Mazda CX-30 Engine/Oil Problems

Class Action Investigation

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Lemberg Law is investigating complaints regarding oil consumption issues with the 2021-2022 Mazda CX-30. Vehicle owners are reporting low oil concerns with their CX-30s.

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Does the 2021-2022 Mazda CX-30 engine have oil problems?

Yes, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has logged several consumer complaints regarding engine oil loss problems on the CX-30.

Mazda issued several technical service bullets related to this issue. The most recent from 11/24/2021, TSB #01-012-21-3832a, instructs dealers to top-off the oil and reset the check engine light and/or low engine oil/pressure level. Moreover, Dealers are instructed to explain to vehicle owners: “A small amount of the engine oil may be leaking into the combustion chamber, causing the oil consumption. Mazda has confirmed this oil leakage into the combustion chamber will not cause any immediate engine damage and the vehicle may be safely driven.”

Lastly, the TSB states: “This is only a temporary repair and as soon as Mazda identifies the root cause, a complete repair procedure will be announced.”

What Problems are Mazda Cx-30 Owners Experiencing?

Many complaints state that the low engine oil level illuminated in the car and that no leaks are detected.

An owner from Georgia states:

“Low engine oil light displayed at 7,030 miles. No leaks detected. Engine consuming oil burning in combustion chamber. Possible engine damage or failure if oil was not quickly refilled.”

An owner from New York logged a complaint on the NHTSA website stating:

“At about 3,605 miles, I received a low engine oil warning. The car is only 4 months old. When i took the car to the dealer, apparently there is a TSB that was issued in October 2021 about the problem. I bought the car in November was not advised of this issue. At this time, it appears at this time Mazda is unable to determine the root cause. It appears that I am to take the vehicle to the dealer every time I have this experience. I am worried about the potential impact and the lifespan of the engine.”

What should you do if your Mazda Cx-30 is experiencing an oil consumption issue?

It is possible that your CX-30 is a lemon. Allow our experts to work on your lemon compensation at no cost to you. The law requires Mazda to pay the legal fees for your claim. Every year, automakers buy back, replace and pay cash settlements because of thousands of lemon cars. You just need the right professional working on your side.

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  • Kimberly

    2021 CX-30 with 18,000 miles. Have received the low engine oil now twice after oil changes. Topped off each time and was fine but am just now seeing this article and feel like they should have told me. Car wouldn’t start this week and the battery is dead. Now waiting 2 weeks for battery until they can test and find out why.

  • Jon

    I was having the same issue. Finally Mazda Canada issued a TSB update in that the recommended repair now is to replace the exhaust valve seals. They did this on my car, one wasn’t properly sealed and I started getting an exhaust smell in the car. Took it back, they fixed the seal and haven’t had any low oil warnings since.! 2021 CX30 GT Turbo 2.5 AWD. Purchased October 2021. Now has 37,000KMS on it and have had the low oil warning 4 or 5 times total until they actually fixed it.

  • Bobbi

    Bought our 2021 cx30 turbo with 6 miles on it. We now have 53,000 miles on it and every 3-4000 miles the low engine oil level comes on. Have had an oil change every recommended mileage. Dealership has told us it will burn a little oil and that it’s ok. I don’t believe a new car should have these problems.

  • gabrielle c

    I bought my 2021 cx30 turbo brand new, and my car says low and I had it top off and then it happens again before its time for my oil change. The dealership said I need to do a oil consumption test, did and they said it was found… I have so many oil changes on this car and I have under 36,000 miles and at this point I’m angry and Mazda needs to fixed my car.

  • Judy S

    My question as naive as it may sound is, why is Mazda still allowed to sell the models with the known “oil consumption” ongoing problem? It is ridiculous to buy a new Mazda and have to go back to the dealer and add oil or doing it yourself. After all, this is your time wasted every few thousand miles. Shame on Mazda! No Mazda cX 30 for me!

  • Martin P

    Light for low oil pressure came on. Oil was full. Took to dealership. They inspected and said it was fine. Light came on again on way home. Dealership said to bring it back tomorrow. 5500 miles and already had 1 oil change.

  • Carlos

    Same problem as being noted in the description and comments. Hopefully there’s a real solution.

  • Jg

    I received info from my dealership that a repair seems to have been identified finally by mazda and updated repair info sent out last week. This was after having emailed them when my low oil light came in for a second time since buying it. This time im ar 24,000kms. They mentioned having to order parts so I am not sure exactly what the repair is just yet.

  • LaDonna

    Has anyone had issue with the display screen going out at odd times? Super annoying when navigating. Entire screen goes blank.

  • Jonathan P

    I have a 2021 Mazda 6 experiencing the same problem. It’s not vehicle specific it’s an issue with the 2.5L turbo. The dealership did an oil consumption test and overfilled the oil to avoid it being low when it was checked.

  • IvanJ

    So this is now also for the 2022 models? Looks like somebody edited this page to include 2022, which wasn’t listed before

  • Bart

    Same thing at 6000 miles

  • Tara S

    I am having the same issue. Consuming oil where I have to add oil every 3000 miles

  • Debbie J

    I bought a new Mazda CX30 2021 Turbo in April 2021 and have had the low oil light come on several times and have had to change oil or add oil. Dealer did not tell me there was a known issue. It is continuing to happen about every 2500 – 3000 miles. Currently have 19000 miles, always dealer serviced. Need advice how to proceed.

  • Aniko

    Same thing happening, at after 4600 miles (5 months) 2021 Mazda CX30…

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