2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Power Steering Problems

Updated on Author: Brian Jones | Reviewer: Sergei Lemberg

Updated on Author: Brian Jones | Reviewer: Sergei Lemberg

Lemberg Law is investigating complaints of serious safety issues related to power steering failure of the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Many vehicle owners complain that they get warning messages to service the power steering while driving. Then the steering malfunctions, and the steering wheel becomes very difficult to turn. Some owners report getting warnings that power steering is unavailable, while others state that it fails completely. 

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Is There a Problem with the Power Steering?

There are major problems with the 2022 Jeep Cherokee power steering. While specific complaints vary, they all state that the power steering system fails in some way. Many complaints state that the problems emerged after a very short period of ownership and minimal miles on the clock.

All the complaints lodged with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are regarded as steering problems, but a large percentage of them also recognize related lane departure, forward collision avoidance, and electrical issues.

Members of the WL Jeep Forum have the same issues, as a thread launched in November 2021 indicates.

What Power Steering Problems are Owners Experiencing?

Typically, owners get warning messages including those that show power steering is unavailable (inoperable) or say that they must service power steering. There are also complaints that the steering wheel locking mechanism becomes undone while driving or that the steering wheel becomes difficult to turn in any direction.

Many comments highlight the fact that when the steering wheel doesn’t turn easily, this is a safety risk.

Some state, even more critically, that the power steering failed. For example, an owner from Michigan was driving down the highway at 70 mph when the “steering went out with no turn signals.” This was after taking it back to the shop because of issues with multiple warning lights. They said they fixed it, but less than 50 miles later, the same failure recurred. Now the owner is asking for a vehicle buy back.

Others report in complaints that when starting the engine, they can’t move the steering wheel because power steering is inoperative. Several owners state that they were left stranded in various places for hours.

Many complaints state that when the power steering fails, other auxiliary safety systems fail too. These include blind spot detection.

Another issue that some owners report is that even when dealers repair power steering related issues, the problems recur. For instance, an owner from Colorado had the “power steering component” replaced after it had malfunctioned and he found it difficult to steer. But the “problem occurred again.”

Steering Related Recall

The auto-maker, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), LLC, (now Stellantis) has acknowledged that there is an issue with the steering assembly bar with up to 931 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2021-2022 Dodge Durango vehicles. But it isn’t an issue that many (if any) owners have highlighted.

A recall, NHTSA Campaign Number 22V154000, dated March 14,  2022, warns that the steering gear rack bar may not have been hardened sufficiently during the manufacturing process. If this is the case, it might allow it to bind with the steering rack, which may result in difficulty steering or a loss of steering control. This, in turn, can increase the risk of a crash. The remedy is for dealers to replace the steering gear assembly, which they will do free of charge.

Manufacturer Communications

There are a lot of other steering wheel issues that FCA highlights in some of the many manufacturer communications, including service bulletins, they have issued. Examples listed here only include those that relate to common complaints:

  • Loss of power steering assist: In an early communication, dealers were told to review all the relevant service bulletins. There are also instructions on how to calibrate the steering angle sensor after electric power steering (EPS) replacements. S2319000002, dated February 2023, addresses the service electric power steering messages some customers are complaining about. It states that this can happen after a recent service. Technicians must verify the EPS connections, but mustn’t disconnect or remove the steering torque sensor connector because this might damage it.
  • Gear rack and pinion configurations: Instructions in multiple documents specify how to service various configurations of the “unique steering gear.” These are updated periodically.
  • Dielectric grease in EPS connectors: S2219000005, dated October 21, 2022, acknowledges that “field technicians” are concerned with the amount of grease found in EPS connectors. Technicians are warned not to remove “factory applied grease.” While they are recording these issues, there are no conclusions about “what is wrong” with vehicles, and the “document does not authorize warranty repairs.”
  • Check Engine Light on: When this warning lights up, drivers sometimes find that they lose EPS assist. Technicians are advised not to start by replacing the EPS. They are, though, advised to check the amount of grease found in the EPS connectors. While they are told not to remove the “factory applied grease,” they are told to clean connection points. Additionally, they must inspect pins for damage, tighten grounding cables, and inspect the EPS ground locations.

Examples of Complaints

A complaint reporting a crash that injured 2 people was filed by the owner of a 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee from Arizona. The message, “power steering unavailable, service required,” displayed suddenly and then the power steering malfunctioned, and the steering wheel was difficult to turn. The dealer replaced the steering rack and pinion, which is one of the issues mentioned above. But after fetching the Jeep, the owner was driving at about 25 mph when the power steering malfunctioned again. The driver lost control and crashed into a tree. To make matters worse, the brakes also failed. At the time of the complaint on September 1, 2022, the cause of the failures hadn’t been determined.

