Genesis GV70 Cracked Windshield Problems

Class Action Investigation

By Brian Jones | Updated on

By Brian Jones | Updated on

Lemberg Law is investigating complaints that the 2022 Genesis GV70 has windshields that crack badly from minimum impact. Vehicle owners report that the smallest rocks and pebbles are causing maximum damage. Many state they have to wait months for replacements.

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Is There a Problem with the Windshields Cracking in the Genesis GV70?

There do seem to be widespread problems with the windshields of the 2022 Genesis GV70 luxury SUV. Many owners report that the tiniest pebble hits produce huge cracks. A few say that their windshield glass has cracked spontaneously without anything hitting it.

Most say they have to wait for weeks, or even months because there is a shortage of GV70 windshields.

Manufactured in the U.S. at Hyundai’s Alabama plant since December 2022, the 2022 GV70 attracted its first complaint to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) at the end of March 2022. The first complaint about the electric SUV’s windshield cracking was made in April 2022.

There are also ongoing conversations on several Genesis forums about cracked windshields. Many owners of the 2021 and 2022 Genesis GV80 report the same problems.

What Windshield Problems are Genesis GV70 Owners Experiencing?

Multiple owners of Genesis GV70 electric vehicles are complaining about the damage caused to their windshields with minimum impact. Even the smallest “rock” causes major damage that demands the full windshield must be replaced.

This causes a supplementary issue because GV70 windshields are on backorder for dealerships in many states.

NHTSA GV70 Windshield Complaints

The Ohio owner of a new Genesis GV70 states: “The front windshield of the car is not sturdy. I have (had) two road trips and a small stone hit the front windshield and is easily chipped. I have (had) two experiences with this kind of incident.”

The complaint continues that the speed the SUV was traveling was “within normal range,” and the second incident was city driving.

GV70 Windshield Forum Comments

The owner of a new GV70 posted on the  Genesis Owners Forum on May 9, 2022 that he got his first “rock chip” that day. He asks: “Anyone else have problems with their windshields chipping easy?”

The owner of a 2023 GV70 responded saying: “I wondered about that because I test drove 2 cars and saw 1 used GV70 – and all had at least 2 rock chips in the windshields. All 3 of them… that seems really strange for vehicles that aren’t even a full year old yet…”

In response to this comment, the Canadian owner of a 2022 GV70 says: “I’m on a few other lists and chips/crack issues are mentioned frequently. A family member bought a new G70 and within a month, rock chip. City driving.”

In another thread, the owner of a 2022 GV70 says: “At just under 1k miles, my GV70 got hit by a pebble… twice, on the same day. One of the chips turned into a 3-inch crack right away and the other one is still a chip. I ordered (an) OEM replacement via dealership but it won’t get in until mid-February. Any suggestions on what I can do in the meantime to prevent them from getting any worse?”

The Florida owner of a GV70 has had enough, as this comment shows. “What the heck Genesis?? Chipped windshield with less than 7,000 miles on the car and chipped paint on the front from normal driving on I-95 in Florida. I don’t ever recall a car’s windshield and paint chipping so easy and so quickly after purchase. Only variable in 40 years, it’s my 1st foreign car. Might be my last.”

What Do GV70 Owners Think the Problem Is?

Some owners maintain that “every manufacturer is trying to save money by doing thinner and thinner windshields, as everybody complains of easier cracks.”

The owner of a GV70 in GV Forums from California states: “My chipped, then cracked GV70 windshield replacement including labor covered by insurance 100% came to $1347 with SafeLite Glass, part of Connect Insurance or Costco Insurance.

“Installer told me the front glass is actually three pieces, top and bottom layers are glass. There is the middle layer which is resin or some other material. I think this all has to do with the cameras and sensors.

“Back in the 90s, a large rock hit my Altima, super loud; it survived without a scratch. Last few cars, a 328i and RDX and this GV70, all cracked with tiny fragments, so tiny in fact all I heard is like a tiny grain of rice hitting the glass. Also repair attempts are no longer good, like the old cars with solid glass. I think these layers are the cause.”

What Should You Do If Your Gensis GV70 Has a Cracked Windshield?

If the windshield of your 2022 Genesis GV70 has cracked, you can contact Lemberg Law to see if you qualify to join our class investigation. It’s an easy process and our services are free. All you have to do is complete our case evaluation form or call us at 844-928-4443.

The law says Hyundai has to pay for lemon law vehicle cases. So, if the class action goes to court, they will have to pay your legal bills.

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  • Angelica S

    Wow… I must say I am very disappointed in Genesis. I purchased the GV 70 in February and in April the windshield was cracked, I had it replaced and then it happened again in August. I ended up having to wait almost 2 months to have it repaired due to new updates so had it repaired 10 October 2022. Lord and behold it’s been 2 weeks and I’m driving down the road and out of no where one small rock hits the right side and another crack and then a second a few seconds later and another crack. I was and still am LIVID. I have an 08 BMW that has had larger rocks hit the windshield and nothing happens. The glass has to be made out of the thinnest glass they could possibly use. I’m over it, I’m mad and something has to be done.

  • Scott

    Brand new GV70….have had it for under two months and have driven about 1500 miles. Opened the sun visor a few days ago to find the entire sunroof cracked horribly all the way across….starting under the weatherstripping on one side and traveling across to the other side, then making a u-turn and back under the weather stripping on same side. Sent photos to the Genesis concierge and they immediately said it is due to a rock chip without even inspecting it. Seems they want to deflect immediately. We are very upset about this and questioning the quality of the vehicle.

  • Frank R

    On my first trip on my brand new GV70 (with less than 400 mi on it), in middle lane,minding my own business . A small pebble struck my windshield and instantly cracked it in a starburst pattern. I was informed while reporting this claim for a replacement windshield , this part was in short supply and they had no idea when a replacement windshield would come it… Having driven Hondas and Acuras for years, having rocks bouncing off them . I never experienced even a chip. I am in shock and disgusted

  • Rae A

    I took my 2022 GV 70 into the dealership after noticing pitting in my windshield. The head of the Maintenance looked at it and said”yes I see it here here and here”. I said I only had 300 miles on my car and hadn’t been behind any trucks or anything. He basically said to bad. I just happened to look and see if any reports or recalls. No wonder they wanted to sell me some kind of protection on my windshield for 700.00 a 800.00.

  • Toni G

    A Buzzard hit my lower bumper and cracked it, and the windshield was cracked at the same time.

    My insurance company say that I have to file another claim for the windshield to get fixed. I said NO because they happened the same time!! I don’t know if something flew off the Buzzard or what??!!

    As of today my car is in the shop waiting to be fixed.

  • Harry g

    Gv80 2 windshield cracked from acorns.
    In my driveway.

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