2024 Mazda CX-90 Mirror Vibration Issue

Class Action Investigation

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Lemberg Law is investigating complaints that the 2024 Mazda CX-90 has issues with the driver-side mirror that shakes and vibrates, negatively affecting visibility. Owners state that the movement makes images reflected in the mirror look blurred and out of focus. They find it distracting and maintain that it’s a safety hazard.    

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Are There Problems with the Driver-side Mirror Shaking in the 2024 CX-90?

Complaints lodged with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about visibility issues with the 2024 Mazda CX-90 indicate that problems with the driver-side mirror shaking and vibrating are widespread. Similar problems are echoed in the CX90 Forum.

Many owners state that the problem became evident soon after they took delivery of their vehicles. Some say dealers have told them it’s a problem that Mazda knows about but doesn’t have a fix for.

What Mirror Vibrating Issues are Owners Experiencing?

Many Mazda CX-90 owners say that their driver-side mirror vibrates or shakes when they reach a certain speed. This varies from 40 to 60 mph. Descriptions of what happens are very similar. Most NHTSA complaints specifically state that there is zero problem with the passenger-side mirror. Typically, complaints say that the mirror shakes over a certain speed, which makes visibility in the mirror unsafe and distracting while driving.

Samples of NHTSA Complaints

An owner from Nebraska states that the driver’s-side mirror “vibrates constantly at speeds over 55 mph.” When changing lanes, or looking at blind spots on the highway, objects in the mirror are blurred because of the vibrations. “It causes focusing issues, ensuring objects and other cars are or aren’t close by.” In this case, Mazda technicians confirmed the problem and indicated that it was a “known” issue. The only way to get a clear picture of what is behind or next to you is to “roll down the window, and put your finger on the mirror glass.”

An owner from Washington states that the driver’s-side mirror vibrates at speeds greater than 40 mph, “distorting the view, (and) making it blurry, particularly at night. This problem has been inspected by the dealer and they say that there is currently no fix from Mazda. This ONLY occurs on the drivers-side and apparently is widespread on the trim for this car that has the folding mirrors. This is a safety issue and Mazda should be required to implement a fix.”

“When the vehicle is above 50 mph, the mirror vibrates and obscures (the) driver’s view,” says an owner from Arizona who is concerned this malfunction “could lead to death/serious injury.” This NHTSA complaint states that the issue started on the day he took delivery of the SUV. But he only reported the issue to the dealership three weeks later. “The dealership acknowledged the issue but (said) nothing could be done” because the manufacturer “doesn’t have a solution.”

An owner from Montana also finds that the mirror glass vibrates and shakes at high speeds over 50 mph. “The vibrating glass makes it hard to see objects behind the vehicle or judge distance on the driver side. The passenger side mirror glass is unaffected.”

Forum Members Say the Same Thing

In August 2023, a member of the CX90 Forum opened a discussion two weeks after taking delivery of a 2024 Mazda CX-90. He noticed the “shakiness of the side mirror” when driving on the highway at more than 60 mph. It “is very annoying, while the passenger side is so steady.”

The first response was from an owner who said, “I have had the CX-90 for 2 weeks and also noticed the driver’s side mirror shakes at highway speeds. I haven’t had the opportunity to discuss with the Mazda dealer but will let you know when I do.”

This was followed by, “I noticed vibration on the side mirror as well. The rear view mirror has (a) slight vibration as well.”

The next day, another owner said, “Had my CX-90 for about a month. Also noticed (the) driver’s side mirror shaking. Complained to the dealer. They said they ‘tightened it up’ after it was in their service, but the shaking is still there.”

And the comments continue to roll in. “I took my CX-90 Turbo S PP in for service because of the driver side mirror shaking. They tried replacing the mirror. It  didn’t work. Then they replaced the whole mirror unit. Picked it up today. Drive home from (the) dealer… mirror is shaking worse than it was before.

“I’m a bit concerned about this one. It drives me crazy – my loaner CX-5 driver side mirror was rock solid at higher speeds. Makes the car feel cheap and affects visibility.”

What Should You Do if Your 2024 Mazda CX-90 Has Mirror Shaking Issues?

If your 2024 Mazda CX-90 has a driver-side mirror that shakes and/or vibrates you may qualify to join our new class action investigation. All you have to do is fill out a contact form or call our Helpline. We will evaluate your case to see if you qualify. It’s a relatively simple issue and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

It’s not going to cost you anything because the law says Mazda must pay all the legal bills for lemon law cases.

Sergei Lemberg

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  • Elizabeth H

    2024 CX90 Shaking Mirror, Turbo S model

    Entire car shakes above 50 mph, mirrors, captain’s chair, really uncomfortable and unsettling ride.

    Took delivery on 12/18/23

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