Another Grand Cherokee was also diagnosed as having a rack and pinion issue. An owner from Puerto Rico who filed an NHTSA complaint under Steering, Electrical System, and Lane Departure had active lane management failures from about 100 miles. The dealer attempted to “calibrate (the) front cam,” but the problem persisted. After a month of waiting for them to find the right “tool” to fix the problem, there was a “power steering disconnect.”  Eventually, after a month, they diagnosed that both problems were due to a damaged rack and pinion but were unable to confirm the diagnosis.

Error Messages

An owner from Massachusetts experienced the “power steering unavailable” issue 1 week after purchasing the Jeep. It had only 380 miles on the clock. “This is a huge safety issue and should have been addressed when initial complaints were brought to light immediately. I am unsure how this model is still being sold.”

Power steering and other warning lights, including blind spot monitoring and lane assist, came on in a Grand Cherokee with only 173 miles. Fortunately it wasn’t on the road, and after about an hour the lights went off. But it meant that the owner was stranded in a parking lot alone at night during this time. The dealer wasn’t able to reproduce the problem, but did supply a loaner.

Just 3 weeks after taking possession of a 2022 Grand Cherokee, an owner from New York experienced a dashboard warning, “power steering unavailable, service required.” The warning stayed on the dashboard. “When trying to maneuver the vehicle the steering was very hard.” Also, “Not being able to properly steer the vehicle was an obvious risk to myself and family.” The dealership towed it in, but 6 days later hadn’t looked at it or confirmed an issue. “Although this seems to be a widely known issue, no recalls have been made.”

Complaints That Power Steering Failed

An owner from Arizona was driving at about 35 mph when “suddenly I lost power steering and (the) car jerked to the right. Power steering light, forward collision control, lane assistance, traction control and blind spot warning lights all came on, and a message appeared on my dashboard to have them all serviced.” The Grand Cherokee was only 4 months old, and this was the second time the owner had experienced lane assistance and forwarded collision issues. This was the first time power steering was affected.

After the “auto/power steering light came on upon starting engine,” an owner from New Jersey was unable to move the power steering, and was left stranded. “Nothing unusual promoted the event.” After a few hours, the driver restarted with no issue, but was very concerned about what would happen if the power steering failed while the car was in drive.

Forum Conversation

The discussion starter in the forum states that he “noticed a red steering wheel icon and the message – Power Steering Unavailable,” when taking his children to school in November 2021. He then had no power steering until he arrived at his destination and “power cycled the vehicle.”

Responses include:

  • Mine had the entire rack and pinion replaced for this.
  • Same here. Red light came on. Took it to the dealer and it had a stored code, no more light. They did nothing as usual. Terrible dealership. Lazy.
  • I had this happen on Tuesday, and now again, shutting off and locking doesn’t seem to help.
  • My 2021 L Limited has been to the dealer 4x for this issue. Dealer now says there is nothing they can do. They have applied the fixes available to them by FCA. They advised pursuing lemon law. The vehicle can’t be driven. 5,800 miles.
  • Not an easy fix. Mine has come back 4x. Jeep engineering is working on a software patch, but there is no ETA. There are multiple units with the same failure and a multitude of other quality control issues with the L.
  • I have to start the car and drive without power steering for 20-30 minutes.
  • I reported the loss of power steering and other safety features like the adaptive cruise control and active lane management to the NHTSA. And I’m speaking to an attorney now about my options. I highly suggest folks with similar issues submit a complaint with the NHTSA.
  • I was able to settle with FCA ($) and the dealer bought back my car yesterday.
  • Looks like after a month of waiting around the dealership is agreeing to a buyback.

What isn’t clear is exactly which specific power steering issues each of these people had.

What Should You Do if Your 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee has Steering Problems?

If you are experiencing power steering issues with your 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee, you are not alone. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have bought a lemon, but you may contact us for a free evaluation. All you need to do is call us or complete our contact form. We will evaluate your case and see if you qualify.

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  • William B

    I’m having this problem with my 2022 Cherokee Trailhawk 4,923 miles . Started it up in my garage and all the warning lights came on check engine, lane change, Electric steering, Electric stability and Rear end collision. Had it towed to dealer. They said that the rack and pinion failed. And they would replace it. Been in shop over a week.

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