Harley-Davidson Breakout 114 Complaints and Problems – Is Your New Bike A Lemon?

Fuel system, clutch and engine issues among the top complaints from motorcycle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

The Harley-Davidson Breakout has been a Softail bike in production since 2013. It’s regularly hailed as something different than an average bike. Its design was inspired by a drag bike and the handling is similar to the same machines. Even the manufacturer claims this bike has “stop you in your tracks attitude.” Unfortunately, many people that invest in this bike find that it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, many riders deal with engine trouble, clutch issues and concerns with the fuel system

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Engine Problems

This bike comes complete with the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine that is hailed by many, but that doesn’t make it immune to trouble. That torque and intense sound is only useful if the bike moves.

One post on the HD Forums states the trouble that comes from this bike. “I put a big radius exhaust with Vance and Hines fuelpak fp3 on at 500 miles and I now have 589 miles on the bike. Left work today and got a few miles from the shop when switching into 3rd I lost all power. There was a spinning sound coming from the primary but wasn’t engaging. I could switch through all gears but just wasn’t catching. I pulled over and shut her off to look over everything and now she won’t even crank over. Needless to say my new Harley had to be trailered home. I’m not happy.”

Of course, this rider is going to have trouble having anything repaired under warranty because of the modifications. Harley-Davidson will use any excuse to get out of covering the repair, which is another reason consumers get so frustrated with the company. Unless he pays for it, it is likely that this fellow’s bike will remain on the trailer. It sure did stop this owner in his tracks.

Problems with the Fuel System

One of the reasons to own a Harley Breakout is to show off your sleek style. After all, the bike is a beast and demands attention. Despite its appearance, there are some issues with the fuel system, most importantly, how the cap fits.

One HD Forums user wrote, “Like a lot of us, I have the rattling stock gas cap problem. I ordered a flush mount cap from J&P but it’s not so flush. The O ring that came with it seemed a little thick, so I swapped for the stock one. Still looks like crap. The BO tank is curved around the fill port so it’s no surprise a flush mount cap doesn’t sit right.”

Among the comments that follow, another user stated that their dealer replaced the cap two times and they still rattled like crazy. To fix it, this user took channel locks and crimped the inside ring of the gas cap. Clearly, this is something that Harley could have figured out on their own. With all of their engineers and development team, there’s no reason why customers need to mess with the gas cap in order to make it fit. How many people have had to stop in their tracks to make this right? Too many.

Clutch Problems

What’s most disturbing about this bike is the recent massive recall relating to clutch issues. Just like the first rider, there seems to be trouble getting the bike to engage into gear. The recall itself covers almost 200,000 bikes. It turns out that there is a clutch problem that forces the bike to remain in gear.

The root cause is an internal fluid leak that prevents the clutch from engaging. If left unchecked, it can cause riders to lose control. This recall came just a week after another clutch-related recall on other Harley-Davidson bikes. That involved more than 200,000 motorcycles. In fact, this is the company’s fourth clutch-related recall over five years. That is scary.

What’s more alarming is how the dealership is handling these clutch recalls. Just look at this comment left on HD Forums. “My dealer is telling me that they are not getting many of the kits to replace the M8 clutch actuator which has been under recall since October 4, 2018. My dealer says he gets less than 5 kits a week.”

At just five a week, it could take a lifetime to repair all of these damaged bikes. This isn’t the way anyone expects a massive operation, such as Harley to operate. It also demonstrates what they think about the safety of their riders. The only thing that is stopping in its tracks is how many Harley enthusiasts there are on the road today. The numbers will surely diminish if the quality remains the same.

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  • mike b

    i have a 2019 heritage,taken to the shop twice keeps banging out .first plugs then coil wires on the ends ….corrosion. so they say …

  • Mark

    A 2013 in ’15 sight unseen. West Coast to NEPA. None of these issues exist! It does like to spit n pop it’s demeanor about, so I let her. This Harley is happy and I’m still holding on!!

  • David W

    I have a 2018 fatboy 114 and apparently the oil pumps are trash they tell me at harley that the 2017,2018, and 2019 have this issue but to fix it they want 2600.00 min to fix so why is this not a recall?
    I bought the bike with 3000 miles and at 6000 miles now for two months it collects dust in the garage
    till I can afford to pay for repairs

  • HarleydanII

    I have a brand new 2021 Harley Street Bob FXBBS 114 with 48 miles on it (40 of which were put on the bike before I bought it). There is excessive front cylinder noise coming from the engine and I’ve already talked with the dealership but haven’t taken it into the shop yet. Bad weather and the Covid restrictions have kept me from going in but that’s out of the way now. I suspect I’ll be told that there is nothing wrong with this bike but I know better. I’ve listened to several new 114 ci bikes recently and none of them have this type of engine noise. I might be jumping the gun here but Harley’s track record isn’t that great these days. I also live in a state that doesn’t include motorcycles in its Lemon Laws. Do I have any alternative avenues of recourse if this turns into a bigger issue?

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