2019-2021 Infiniti QX50 Engine Failure Issues

Class Action Investigation

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Lemberg Law is investigating complaints that the 2019-2021 Infiniti QX50 has engine failure issues. Owners state that their Infiniti QX50 engines make knocking noises, lose motive power, stall, and sometimes fail completely.      

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Are There Problems with the Engine Failing in the 2019-2021 Qx50?

There are clearly major issues with engines in the 2019-2021 Infiniti QX50. Not only are there multiple complaints that have been filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there is also an open NHTSA Office of Defects (ODI) investigation that is attempting to ascertain the scope of these problems.

What are Owners Experiencing?

Complaints from Infiniti QX50 owners to the NHTSA range from noises in the engine and stalling to a complete loss of power.

The ODI investigation is based on complaints from owners of several Nissan models including 2019-2021 Infiniti QX50 models with the KR20DDET engine. In a report dated December 13, 2023, the ODI states that after discussion with the automaker, they discovered Nissan has been attempting “to address main bearing and L-link damage/seizures” on these and KR15DDT engines. The information they were given is that multiple manufacturing process changes have already been made.

While the scope, frequency, and consequences of these problems is being assessed by the ODI, they have stated that the scope of the investigation may be expanded if necessary.

Sample Complaints

Most of the complaints lodged with the NHTSA by the end of 2023 relate to the 2019 model and are listed under the Engine category. There is a complaint about the 2020 model that is listed as being an Electrical System or Unknown or Other problem that highlights abrupt stalling.

Noises and Loss of Power

The most recent complaint was issued to the NHTSA in December 2023. The owner of a 2019 model, from Georgia, states that while driving on a highway, “the engine started to make a humming sound.” Then, within 3-4 miles, he started to lose forward power and the noise got louder. After pulling off the highway, the knocking sound got even louder, and he was sure it was coming from the engine. “I drove another block and the check engine light came on and I was getting less power as I pushed the gas pedal. At that point I parked the car and had it towed for repair.”

The dealership said he would need a completely new engine because it “had thrown a rod.” The QX50 was only four years old, but he was forced to pay “a good portion of the repair.” Adding insult to injury, “the morning after I drove it home, the car would not start. The car was towed back to the dealership. I needed a new starter. That too has since been repaired. I decided to report this after seeing an article this morning regarding an investigation into Nissan for engine failure problems in my model of car.”

Loss of Acceleration and Strange Noises

Another complaint, from New York, states that the Infiniti QX50 loses acceleration and the vehicle continues at “ slow pace.” The dealer’s solution was that he “needed to let the car warm up for 30 minutes.” Additionally, this complaint states that the engine makes a noise that sounds as if it is in neutral. Sometimes, when “taking your foot off the brake pedal to switch the gas, the car will take off from under your foot.” Then, “while driving, the car will come to a complete halt as if it was approaching a collision. All emergency indicators will go off (and) the car must be turned off to return to driving.”

The dealership ran diagnostics but couldn’t find any issues.

Abrupt Stalling

An owner of a 2020 Infiniti QX50 states that the vehicle stalled three times while he was driving. This dramatically increases the chance of a collision, the complaint states, adding that “the abrupt stalling that jerks my body forward is terrifying.”

What Should You Do if Your Qx50 Has Engine Problems?

If your 2019, 2020, or 2021 Infiniti has any symptoms that might relate to engine failure or related issues, you may be eligible to participate in our new class action investigation. Even if the issues you have experienced don’t tally with those in the ODI investigation, you may have bought a lemon.

Simply complete a contact form or reach out via our Helpline. We will assess your situation to determine if you meet the criteria. It’s a straightforward process, and we’ll respond promptly without any cost to you, as Nissan is legally obligated to cover all legal expenses for lemon law cases.

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