but from other “vendors” and National Tenant Network “conceal[ed]” the actual sources of the information in its reports.

This is just one of the federal civil FCRA lawsuits filed against National Tenant Network. Most of those lawsuits allege that NTN did not take reasonable steps to verify criminal background information and, as a result, falsely branded the complainants as convicted felons and caused them to lose housing opportunities.

Ready to Assert Your FCRA Rights?

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  • eric

    If you have a legally allowed Fraud Alert on your credit report because of identity theft, it will dramatically lower your “score” and flag your file as fraudulent. I have no evictions or housing related issues and my score was a 9 because of the fraud alert!

  • Mrs. B

    I went to court to sue the home owners and won yet it states we were evicted. It doesn’t state the homeowners still have not paid me. Most the information was wrong. They get the information from the internet and don’t verify if it’s the right person or not. It doesn’t state that the homeowners used my information as their own. In other words, it doesn’t state that I AM A VICTIM OF IDENTITY THEFT BECAUSE OF PREVIOUS HOMEOWNERS!!! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME GET ALL MY MONEY BACK FROM THIS COMPANY FOR ALL THE REALTORS LYFTS BUSES TRAINS PAPERWORK AND ETC, I WASTED BECAUSE THIS NTN CREDIT REPORT STATES DON’T RENT TO THIS PERSON???

  • Jeremy K

    I just recently had a hard inquiry put on my credit report through my Transunion credit reporting agency under the creditors name of Ntn/icij,inc for inquiry on the date of Aug, 20th 2019 that I have absolutely no clue could be from. It says it’s in relation to Real Estate/ Public Accommodations. Says there located in Tunersville, NJ, 08012. Can anyone point me in rightful thinking or explanation on what this may reported for I have never been informed of anyone informing me of them getting a report or such things I’m young and confused lol. I have no idea how to remove this hard inquiry from my report nor do I know if it’s invalid. Well appreciate any help ahead of time.

  • Rena H

    We’ve been to court before for late payment of rent, the company literally takes you to court if your 2 weeks late for rent. It was a period in time where we had a hard time, our son was diagnosed with seizures, it was a two year period where we went to court maybe 6 times for late payment. Our rent has always been paid. We’ve lived in the same community for 8 years now. Never been evicted, never been In the eviction process. My husband relocated because of a job promotion and we literally can’t find anyone to rent to us because of this. We have 6 children and were being forced to live in a hotel because we can’t afford to pay rent in two different states. How is this fair?

  • Cherie

    The information on this report is not accurate. I was denied a apartment because of this information. It has my wrong address has a eviction process but not the deposition which would state I was never evicted. The process was started but was started when I already paid my rent. Also it doesn’t even show the years I lived here. And it has a prior address I lived at like 9 years ago saying I just recently lived there. Inaccurate information

  • paige j

    my ntn is not even right its ruining my life im going to be homeless because of it

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