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HELPLINE is the website set up for Ford Transmission Settlement for 2012 – 2016 Ford Focus and 2011 – 2016 Ford Fiestas equipped with the “PowerShift” dual clutch transmissions.  Many owners of these cars have received notices about the settlement. Many Ford cars suffer from transmission issues.  When driving, the cars slam into gear or feel like the tranny is slipping.  Ford owners complain that after repeated trips to the dealer and reflashes of the transmission control the problem still persisted.

The class action provides some relief for the affected owners.  The proposed Ford Transmission Settlement provides important benefits for class members. They are also outline on

The settlement provides the following:

  • Entitles to a repair or a repurchase of your vehicle through an expedited binding arbitration program created by the Settlement, but ONLY if you meet the requirements of the lemon law in your state.
  • If an authorized Ford dealer performed three or more transmission software flashes on your vehicle, you may be entitled to cash payments ranging from $50 to $600, depending on the number of service visits.
  • If an authorized Ford dealer replaced three or more qualifying hardware parts in your transmission while you owned the vehicle, you may be entitled to cash payments ranging from $200 to $2,325 or Vehicle Discount Certificates (to be applied towards a purchase of another new Ford vehicle) ranging in value from $400 to $4,650, depending on the number of service visits.
  • If you paid for a repair to the transmission that you think should have been covered by warranty, you may be entitled to reimbursement.
  • If your vehicle was manufactured after June 5, 2013, and two or more clutch replacements were performed on your vehicle under warranty, and you had to pay for a clutch replacement after warranty, you may qualify for reimbursement.

Lemberg Law represents more than 500 car owners who want to opt out of the settlement  (ie reject it) and pursue a claim on their own.

In several hundred Ford cases we’ve done, our clients received tenfold more in cold hard cash than what this Class Action Settlement provides. Lemberg Law believes it can deliver better results for its clients by handling such Ford transmission defect claims on an individual basis and obtain a much better monetary compensation for its clients, or vehicle repurchase where lemon law criteria is met.  Although Lemberg Law cannot guarantee future results, we promise to make our best effort to obtain you a much better result.

For more information, or to inquire about our services call us today 475-277-2200 (Option 1) or submit a request for information online and we’ll be in touch right away.

  • Timothy I

    I bought a 2014 Ford Focus Se three weeks ago and it’s already in the shop for transmission repairs the radio and the sync doesn’t work the air bag has been recalled and it only has 60555 miles on it I just want a warranty that will cover all repairs if needed by Ford because nobody told me about all these manufacturers defects prior to me buying this car it’s not fair to me after working hard to save up for a car that I’ve already had to make repairs I want the security of knowing my car will last me a while or ford can buy it back and let me pick me a reliable car

  • Jenelle

    Hi my name is jenelle lee back in April 2021 I bought a 2014 Ford fiesta from Camacho’s auto sales in Lancaster CA well the first month it was giving me Trouble I called Camacho just put it like this I always got the answer mechanic it was so unsafe to drive well in July they repod my car well I did my research n saw the car was supposed to be recalled well they sold the car to another person but the car is still in my name I’m receiving tickets in the mail from fast track in the bay area then I received a post card telling me about the recall for me to go return the car to get another one but how when they repod it n resold it but left it in my name please help me

  • Ruth o

    I bought new a 2014 Ford Focus. I’ve had nothing but trouble. I bought it at Town and Country in Evansville In They did not stand behind their warranty. I’ve had it back there a lot even had to have it tolled in. They have changed clutches and reprogrammed had a recall on the door and now a recall on the gas tank. It is so dangerous and could even catch on. Fire. My gas hand does not work. My trunk does not open. My horn does not work. You can’t drive it for the jerking and dying. You don’t dare to take a chance on pulling out bc your not going anywhere. My car is going to get me killed. Ford motor don’t want to do anything about it. I will never have another ford. I took it back many times before my warranty was off but they couldn’t find anything wrong but a week after my warranty was off I needed clutches again. $2500. I told them it was like that a week ago. Town and country was waiting on my warranty to expire. I would not ever own a ford and definitely would not buy from town and country.

  • Jorge O

    My 2014 Ford Focus transmission oversheats, slips and does not shift. Taking it for repairs tomorrow morning with my mechanic. Also had repairs earlier on this car this year with same mechanic for Safety Recall Notice 18S32/NHTSA 18V-735, innacurate fuel gage indication which cost me $600.00

  • Natasha C

    All of the quotes I have read sound so familiar. I have had my car in the shop on several different occasions. I am still experiencing the jerking. It is unbearable, and I was offered 250.00.

  • Paul F

    I believe Gus Machdo Ford knowingly sold me a car with serious unsafe transmission problems. I questioned the transmission problem immediately and was ignored. At 3000 miles I put it in writing and I was ignored. The transmission slips and speeds up, out of control and unsafe.

    I tried to trade it in after making 28 on time payments, but was stonewalled, claiming I had bad credit, ignoring the e-mails sent to me, inducing me to trade for a new Ford Focus, auto transmission under $15,000. Ford Motor Co. offered me $2000 on a new purchase, The settlement offered $4650 toward a new car purchase and there is a trade in value.

    The car is unsafe with the transmission problem I want to trade it in for a safe lease or new car and be rid of the lemon sold to me.,

  • MaryBeth B

    Took my Ford Focus Hatchback into dealership on 3 occasions. Each time they tell me that they have updated the transmission control module and that will most likely fix the problem. It certainly has NOT. I had neck surgery in January and have been dealing with the crazy jerking, hesitating and bucking this whole year.
    I am calling them again this week and hope to get in again for yet another reapir for this aweful transmission. I don’t know what else to do.

  • Shelia

    It Was the worst car I ever purchased. The dealer had the car more than I did even after repairs it was right back into the dealers service .

    I finally had had enough and traded that mess for a 2016 Fusion.

  • Derald B

    I had several problems door; transmission took in both times for recall. After the transmission recall I had all kinds of problems took back to dealers I told them the car wanted to ram up not shift in gear right they test drove the car brought it back said they adjust the problem when my lease was up they wanted me to keep the car with a pay off I told them nicely they could stick it I told them the car was still having problems I would never own another Ford

  • Dawn K

    A problem with my transmission

  • matilda H

    The time I had my car I have had 5 recall the door. The transmission. I have took in for 5 time. To the ford in Monroe LA. I had a rake got a ticket .

  • Felipe

    Mi guagua ford fiesta no tira los ultimos dos cambios tiembla y se pone pesada

  • Felipe

    Mi ford fiesta no tira los últimos dos cambios y está pesada y pátina

  • Felipe

    Tengo una ford fiesta del 2014 la lleve a la garantía dos veses por la transmisión ahora luego de un tiempo la transmisión pátina y los últimos dos cambios no los tira

  • Linda B

    the transmission on our ford Fiesta has never worked right, my daughter has taken it in several times, they keep telling her it’s not bad enough for them to do anything.

  • Kim B

    6625456558 I purchased a 2015 ford focus and I have experienced the jerking in the transmission can I please have more info on this settlement

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